MINI United: Photo of the Day

This happened during a Safety Car lap at the MINI Challenge race on Sunday at Silverstone.

Thanks to Mark Ryan for the great skills with the shot.

  • nice! i’d love to see a hi-rez shot close up on the sandwiched cars.

  • Scott

    What happened next? Did all three cars recover?

  • Holy crap! Great shot!!

  • The result was that the 16 car stopped short and the green car (on two wheels) then slammed into the back of 16 and the blue car (inside) slammed into the back of the green car eliminating him for the day.

    Sad that it happened under a yellow flag.

  • Well caught.

    A bit like the only MINI in the weekend’s Nurburgring 24 hour that got tangled up and crashed out of the race during the out lap. Ouch!

  • rs

    That happened during a safety lap?! Someone’s not paying attention out there.

    Why are these cars so jump happy. That’s the second time i’ve seen a Challenge mini jump. I can see open wheel cars doing this frequently but Minis? OyVey.