Todd and I take the time to completely recap the drunken debauchery that was MINI United 2009. The things we saw, the things we did, including driving Silverstone circuit. Yes, that Silverstone. Yes, in a MINI. Yes, it was pretty awesome. Too bad Todd got an automatic transmission. He ended up taking a leisurely cruise around the course instead.

How about a funny story about MINI USA? Sure, we have one of those too. And, if you missed it, there was this. Which was pretty funny too.

Oh yea, Todd rode in a helicopter. You can see that here.

I was going to ride too, but, well, you’ll just have to listen.

Huge thanks to MINI USA for bringing us along for the ride, and equally HUGE props to RA Events for putting it all together. Those folks can plan an event, lemme tell ya!

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Interested in getting some driver training? On the ice? In Finland. Listen up for details!

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Woofcast 297, part 2 : [audio:]

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