MF Exclusive: MINI USA To Release Rally Edition Clubman

Rally Edition

MotoringFile has learned that MINI USA intends to celebrate the introduction of the MINI Clubman JCW aero-kit, by releasing a special “Rally Edition” Clubman S. We’ve obtained some interior photos and information that give us a good look at this new, very limited edition model. The Rally edition will be a very exclusive with only around 70 made and each dealer in the US getting only one car. The unique part of the specification the unique “Rally Green” Mirror Caps and Side Scuttles. In addition to that the car will be full specced with the following:

  • Midnight Black (A94),
  • Roof in Body Color (381)
  • Sport Package (ZSP) – DTC (5DT)
  • White Turn Indicators (785)
  • Xenon Headlights (522)
  • 17” Black Wheels
  • Roof Rails (386)
  • Anthracite Headliner (ZAH)
  • Piano Black Interior (4BD)
  • Automatic climate Control (534)
  • Leather Steering Wheel w/Multifunction
  • Comfort Bluetooth (6NE)

Rally Edition

In addition the car can either come with : A) summer configuration: 17” Black Web-Spoke w Performance Tires (2RW) or B) winter configuration: 17” Black Crown Spoke (2RP, 2RV) w All-Season Tires (927) and Cold Weather Package (CWP)

Accessories included in the model are:

  • New John Cooper Works Aero Kit painted in Midnight Black
  • New Rally Green Mirror Caps & Side Scuttle, Sport Stripes (Silver)
  • Roof Rack for Roof Rails
  • New Roof Basket
  • Driving Lamps in Black.

The total MSRP of the Special (Ex-Factory Equipment plus Accessories) $32,999 (w/o Tuning Kit)

Finally most MINI Dealers will likely add the new Clubman JCW Tuning Kit to the car as well. Everything will be installed at the VDC as you would expect.

Look for delivers to start in October.

Image above were meant for internal use only. Expect professional photography soon.

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Written By: Gabe

  • Chris B.


  • Chris B.

    Edit feature doesn’t work for me so I’m forced to make another post. Gabe, do you know if the “rally”-more like neon green mirror caps will be available as an individual accessory?

  • txdesign

    Cheaters, they obviously lowered the car or photoshopped it. The actual stock ride height will be about 2″ higher than this. Looks really cool though.

  • JonPD

    Good looking car, other than the roof rack, not sure what it is about it but pretty ugly to my eye.

  • eto

    LOL!!! What’s up with those fake mirror caps!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=832554306 Mark Rosenthal

    VERY cool…can’t wait to see one in person

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=548320534 Christian L.

    Ack, what’s with the trend of adding those hideous side mirror caps! I know it’s fake but seriously stop it!

  • goat

    Agree with others… since the spec sheet does not indicate JCW suspension, “R55′s in photos may be more 4×4 than they appear”. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=653192548 Aurel Savin

    Great looking configuration. Throw in a lifetime supply of wax and someone to wax it and you have a deal ;)

  • Bor

    besides the ugly green mirror caps what’s exactly special about it ? the side scuttles look the same as in the standard JCW Aero Kit…


    I like it … including the roof rack :-)

  • txdesign

    Maybe I am missing something but with the exception of the green stuff can’t you pretty much spec this car out as is on miniusa.com.

  • http://www.gbmini.net Ian C.

    So with the tuning kit, this’ll be what, a close-to-$40K car, with unique mirror caps and nothing else special? Wow!

  • robble

    yawn seriously, WTH is special about it? green mirror caps? side scuttles? silver stripes?

    everything else are normal options.

    give it 220whp or awd before calling it rally.

    This is just a normal S clubman as far as I can see.

  • robble
    This will be a very limited model with only around 70 made

    So they are just making 70 sets of green caps and “rally” scuttles is what they are trying to say.

  • Hunter99

    I like the gunmetal webspokes!! Will have to find the paint codes on them. Have been on the fence for a while about painting mine but I think I just got convinced!!

  • AN

    It would be perfect if it had a sunroof. And if I needed a car.

  • Chad

    MINI needs to hire some better product visualization specialists. The images coming out of MINI are of a much lower quality that the brand should tolerate.

