Tail of the Dragon Video: Full Run

Miss MINIs on the Dragon this weekend? Here’s the ultimate armchair experience – a full run down of the famed road from east to west with me in a 2007 MCS press car. Unfortunately several sections had to be cut out due to some traffic, but I think you generally get the idea. And keep in mind that this particular run was done casually with some regard for the law.

And for those who are particularly observant, yes the famous “Killboy” was taking photos during this run. Below is the 3rd shot he took of me as I went around his corner while shooting this video.

And if you watch the entire thing you’ll catch some Dragon related bonus material towards the end.

  • Jeff S

    Thnaks–life is so full of many things and we couldn’t make it this year. Maybe next year.

  • JonPD

    Still one of my favorite Mini video from over the years and a primer that tells me that the Dragon is on my list of to-dos still.

  • greg

    Just got back. Another great time (except for the weather). Thanks to all of those who volunteered their help.

  • mol

    FWY- The Name of the road is NOT “Tail of the Dragon”. It is called “The Dragon”. The “Tail of the Dragon” is a t-shirt shop located on the south side of the road.