MF Poll: MINI Roadster vs MINI Coupe – Which Do you Prefer?

We’ve recently started to ask your opinions and you’ve responded with thousands of votes and comments on a number of topics. So for this week’s MF Poll we thought we’d pit the two most exciting new MINI concepts we’ve seen in years against each other; the Speedster and the Coupé. Both are fascinating new products but only one can win this showdown. So have at it.

Speedster vs the Coupé - which are you more interested in?

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  • I have a question about this car. How many new drivers does MINI think these options will bring to them?

    I was discussing this with someone who sells MINIs and we came to the conclusion ‘not many.’ Maybe a few TT people or Miata people.

    But mostly won’t people who, and this isn’t a bad thing, already drive a MINI be interested in these cars? Retention is good but growth is better, right?

  • rosvick

    @Mike: I don’t own a MINI yet, but I have decided that a Cooper will be my next vehicle, no question. I’m just in the process of saving up for it, and hope to be ordering my vehicle next summer.

    All was good until these concepts were released. Now, I’m extremely tempted to wait an extra year and order a Broadspeed when they become available. It’s tearing me apart inside, but right now, it’s almost worth it!

    So, MINI will be getting a new customer, very likely with their Broadspeed. It’s just a matter of time.

  • @Rosvick: So it would be fair to say that you settled on getting a MINI before the Broadspeed came out and now you are going to wait a year to get the 2 seater?

  • GSP

    Sorry to be sour grapes …. neither.

  • mike c.

    I’m not in the market for a two seater, nor will I be in the near future. However, if I were, I prefer the top down version, fun from the open air is more important to me than fun from speed. I have to say though, that I haven’t seen the speedster with the top up yet, that may change my mind.

  • that.guy

    You would not be able to track the Speedster without adding a roll bar, so… Actually, neither.

  • dr

    I do think the speedster looks better, the coupes top looks just a bit off. But I could never live with a convertible, It gets too hot and too cold where I live for a vert.

  • How many new drivers does MINI think these options will bring to them?

    I don’t think that new drivers are their primary target. By their own description this car is aimed at MINI enthusiasts — which are likely people who already own or have owned a MINI. Looking at the timing for the release of these cars, it’s perfect for someone like me with a late-build R53 looking to trade up. It’s not about mass market appeal or big profits. These cars are built on existing platforms, and up-priced to cover the customizations, but I doubt that MINI will actually make much profit on these. Instead, they’re more about brand, about driver passion, and about making something that is purposefully not for everybody. They won’t be limited edition per say, but they’re focused, unique and expensive enough that I imagine they’ll be pretty rare.

    Keep in mind that the MINI is not a “for the masses” car in the first place. It’s for people who don’t care about trunk space. It’s for people who don’t want a regular speedometer. It’s for people who are willing to pay a little more for an economical car that’s actually nice and that performs like the baby BMW that it is. MINI is definitely looking to expand its offerings and bring more drivers into the fold with its other models (the convertible, the Clubman, and the upcoming Countryman especially), but I think these 2-seaters are for a small group of us who’ve already drunk the kool-aid and want another glass.

  • b-

    If I had to choose I would pick the Coupe over the open top car. I think that they are both great designs but the speedster just missed the mark when it comes to the rear of the car. I think it could have been done differently. I am excited about both cars and if I knew that I would fit into the coupe, (I am 6’3″,) I would put down my money today!

  • zm

    like a lot of folks, not in the market for a two seater–although, it would be cool if the coupe had a removable hard top.

  • Ron

    I wonder whether the speedster can address that “the front is held on to the back by rubberbands” feeling that you get from the standard MINI cabrio. (I’m betting no)

  • lavardera

    I’m disappointed that the so called enthusiasts readership of MF is voting head to head on the vert and the coupe. Bunch of wussy posers, that’s all..

  • I’m actually shocked it’s exactly 50/50. I thought for sure the Speedster would have 66% by now.

  • I like the ‘vert but the Liberace interior is a bit too Christopher Lowell for me. If it was offered in a diff configuration I’d look.

    Lavatory… you’re something, That’s all…

  • veggivet

    I would vote ‘neither’ if that was an option.

  • JonPD

    Next round, the winner of this versus the R60 as to which one is more sought after.

  • I really hate to say it, but IMHO the Speedster looks better. Just can’t get by that backwards-baseball hat top!

  • SFRedMCc

    I might have traded my aging Honda delsol for the Speedster which would have a perfect upgrade at the time; but I’m very happy with the extra comfort and room of my Clubman. And it’s even shorter than my delsol was.