  • http://www.motoringfile.com/ Gabe

    MINI needs to hire some better product visualization specialists. The images coming out of MINI are of a much lower quality that the brand should tolerate.

    These were for internal use only. I suspect the more people that complain about us getting images like this, the more difficult it will be for us to get any images. So it’s either this or nothing in a situation like this.

  • BSUCardinalfan

    Some of you will complain about anything, won’t you?

    They’re doing a simple run of 70 unique cars. They aren’t any more expensive than a normal clubman, and I’m sure there are 70 people out there who will buy them.

    I wish they’d do more limited edition runs, even if they are only a couple items or combinations of options. It would still be cool to know you had the only one of its kind in town.

  • goat

    Nothing wrong with a special trim package. MINI released them for the R53 every so often and people were not as critical of their content or their pricing – recall the Soho, Checkmate, etc. They actually provided a lot of value given their content, at least for Canadian pricing. What is different here is the entire production run is limited to a very very small number – which is pretty cool for the eventual owners I would think. The word “rally” is associated with increased performance though and perhaps that is what is irking some here? If I was a dealer stocking this car I would add not only the JCW engine kit but the JCW suspension as well. I think customers would more easily be able to justify the high pricing with the JCW suspension in place.

    By the way, the Web Spokes look fantastic on just about any MINI. And they actually look decent even when dirty with brake dust. ;)

  • Chad

    @Gabe: Ah, I thought these were part of a press release.

  • Brian

    Love the webspokes on the car. Been looking to buy a pair of used webspokes… anybody?

  • KPH

    “Rally” = roof rack? Oh yeah, back in the day that’s where the spare tires went. Otherwise an attractive compilation of options.

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  • robble
    Hunter99 Aug 20th, 2009 Link I like the gunmetal webspokes!! Will have to find the paint codes on them. Have been on the fence for a while about painting mine but I think I just got convinced!!

    Read again – BLACK webspokes. Currently available for sale at your MINI dealership or available for order from the factory. And yes, they do look sharp.

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  • Hunter99

    Hmmm, I see the specs now. The pictures make them look like gunmetal as in the gunmetal R90′s. I have a spare set of webspokes I am eventually going to get repaired (wife drove the car for a while and curbed them all up. She doesn’t drive it anymore). I have a PW w Black roof. Deciding on gunmetal or black. Maybe mock up each color and try them out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1468568369 Alan Tate

    Well the good news: $33k = no real price premium.

    The bad news: it is a $33k MINI with nothing special except mirror caps. I would think that to make it ‘special’ they could at least do a special upholstery that has the green piping to tie it all together. Something that does not require tooling and is easy to do for 70 units. Come on MINI, at least make it different enough that one could not copy it with the configurator.

  • Jason Parry

    I configured on Miniusa.com but im not sure if its auto or manual? and I don’t think you can add a JCW body kit on a non-JCW car currently? At any rate, i cant find the Body Kit. So without convenience pack, sunroof or auto it comes to $30,413. So thats reasonable for the body kit and custom bits.

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  • C4

    Hey, I have a bridge to sell you…

  • that.guy

    All rally cars have lime green mirror caps and roof baskets.

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  • Matthew

    I’m at Ralph Schomp MINI, and they’ve got one Rally Edition sitting in front of the showroom. Quite excellent, if you ask me. I was told it sold in about 24-hours from hitting the dealership.

    It doesn’t have a sunroof, as noted above. That’s my only complaint.

  • Gary

    Here in the Chicago area, Bill Jacobs has one sitting right in front of the show room too… saw it this weekend. No idea if it sold or not yet.

    Definitely sharp looking and the green mirror caps aren’t that bad looking in person.

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  • http://www.billjacobsmini.com Mark Harper

    Looking for your MINI Clubman S Rally Edition. Look no further than Bill Jacobs MINI. We have one of the only remaining Limited Edition Clubman in the Country.

    Please call for further details.

    (877) 360-4407

  • Noeh

    I wonder if it also includes the poor quality parts that the rest of the MINI fleet has?

  • Larry Brachfeld

    I have the 2010 Rally edition now for a year and love it. Done a few mods and do a track day every month.Had a MCS prior and there is a great improvement in the quality and handling with the added JCW kits.

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