MINI Officially Retires The Color Mellow Yellow

MINI will be replacing Mellow Yellow for the 2010 model year with White Silver. Mellow Yellow was an R56 launch color and has been around sine September 2006 when the new car launched. Like Mellow Yellow, White Silver will be available across the MINI range. Additionally MINI will be introducing cloth/leather combo in Tech White and Leather Lounge in Toffy. Both are being introduced to coincide with the MINI Camden and Mayfair limited edition models. Apparently MINI will be spreading the costs of developing some of the new trim by making them available across the range in specific markets. Included in this will be a Toffee and White Tech interior color-line option as well. You can see both after the jump.

From a personal stand point Mellow Yellow will be missed. It’s easily our favorite yellow of all time offered by MINI and was always what we thought Liquid Yellow needed to be. Look for other color and trim changes when MINI releases the life-cycle refresh late next summer.

  • rhawth99

    They should just call it baby pooh brown to have truth in advertising. 🙂

  • illegalhunter

    Yellow was always horrible , why no daimond white Mini?

  • emergo

    if this color had been available in ’06, I’d be driving it right now…

  • Phil

    Well… White Silver is a really cool color, I liked it on the R52 Sidewalk Pkg… but it is no yellow. Will they have another yellow for the R56, or perhaps make Interchange Yellow available on the hardtop and Clubman? I hope it’s the former and not the latter… I think Interchange is a bit too much.

  • Lester

    I’d like to see the Lightning Blue back. That Horizon Blue is crap – and the Lazer Blue is too bright …


    So, a question: is White Silver a metallic paint? I suspect it is….Great, so they get rid of Mellow Yellow which is non-metallic (therefore free of charge) and replace it with a metallic colour for which you have to pay….So now we are down to 2 nonmetallic colours (chili red and pepper white)….

  • robble

    Don’t forget oxygen blue, it’s non-metallic.

  • becks

    @M_POWER exactly, thats what i also wanted to post – we can hardly talk about a replacement. they should have replaced oxygen blue, which isn’t really accepted.

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  • Damian

    I, too, will miss the Mellow Yellow. If they made Interchange Yellow available across the board, I’d be into that (or the possible non-metallic green) for my next MINI!

  • rosvick

    Well, I’ve got to go against the grain and say I’m thrilled that white silver is available across the model range. After seeing it and falling in love with it on the Camden, I feared it would only be available on a limited edition car with an inflated price, and therefore, out of my reach. Now, I’m beside myself with glee!

    Give me a Cooper S in white silver, black roof, and black leather interior, please!

  • robble
    Give me a Cooper S in white silver, black roof, and black leather interior, please!

    I dunno, I think those tech white seats would look pretty sharp in that configuration!

  • @becks: i have an oxygen blue MINI and i love it…. but it only looks good with a white top….not with the black

  • @becks: @becks: i have an oxygen blue MINI and i love it…. but it only looks good with a white top….not with the black

  • eto

    I love the new stormtrooper MINI interior!!!! AWESOME!!! I’m sad that Mellow Yellow is going. It is in my top three favorite MINI colors.

  • Apparently MINI is in love with silver. Don’t get me wrong, I like the color, but pretty soon, everything’s gonna be one shade of silver or another at this rate, whether or not it’s actually silver.

    • Dhhdhsdh

      no kidding

  • Oh no! Mellow Yellow was my second favorite MINI color. White Silver looks boring, but I really dislike Pepper White’s off white tone, so maybe this is a good thing.

  • Aaron

    Shame. MINI is getting too conservative on the color scheme. Now we have black, a couple of shades of white (pepper and white silver), a few shades of silver/gray (dark, pure, sparkling silver)…couple shades of blue (lightning and horizon) and then chili red and BRG. BORING!!! What ever happened to the days of Silk Green, Indi Blue, Liquid Yellow, Velvet Red, Solid Gold, Hyper Blue, Purple Haze, Space Blue (the color of my MCS…with the silver roof and mirrors too), Solar Red, Nightfire Red? I know many of these were just around for a year or two (for various reasons), but I LOVE it when I see a MINI that is a more rare color, rather than Chili Red, BRG and today’s boring (IMO) line up of colors…

    I wish MINI would keep some of the bright colors, as they go really well with these cars. Having said that, I do love the hot chocolate color.

