World Debut: MINI 50 Mayfair & MINI 50 Camden (w/Full Gallery)

As we predicted, MINI announced two special edition models today at MINI United the Mayfair and the Camden have countless unique styling touches and the introduction of the “Mission Control” interface (along with a couple of surprises – notice the blacked out headlights…) and will go on sale later this summer around the world.

In the US market we expect these cars to be available as packages much like the Checkmate and Se7en editions were in 2006 and Sidewalk in 2008. In other markets expect these to be available as separate models as mentioned below.

Official Release: The worldwide MINI Community is celebrating the 50th birthday of the brand on the occasion of the MINI United Festival at the legendary British race track in Silverstone from 22–24 May 2009.

Two special models also on the starter grid in Silverstone are the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden, two cars which will most certainly convey the great spirit at the anniversary party into lasting driving pleasure on the road. For through their characteristic design and exclusive features alone, these two models live out both the great tradition and the visionary power of the MINI brand.

Both the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden are available with two petrol engines and one diesel. They will be launched into the market in September 2009, production of the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden starting exactly fifty years after the official presentation of the classic Mini and being limited to just one year.

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The modern drivetrain and suspension technology featured by the MINI also gives these two anniversary models truly fascinating agility in combination with exemplary fuel economy and emission management. Particularly the 128 kW/175 hp four-cylinder with its twin-scroll turbocharger and direct gasoline injection powering the MINI Cooper S 50 Mayfair and the MINI Cooper S 50 Camden offers truly outstanding performance on the road. And all this comes with combined cycle fuel consumption to the EU standard of just 6.2 litres/100 km (equal to 45.6 mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of just 149 grams per kilometre.

Featuring fully variable valve control and offering engine output of 88 kW/120 hp, the power unit of the MINI Cooper 50 Mayfair and the MINI Cooper 50 Camden likewise has everything it takes for truly sporting performance. Average fuel consumption of just 5.4 litres/100 km or 52.3 mpg imp in the EU test cycle, in turn, as well as a CO2 rating of 129 grams per kilometre, set new standards in terms of efficient motoring pleasure.

Last but certainly not least, the 80 kW/110 hp four-cylinder diesel in the MINI Cooper D 50 Mayfair and the MINI Cooper D 50 Camden combines supreme economy with impressive torque and pulling power. And here average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 3.9 litres/100 km, equal to 72.4 mpg imp, and a CO2 rating of 104 grams per kilometre, mark unparalleled records in the premium segment. The MINI anniversary: looking back and looking forward.

For the first time since its market launch in 2006, the latest generation of the MINI offers the opportunity in the car’s anniversary year to enjoy supreme driving pleasure in particularly exclusive style. Hence, the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden follow the principle already applied by the classic Mini to accentuate individual highlights in the character of this highly successful performer from Great Britain. The anniversary of the brand therefore offers an ideal opportunity to look back at the fascinating tradition of the car and to look forward at the unique future and outlook of the MINI.

Both of these perspectives are expressed by the names of the new models. As in the past, the two anniversary models are named after boroughs of London also very popular and well-known far away from the British capital. Mayfair is lauded the world over for its exclusivity growing so significantly over the years and decades, while Camden is the home of a trendy and culturally versatile urban lifestyle.

Setting their respective standards, both models represent those values so typical of MINI that have grown over five decades as well as the car’s potential for ongoing development.

Characteristic design, exclusive features.

Both in their design and their features the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden stand out clearly from the current, “regular” production models. Numerous features helping to make these two cars truly unmistakable are indeed reserved to these individual anniversary models, making each version truly unique in its own right. Special body paintwork, light-alloy rims tailored to the car, special materials and surfaces within the interior as well as a range of colours tailored specifically to the MINI 50 Mayfair and, respectively, the MINI 50 Camden underline the exclusivity of these special models available only for a limited period.

The jubilee placard proudly surrounded by chrome trim on the radiator grille provides clear testimony to the tradition of the brand now going back fifty years, bearing the number “50” in typical MINI design and boasting the colours of the Union Jack – red, white, and blue.

In addition to the wide range of regular features already provided on the respective engine variant, each MINI 50 Mayfair and each MINI 50 Camden comes not only with sophisticated paintwork, seat upholstery and trim, but also with a wide range of other comfort features. Apart from air conditioning, seats adjustable for height and with electric heating, the Lights Package as well as the on-board computer, these features include the Storage Package, additional storage options, a 12 V power socket in the luggage compartment and angle adjustment on the rear-seat backrests.

MINI 50 Mayfair: noblesse oblige – dedicated to extravagant style.

