This is a repost from one year ago. However given that the weather is about to get colder in the coming weeks, we felt that a re-post was in order.

So you have a MINI. You got the Sport pack and thought performance tires were a good idea. Then it snowed and you almost died. What should you do? That’s the question that prompted this week’s Ask MF sent in by Scott:

>I have a 2006 MCS with the sport package and performance runflats I just bought used and I need some recommendations on snow tires to get me through winter. I’m in western Michigan so I really need some dedicated snows rather than all-seasons. Any suggestions?

Blizzak, Nokian, Dunlop and Michelin all make solid snows for the MINI. There some versions that do better in deep snow and some that are more performance oriented. Being in Western Michigan and getting enormous amount of lake effect snow, I’m guessing you need something that geared toward ultimate traction rather than performance. Because of that I’d start with taking a look at the Nokian and Blizzak line-up first.

But what else is out there? Lets hear it in the comment section below.