  • Fred

    More blandness to blend-in with the masses 🙁 Where’s the fun in that?

  • greg

    I always wanted one in Electric blue/black.

  • DaCrema

    Yet another color bites the dust. Soon MINI will be shades of black and white. I’m sure that White Silver or Silver White will be a nice color but it could be called ULG for Ultra Light Gray. To bad MINI will not bring back Silk Green or introduce the Chrome Orange that is found in the Lotus colors. I once saw a MCS panted taxi cab orange. It looked great. I always thought Yellow looked good on the car. Take care everyone, John

  • MINI has been off and on with dull colors before…

  • Never understood white or brown for a MINI? I will say Pepper white is nice though but why another white?

    • Dhdju

      because the germans prefer the dull colors (if you dont know mini is german 🙁 )

  • Iain

    Nothing beats Indy Blue on a Mini – even after 4 years, I never get tired of looking at my JCS.

    gabe, how about a new poll: favorite mini colour of all time? And a second question: “which colour should Mini offer?” Some started that here…

  • bee1000

    The new white exterior is nice (unless you thought your Camden was going to have an exclusive color, of course), and the black/white interior is damn sexy. I can’t imagine taking care of an interior with anything white in it, but it looks great in photos.

  • Evan

    Silver white probably just became my next MINI’s color. Plus that tech white interior is so sharp.

    I’d still love another leatherette option or at least different door colors beyond dark black.

  • snid

    Yay! Now I own two “rare” colors. A Mellow Yellow R56 and a Velvet Red R50.

  • Lester

    Oh right, Indi Blue would be even better than Lightning Blue. I definitely hope one of those colours will be back soon!

  • Minipuma

    Sad about Mellow Yellow. That’s a great color (especially with black stripes). Mellow Yellow owners should be happy that they got them while they lasted.

  • Someone at MINI has no idea what “limited edition” means … special interior that everyone is allowed to order!

  • MiniMonger

    Why not bring more non metallics like a milky blue or green. Or perhaps battleship grey. I fancy the oxygen blue but it’s only available on the lowest econo mini. Why not offer that in the Clubman with a White Roof an pillars. Now that would be sharp!

  • Someone needs to buy the MINI colour choosers a packet of skittles for inspiration.

  • Fred

    Look at the BMW palette to see where we are headed. Sedona Red Metallic is the only bright, distinctive color. All the rest remind me of nursing homes.

  • CraigE
    Someone at MINI has no idea what “limited edition” means … special interior that everyone is allowed to order!

    From the article: Apparently MINI will be spreading the costs of developing some of the new trim by making them available across the range in specific markets. I take this to mean that if you have either of the special editions in your market, you can not order the individual options. These trim options will only be in markets without the special editions. This will be a lot like 2006 with the One-7, Park Lane and Checkmate special editions. We got parts of those special editions as either a package or as independent options.

  • Kenshin138

    I am apparently in the minority as I think this color is far, FAR better looking than that yellow was. I am happy they are removing a few of the OMGBRIGHT! colors from the lineup and replacing them with more upscale looking ones. IMHO the lines of the mini look better in the “boring BMW colors” than the bright skittle colors. Keep Chili Red for sure, keep one blue (not the bright one whatever it is), but otherwise the BRG, Pure Silver, Pepper White, Black etc. all look better than the yellows, oranges, blues etc.

    Then again, I own a Pure Silver MINI so I might be biased. Though what we really need is Hot Chocolate to be an option for ALL models, not just the non-S ‘vert and the Clubman. I would love Hot Chocolate with white roof and white stripes…

    • Gvv

      slap mello yellow on a ferrari though and it is a sharp color

  • White Silver with the White Tech interior look great and would be my MINI color choice if available in 4 years. Very Nordic!

