The on again off again on again diesel plans for the US market may be finally off again. MINI USA worked hard to get the a R56 diesel model to the US but ultimately BMW pulled the plug on the idea due to costs. However with the upcoming Countryman crossover rumored to use the same 2.0L diesel found in the X1 (and other 1 and 3 series models) and BMW planning on bringing said engine over to the US (in the X1, things looked positive.

Up until just a few months ago our sources were relatively positive that the R60 diesel would make it to the US. However just yesterday we heard from very high level sources that BMW North American is currently not planning on importing any flavor of MINI diesel for the foreseeable future.

As always we’ll let you know more as we get it. But until then, if you want diesel power in a small car within the US market, VW and Audi are your only options in the near term.