MINI’s Crossover to be Named Countryman?

BMW AG (parent company of BMW and MINI) has officially registered the “Countryman” name for trademark. We can only assume it is intended for MINI’s upcoming crossover considering the timing. In classic Mini days the Countryman name was used for the long wheel base version of the car in specific markets (along with “traveller”). Its use makes sense here and would be a welcome tie-in with classic Mini history.

Look for the car to officially debut on the web in the weeks ahead with a public debut set for the Frankfurt Motor show in late September. In addition to this look for a special report next week the R60 and the secret story behind its development. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably not like it.

Side note: As mentioned on last week’s podcast my money was on either Traveller or Countryman based on BMW’s previous use of classic Mini naming conventions. Minute 34:00 if you’re keeping score at home… Todd…

  • That’s too bad, not my favorite name….but they never asked me.

  • Tim

    I suppose we should be happy they didn’t go with the politically correct, gender-neutral “Countryperson.”

    I suppose “MINI Redneck” wasn’t appropriate for the target market, either.

  • Evan

    Countryman is a great name- implies a certain ability to handle dirt road leading to farms which is the extent of the off-roading this MINI will see.

    I’m really excited for the forthcoming information. It looks like this will be my next MINI as a pending baby dictates a tiny bit more than a Clubman can offer, plus my wife much prefers this.

    A BRG S-version. Awesome!

  • JonPD

    Not my favorite name but could be worse for sure.

  • I always liked Crossman….sounds more modern.

  • “Friends, Romans…”

  • “Friends, Romans…”

    Arrrgh, beat me to it! 😉

  • Todd

    Countryman over Colorado then. Could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Maybe a big bag of feathers if you swing really hard… ; )

  • goat

    The city mouse is the Clubman and the country mouse is the Countryman. A good choice of name; comes free with Mini pedigree and certainly preferable to “Colorado” which sounds like a sellout SUV.

  • jp

    British naming nomenclature is a bit understated compared to ours. Instead of GTOs or Cobras they named cars Riley’s or even Countrymen. But to me the MINI Moke most fits the new crossover. It was MINIs only attempt at an off road vehicle.

  • Hoover


    Just kidding! Countryman seems appropriate enough…but I do prefer Traveller or Crossman. Wasn’t there an issue with the Traveller name? We all knew that “Colorado” was out–it is on a GM pick up.

  • lavardera

    Friends, Romans, Crossmen…. ehh, it doesn’t work, does it? Countryman it is.

  • SFRedMCc

    Glad they didn’t pick Colorado, although Countryman seems a bit weird.

    The Traveller is stiil my favorite.

    How about a compromise and we call it the “Cross Country”?

  • Beavers

    As I recall, traveller is a euphemism for prostitute in some markets. So I kinda figured that one would be a no go…

  • MINIme

    I can live with Countryman. This is definitely not MOKE material. It would have to be much more utilitarian with a removable soft top and doors (Jeep style). Oh well, we all know that isn’t going to happen…

    I am wondering if it will come with a RealTree or Mossy Oak camo interior option. 8P

  • I still would of bet my money on Moke – that recalls Minis that had four wheel drive (due to front and rear engines) if I remember correctly. Seems a bit more appropriate unless MINI thinking is that there will be room for a (DOUBLE GULP) larger 4wd model…

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  • CoyoteMan

    Absolutely perfect! All the dumb, rich people can drive around Palm Beach County and show off while getting 22 mpg! I can see it on Rodeo Drive!

    Mini is the first company to shrink the ungainly, guzzling SUV down to economy car size and offer good gas mileage!

    I predict that any company that could do that will sell tons of those vehicles.

    Good thinking Mini!

  • rhawth99

    @Beavers: Then Traveller would have been the perfect name! 🙂

  • Dr Obnxs

    Works for me…

    FWIW, a friend who does small volume winemaking is looking forward to getting one… If her Honda will last another year…


  • Michael

    I thought a “Traveller” was a Gypsy, a Roma, with unsavoury conotations.

  • Ramón

    “Bumpkin” – because that’s what it will be doing on rough city pavement.

  • Gary


    Hah! I just had to LOL…

    The name will probably let city folk feel they’ve added to their “green” score with the virtual connection to rural life.

  • @gary

    lol, Countryman does give it a semi “green” name, I will say though, I’m liking this picture as I’m getting better ideas on how it will possibly look like without the hypno-paint.

  • COUNTRYSLUG is more like like it! Hey did I see a post by NS? It’s been awhile, Nathaniel.

  • Mk1

    Ah, the Countryman… Was talking with my MINI SA, at our biggest volume MINI Dealer in the area, and they can’t wait. Their sales team’s prediction is the MINI Crossover, if priced right, will outsell the 2 door MINI three or four to one.

  • Mini Countryman??? What kind of name is that???????