Back in 1982 the classic Mini already came as a special Mayfair model combining supreme comfort and an extravagant look. Today the new MINI 50 Mayfair interprets this style of sophisticated understatement in a new, modern way. High-quality materials, stylish details and a colour scheme offering classic elements throughout determine both the outer and the inner looks of this very special car. For the first time and only on this anniversary model the body of a MINI Hatch is finished in the special Hot Chocolate metallic paintwork colour so far available exclusively on the MINI Clubman and the MINI Convertible, combined with a white roof. On request the body is also available in Pepper White or Midnight Black paintwork as an alternative to this highly attractive brown colour.

The MINI 50 Mayfair comes on 17-inch, white-painted 12-spoke light-alloy wheels in Infinity Stream Spoke Design exclusive to this particular model. In their design, the wheels follow the classic multi-spoke look, with the spokes themselves being slightly concave to give the car a truly powerful appearance. The white paintwork on the wheels, finally, interacts with the white contrasting colour of the roof.

Yet another new feature is the engine compartment lid with almost three-dimensional stripes in light-brown Toffy metallic and white pinstripes at the edges. Additional headlights on the radiator grille, mirror caps with paintwork changing from brown to black on the way up, and a discreet “Mayfair” logo on the direction indicators at the side round off the exterior design of this anniversary model.

The combination of Toffy paintwork with white highlights is also to be admired within the interior of the MINI 50 Mayfair again absolutely exclusive in its character. The seats demonstrate their unique style through their finish in Lounge leather complete with piping round the edges, Toffy colour, and additional white piping.

A further highly attractive effect is provided by double-cap seams on the seats finished in the same, modern and technically appealing turquoise-green colour as the frame around the “Mayfair” logo to be admired not only next to the direction indicators at the side, but also on discreet seat trim adorning the inner surfaces of the front-seat backrests.

The gearshift lever knob on the manual gearbox likewise comes with turquoise-green double-cap seams providing a visual link to the seats.

As yet a further highlight, the Carbon Black interior colour is combined with special trim on the dashboard finished in brownish black to reflect the colour of the mirror caps. The trim bar finished in Toffy at the bottom becomes black as it moves further up, providing a perfect transition to the dashboard likewise finished in black. The Colour Line at the bottom of the instrument panel and the armrests on the door linings as well as the gearshift lever knob are likewise finished in Toffy, while the trim panels on the doors are in Piano Black.

All this is further embellished by a Toffy Brown inlay in the lower half of the steering wheel rim, footmats with white piping, the Chrome Package also available on other MINI models, as well as door entry trim proudly bearing the “MINI 50” model designation and the “Mayfair” logo.

MINI 50 Camden: dynamic and progressive all in one. With its dominating colours Silver, White and Black, the MINI 50 Camden even at very first sight highlights its technical clarity and sporting character. Body paint in White Silver metallic is combined with a white roof, and the MINI 50 Camden is also available in Midnight Black metallic or Horizon Blue metallic.

The 17-inch light-alloy rims likewise exclusive to this model stand out in particular through the contrast between their silver inner surfaces and the matt, polished contour lines around the rim hump and on the outer edges of the spokes, thus characterising the futuristic impression of this likewise very special model.

With its lines extending towards the A-pillars, the sporting, almost three-dimensional silver stripe trim on the side shoulders of the engine compartment lid accentuate the sporting and dynamic character of the MINI 50 Camden.

Like on the MINI 50 Mayfair, the mirror caps come in twin-tone stripes extending upwards on the MINI 50 Camden merging from silver into pure white. In combination with the xenon headlights featured as standard on the MINI Cooper S 50 Camden, the headlights themselves boast black-tinted lenses as a particularly progressive highlight forming a clear contrast to the rest of the exterior in its brighter colour.

The side indicator frames house the Union Jack in black-and-white and the “Camden” model designation forming the logo of this special anniversary model also to be admired, together with the designation “MINI 50”, on the door entry trim. The interior of the MINI 50 Camden comes in an equally contrasting colour scheme combining the Carbon Black interior colour with special trim on the instrument panel interchanging from white to silver, like the caps on the exterior mirrors.

The trim panels on the doors, in turn, come in Fluid Silver, while the sports seats in cloth/Ray leather boast leather surfaces, just like the bottom edge of the instrument panel and the armrests in the door linings, finished in Tech White.

The black centre strips on the doors, in turn, come in a discreet pattern with interrupted white stripes, while the seat panels on the inner half of the backrests bear the “Camden” logo.

