MINI USA Releases Clubman JCW Tuning Kit

The JCW Tuning Kit. We’ve raved about it for two years as one of the better JCW accessories released. However until just recently it was a R56 only modification. We reported last spring that its release on the Clubman was and today we can officially tell you it is available at dealers throughout the US. Available for a few months in Europe and the UK, the kit features the same power and torque figures as the version on the R56. The kit takes the stock Clubman MCS from 175bhp to 192bhp. But more importantly it increases torque to as much as 200lbs-ft within the range from 1750 to 4500 rpm with the over-boost function. Additionally the ECU tuning sharpens the already fast throttle tip-in (with sport button on of course) to even higher levels.

The kit will be available on both manuals and automatics starting immediately. This also means that MINI USA now offers the tuning kit for all three variants (R55, R56 and R57) and in both manual and auto.

You can read our review of the JCW Tuning Kit (JCW Stage I as we’ve called it) as it pertains to the MINI R56 MCS here.

  • JonPD

    Fantastic news, has been a long time coming. Still a firm believer that the JCW kit is the way to go, the JCW Clubman is powerful but on the price point the biggest bang for the buck is the JCW kit.

  • Nice! Hope Vivian drives one home soon!

  • 777

    If I add this to my factory JCW, will it go even faster? 🙂

  • Gary

    The site has never (to my knowledge) allowed the kit with Auto of any MC variant. Is it really going to be offered now if you select an Automatic? In this case I’d be mighty tempted…. although I have yet to see a decent Aero kit for the clubman.

  • Doug

    My poor wallet.


    I have sold a JCW Convertible with the tuning Kit and an Automatic Transmission so yes this is very possible. I’ve even driven it. It’s worth it!

  • Dim

    How much does this cost?

  • Gary

    @ ITWRKS…

    When did you sell that combo? And was it in the US or another country?

    On the current site, you can not select a JCW with Auto, and if you start with a MCS and select Auto then the Tuning Kit option is no longer selectable. And trying the reverse… select JCW Tuning Kit first then disables the Auto option.