  • Matthew

    I’m with Nathaniel. MINI will bring in a few new buyers with the Speedster and Coupe, but in my opinion, these are two fine distillations of the MINI ethos aimed squarely at MINI’s current owners/drivers/believers.

    I, for one, am excited about seeing these MINIs in person.

    My choice, the Coupe, is going to appeal to the performance-bent MINI enthusiast who would prefer not sharing a platform with the R53 or R56. For example, a Coupe would be far more attractive to me than the JCW and GP for this reason: the Coupe carves out new territory altogether.

  • ACohen

    I will never buy a 2 seat MINI. There are so many 2 seaters that are so much better than these cars and I’d rather have a 4 seater MINI than either of these.

  • r.burns


    It is exactly what I think !!!

  • Jdawg

    I have been wanting a new MINI for some time now, with these two new cars finally being approved from MINI it makes the choice even harder. I really love a JCW but I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the coupe and see if it feels any different, and IMHO the speedster is just beautiful.

    As far as a “better” car for the money..I challenge you to name one. No other car on the market has the re-sale value, the sheer uinqueness or the is backed up by such a major high-end manufacturer with starting price of just over $20,000.

    I think MINI is going to hit it out of the park with these two.

    “I didn’t just drink the Kool-aide, I brought it to the party!”

  • Hmmm. If I wanted a two seater at this price point, I’d go find a nice Lotus Super7!


  • over the last month I decided that both these cars are really pointless. my decision still stands 🙂

  • robble

    This has to be the most evenly split issue on motoringfile ever.

  • r.burns

    In the real world, be sure it is not

  • Why do you guys stack the questions this way? What’s wrong with “Which do you prefer, a) coupe, b) speedster?”

    Surely that would be less subjective and more accurate? Still very interesting to see the coupe is doing so well 🙂

  • phil

    My ’04 MCS has 104k on it and will make it a couple more years until the Coupe comes out (love the roof!). Two seats is fine with me… my wife has a Clubman!

  • Sideways Eh!

    Why can’t we say we love both? If I had the coin and the garage then both cars would join my 06’R50. I am going to keep my current MINI and just ADD to my stable with the COOPSTER…I have made my decision, but when I first saw the design my heart was sold. The Speedster is nice and all…but I WANT the Coopster!!! And I think this is exactly the kind of experience the designers were going for…regardless of whether or not it is going to convert new drivers into MINI, these designs evoke a reaction! My next MINI will be the Coopster…I just need to give my money to a dealership…

  • joe

    i just voted. its at 50/50. its a good thing we’re getting both lol.

  • as much as i’d love a true sports car, the roof on the broadspeed is hideous, and the end result of getting rid of the roof is……the roadster!

  • Speedster because I am not going to take anything to a track and just looks great with the top down. They both are great looking cars!

  • I like the speedster style better, although I’m not a cab type..

    For the Hardtop, I like the roof on the Peugeot RCZ which uses the R56 Turbo motor… See

  • robble

    Votes are currently at 402 vs 401.


  • alpinamike

    Thats why MINI is making both, equal markets of profit and high sales. This makes one think that it is not the amount of people who like convertible over the coupe, but the whole aspect of design.

    In economics both share an equal amount of utility. This is a good thing and shows that a transfer of a unit into design of convertible and both coupe have been accomplished.

    Its not over, but this is great. -unless the convertible fans are out driving the few nice days left, then its an external causation effect.

    I love stats.

  • It sucks how MF hardly ever replies to questions in the comments or when you email in links/articles etc 😛 I’m sure they’re busy…but wtf 😛

  • It sucks how MF hardly ever replies to questions in the comments or when you email in links/articles etc 😛 I’m sure they’re busy…but wtf 😛

    Yeah, they’re definitely busy. Keep in mind that this site isn’t funded by MINI or any other entities. MF isn’t somebody’s job. It’s just a couple of guys with a passion for MINIs and very busy jobs, kids, podcasts, etc.

  • Dylan

    well I got a reply today so now I feel like a bit of a dick 😛

  • Andy

    I have a willy, and I’m not a hairdresser, therefore I prefer the coupe. My factory JCW will come of age to “trade up” just in time for them hitting the streets… can’t wait – I suppose I can stuff mother in the trunk if she visits…

  • Futrell

    Wow, truly neck-and-neck (533 Speedster, 527 Coupe). Coupe fan here…

  • Matthew

    A year from now, I’d love to hear how many of these are sold in pairs. If I could swing it, I have to say I’d have both. (Forced to choose, Coupe.)