Twin-tone double-cap seams – black on the outside, turquoise-green on the inside – visually combine the leather and cloth surfaces on the seats. Green and white seams also provide additional colour highlights on the black gaiters around the handbrake and gearshift levers, and on the gearshift lever knob.

The rim on the leather steering wheel is highlighted additionally by a white seam, while turquoise-green colour highlights as well as design lines on the mirror caps and the trim surfaces to be admired on both the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden come as a common feature shared by both anniversary models.

Highly exclusive but featured as standard: HiFi system and Mission Control. In addition to the particularly wide range of standard features on the two anniversary models, the MINI 50 Camden also features a top-end audio system. This new HiFi system from car audio specialist Harman Kardon sets standards for enjoying music in a MINI. The high-performance digital amplifier, for example, just like the loudspeaker units, is perfectly tailored to the MINI.

An optional feature is a USB port for connecting external audio sources and a special interface for an Apple iPod. And last but not least, the customer also has the choice of an interface for integrated control of the car’s audio and telephone functions on the latest Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone.

The market launch of the new MINI 50 Camden also marks the debut of a new generation of in-car entertainment systems. Referred to as “Mission Control”, this entertainment system processes and evaluates a wide range of vehicle, driving and ambient signals, providing the driver with relevant information and instructions in that unique style so typical of MINI.

Mission Control underlines the status of the MINI as a genuine personality in the world of motoring and intensifies the driver’s feeling and impression of interacting directly with the car, the signals coming from the car itself being used to generate new, situation-based dialogues time and again.

These dialogues are based, among other things, on information regarding safety and comfort settings, requesting the driver and passengers, say, to buckle up their seat belts and use the air conditioning, and incorporate current information on driving conditions such as the current status of the vehicle, with the focus on criteria such as outside temperatures or the level of fuel in the tank.

In addition to the entertainment aspect, the system offers a functional aspect supporting the driver over and above existing functions in properly interpreting all kinds of information and using data for appropriate action.

Mission Control in the MINI 50 Camden is the first step into a brand-new world of interactive in-car entertainment, offering a driving experience never seen before. MINI 50 Mayfair and MINI 50 Camden: ambassadors for the character of the brand. Fifty years of MINI – this great anniversary offers the opportunity, looking back and into the future, to highlight some significant highlights of the brand and its character.

The origin of the brand in Great Britain and the style of MINI both timeless and unmistakable are just as significant in this context as the sophisticated, future-oriented technology and sporting potential of this small premium car. Both the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden highlight precisely these qualities through their design and equipment concepts precisely tailored in a specific direction.

The harmonious configuration of the two anniversary models also provides ample room for customisation. Following the usual MINI standard, each MINI 50 Mayfair and each MINI 50 Camden is built exactly to the customer’s order. Additional options for personal comfort are provided, for example, by the MINI navigation system, automatic air conditioning, the Vision Package made up of a heated windscreen, a rain sensor, the interior mirrors with an automatic anti-dazzle function and automatic headlight control, as well as Comfort Access. Further options are foglamps, Park Distance Control, and a glass sliding/vent roof.

Six-speed automatic transmission together with shift paddles on the steering wheel are available as an alternative to the six-speed manual gearbox featured as standard. The optional Sports Button varying the control maps of the gas pedal and the steering as well as, where fitted, the shift times of the automatic transmission, ensures further enhancement of driving pleasure in both the MINI 50 Mayfair and the MINI 50 Camden.

  • bee1000

    That “white silver” is a neat color. I didn’t know it existed before, but now realize I have seen exactly one of the older special editions in that color on the road and it looks really cool. Great black and white interior, too.

    The Mayfair is ugly.

  • My first ever Mini (back in ’87 or ’88) was a Mini Mayfair … it was not much like this new one 🙂

  • CraigE

    Will these be available in the USA?

    Is there any more information about the “Mission Control” feature?

  • CraigE

    I meant to ask HOW these will be available in the USA. Well they be packages like the Checkmate in ’06 or the Sidewalk convertibles?

  • Ted

    I LOVE the look of both cars! The Hot Chocolate coupe is delicious indeed! Love the combo of carbon and brown, it looks great! Also, the factory painted headlight buckets are perfect.

  • I really like the white/black seats on the Camden.

  • PocoToro

    Yesh………..I would never buy a “Camden” I’ve been to Camden, New Jersey, USA…….What a dump.

  • Scarlett O’MINI

    Dear PocoToro.

    Camden called. Your mama said it’s time to come back home. 😉

    Seriously, Camden is cool. The Riversharks have an awesome baseball field, and the venues all along the waterfront are great on a hot summer night.

    I’m sure there are people who hate whereever it is you live, PocoToro. Different strokes and all that…

  • jimmy

    Wow the wheels are ugly on the Camden , I was expecting much more.