    But I’d still like to see MINI trade all the silver trim for black. There’s way to many surface textures, shades and colors going on inside a MINI.

  • Ian F

    I’ve never been a fan of either yellow…

    I’m hoping, however, that the loss of one non-metallic color will make room for a new one… a green one…

  • I cannot wait to see the tech white interior in person … probably will be the interior of my next MINI!

  • C4

    More colors with the Yawn factor built into them.

    Is the UK so grey and depressing these days>?

    • Gvv

      all of germany is normally grey in cars and that maybe why

  • Seth L

    I quite like the new color and trim options, but I too wish for more color choices. Every time I see a Purple Haze, Solid Gold, Velvet Red, or Silk Green mini, I get envious.

  • Aaron

    I would have a hard time choosing between Velvet Red and Silk Green as my favorite MINI colors ever. Like Seth, every time I see one of those, I stare and consider how proud the owner must be of driving around in such rarely seen colors. Having said that, even though the MINI wave is a dead tradition now a days, I still give fellow Space Blue drivers a nod…it’s sort of a rare color as well.

    Why can’t MINI just keep Mellow Yellow and just charge a slight premium for it (bump it up to what they charge for metallic paint) or something? I may not pick that color if I buy another MINI, but like Morgan says (in the TV show Chuck), “I like to know I have the option.”

  • Drew

    For those commenting on White Silver being “White” over “Silver”… It’s much more silver. It’s actually one of the more interesting and bright silvers I’ve ever seen. A very rich color. I agree that more bright colors is a good idea. I love my Laser Blue MCS! But love it or hate it colors like MY normally don’t last as long. I’d rather see MINI switch a lot of the colors every two years to keep each color more rare, it’s fun knowing you have a somewhat rare MINI color.

  • Gaston

    Yawn. Yet another entry in the white-grey-black continuum. Is it just me? Almost every car/truck/SUV I see is some shade of silver.

  • SFRedMCc

    Over half the cars in my parking garage at work are some shade of silver, and the rest are mostly black or white with only a few dark blues or reds mixed in. The only car more colorful than my Chili Red Clubman is a yellow R50 with a checkerboard roof.

  • Chelly

    I have a silk green MINI and I have never seen another one in my travels throughout the east coast and even in Hawaii. I love it and I want it that way. The rarer the colors the better.

  • Derek

    I love my Mellow Yellow Mini, with black bonnet stripes. I agree with Chelly, “The rarer the colors the better.” Being that I live upstate NY and that they are retireing the color, I do believe I will never see another Mellow Yellow Mini up here.

  • awilda

    I love the mellow yellow and have been saving to buy one with black rims, black top, black front gates and then was going to slightly tint the windows and now this!! I am upset :(…

    Hot chocolate is ok but only with black rims not the white.

    what am i 2 do

  • I absolutely adore my mellow yellow mini with white hardtop, mirrors, rims, and bonnet stripes. I got the last yellow 09 at the dealer. 🙂

  • I founnd out that the interchangeable yellow reires at the end of October , 2010. …. So o got my order on on the last shipment !! Whew !!! I have a very difficult time choosing another color!! It’s the yellow that sold me in Mini Cooper !! The BORING new choices are appalling ! Yawn !!! Why why why would a sporty looking car have Grampa & Grandma’s color scheme?????? Guess I’d go for the LaserBlue with white top & white stripes if I had to pick another or get the Bight yellow countryman!!

    • Terence Noah Craven

      Im selling a mellow yellow MINI circa 2007. Tweet me @Fruit_PasTel:twitter to get in touch.

  • Hjshjdhjahj

    🙁 in 5t5 the color was awsome especilly on the 1992 f40 ferrari

    • Hjshjdhjahi

      gt5 my bad