    So does this mean these will not be available on the Clubman?

  • rkw
    This new HiFi system from car audio specialist Harman Kardon

    Is this different from the current HiFi? If so, will HiFi be upgraded throughout the range?

  • Mark

    Links to any high res versions of the official photos?

  • dc11r

    there’s nothing cool/good about NJ >=D

  • Minipuma

    I generally love the Hot Chocolate color, but that Mayfair isn’t doing it for me. I think it’s the stripes… reminds me of a Tootsie Roll. And the interior…moreso.

    Love the Camden, though.

  • Minipuma

    p.s. You think you could grate cheese with those Camden rims?

  • Is this different from the current HiFi? If so, will HiFi be upgraded throughout the range?

    Wow we’ve been holding our tongues on this one for awhile. Yes this is a new system meant to address some of the poor reviews the original HiFi system had.

    Links to any high res versions of the official photos?

    Yes – the word link within the gallery takes you to the flickr page that houses the ultra hi-res official image. You have to log into yahoo or flickr to download.

    Yesh………..I would never buy a “Camden” I’ve been to Camden, New Jersey, USA…….What a dump.

    This is Camden London – an ultra hip area near the canals north east of the heart of the city.

    Wow the wheels are ugly on the Camden , I was expecting much more.

    Yeah no kidding. Those would be off the car immediately if I were buying it.

  • bee1000

    Only on the full-resolution close-up can you make out the pinstripe decals on the Camden. Were I ordering one, I would ask for those to be delivered in the trunk. I’ve long thought you could make a cool decal that flows back from the headlights and up the side of the car, but these are very subtle and they only go on the hood (probably too time-intensive to install otherwise).

    That interior is really nice, but I don’t think I’d be up for keeping it clean. And why on earth did they add the line of turquoise stitching to the seats and shift/brake boots?! Oh dear.

  • Fred

    Me gusta black headlamp!

  • Aaron

    They’re not selling me on this Mission control business. I feel like they gotta come straight out and tell us what it is or have a demo video or something. Sounds a bit like Herbie to me. And I don’t want to drive Herbie.

  • Aaron

    bee100 – I agree. I thought it was just reflective shadows until I brought up the full-resolution photo. Yikes! I don’t mind the turquoise on the Camden so much but on the Mayfair…ugh!

  • dc11r

    YES!!! Good thing i waited for the 2010 model.. i hated the old HiFi system.

  • Brian

    72 mpg for the diesel? Thats insane! That would be about 60mpg US. The prius gets around 50, is that number correct?

  • goat

    Really like the colour scheme on the Mayfair with the exception of those rims… infinite spoke indeed… apparently you can have too many spokes on your S-lite…. but at least MINI is putting some surface depth back to this rim style rather than the “stamped-looking” S-lite replacement that is the Crown Spoke. The Camden’s “baking tin” rim design is another set of aesthetic issues entirely… I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

    Good news on the upgrade to the HiFi! And nice to see that blacked out headlights moving from EasyBakeOven DIY to OEM. Mission Control sounds very cool and I am truly looking forward to seeing more on this as I think MINI is on to something with this one.

    But I don’t see any interior changes to upgrade the toy-like plastics in the centre stack controls? Is that coming in a separate announcement? Will that even arrive for 2010 MY?

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  • Viley

    I like the Camden interior a lot. A lot a lot. Kudos MINI.

  • Nice looking special editions. Sad to say that they are mostly color bits rather than anything else. I don’t care for the blackened out headlights of the Mayfair. LOVE the silver white on the Camden.

    I hope that Mission Control is not the MINI speak for BMW’s much maligned iDrive!

    About the center stack. Don’t expect it to change untill the MkIII MINI comes out. AKA 100% BMW MINI. But judging by the BMW overlords past, I bet that they dumb down the interior even more to pay for the $$$ cost of the 1 series drivetrain.

  • KipperFillets
    This is Camden London – an ultra hip area near the canals north east of the heart of the city.

    It’s good to see something nice written about the old country!

    If anyone’s not too keen on the wheels, lights or paint on the Camden, I hear they’ll be bringing out the MINI Basildon, which has none of these. At all 🙂

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  • Ramón

    So, will the Clubman be offered in these models?

  • TSizemore3

    I’m really liking the Camden except for the wheels. I like the wheels on the Mayfair much better. Unfortunately I’ve never been that enamored of the hot chocolate color on the Mayfair although I do like the toffy interior. Now if I could get a nice dark blue (like the old Indy Blue) with the Toffy, that would be nice.