MINI Moke Concept Scheduled to Debut in Detroit

As we get closer to the Detroit Auto Show, plans continue to come into focus on MINI’s latest concept car. As we reported last August (and again in October), MINI will be releasing a R60 based “Moke” concept that could foreshadow a coming production version.

The Moke will have a more rugged off-road like appearance and will feature MINI’s upcoming ALL4 AWD system that will be optional on the R60 Countryman. The concept, if well received, could go into production as soon as 2012/2013 with the drivetrain and most of the interior being carried over from the R60.

One way to think of the Moke would be to look at how MINI has leveraged the R57 platform for the Coupé and Roadster models. The Moke will be made to look more authentic and off-road capable the same way the Coupé was made more capable on-road. Like original Moke, look for a stripped down interior with some type of open top aspect to it.

As always we’ll be updating with more details as we get them on MINI’s next concept.

  • James Irmiger

    Okaaay, having a hard time visualizing this one. Are we talking some kind of Countryman Convertible? Odd.

  • For everyone who has never riden in or driven an original Mini Moke – they are incredibly FUN to drive. You are so attached to the environment and surroundings, it’s amazing! I’m talking some non-serious FUN here. Not that that word hasn’t been mentioned with this brand before, but this car with no doors and barely a top is major FUN! Oh – did I mention Mini Mokes are FUN!

  • rhawth99

    The MINI Moke may have been fun but I fail to see how many they could sell at 30K a pop.

  • JonPD

    Very interesting move by Mini, I am a huge Moke fan so hope to see the spirit of the Moke carried out by BMW/Mini. I am sure some of what I love about the Moke will be missed as there is no way it could ever be quite a pure as the original, I however think this could be a unique car in the market place if carried out correctly.

    Lets just hope a new Moke doesn’t come in at 3k lbs to start and I will be relieved. For all the hate I have for the R60 I have great hope for a new Moke. Keep minimalistic in the forefront of you collective mind Mini.

  • Many many years ago I had rented a golf cart to cruise around Catalina Island. When I was returing, I saw that they also had a small fleet of Mokes for rental. I still regret that I missed that chance for a drive.

    Don’t think I would have a use for a modern Moke, but I think it is a really cool concept, and would make a great addition to MINI’s lineup of fun cars.

  • DUDE!

    @rhawth99… I buy my MINIs used. In late 2004 I paid $19,500 for my ’04 S with 3,000 miles on the OD, it was loaded, heated seats, MF steering and all the goodies. Just a thought because I’d never pay $30K for one either nor would I pay full pop for any car… but then I like eggs!

  • DUDE!

    BTW… that was my out the door costs including tax and plate stickers.

  • DUDE!

    Pasadena Honda had one of these things running customers around. It was pink and white. They no longer run it but ya never missed it when on the road. I got a ride in it once and thought it was a gas.

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  • CarNut

    With today’s required safety standards, a modern Moke would have to be a lot different than the original. I’m thinking maybe something like a 3/4 scale Jeep Wrangler.

  • RJ

    @CarNut….if the Moke concept is based on the R60, as stated in the article, it would be hard to imagine that it would be a 3/4 scale Jeep Wrangler….I’m thinkin…..

  • It may look like Suzuki Samari

  • JonPD

    What makes me nervous though is if they take a similar tack as they did with the R58 and R59 of using the lower sheet metal of the R60 and just doing a tweak above the belt line that it would still be to much SUV than the Jeep feeling to it. I don’t want to see a convertible R60 jacked up with pretensions of off road capability. I would love to see some of the sharp angular design carried forward. Should be interesting to see still.

  • MINIme

    I will believe this when I see it. I BMW/MINI actually produces anything remotely similar to the original, I will have to have one. As the owner of numerous open top utility-style vehicles, this would round out the stable.

    Neuron makes mention of the Suzuki Samurai. We could all be so lucky if any manufacturer produces anything similar to this fallen design. As the owner of several Samurais, I can tell you that no finer (reliable, off-road capable, economical) vehicle has ever been produced.

  • Sideways Eh!

    and to think…the Chevy Tracker was a rebranded Samurai… +1 on the praise for it…lets hope that it gets a lot of BMW drivability and not flip over at every opportunity when taking the offramps…

  • Greg W

    Did you know that you can buy new Moke bodies from Minisport UK? Perhaps even from parts dealers in the USA?

  • Somehow I’m thinking it’ll be in the design idea of the Smart Fortwo Crossblade but different. Hope to see the end result!

  • alpinamike

    I have already made my mind up on going to Detroit again, I really like seeing old Mokes in all the Caribbean islands I have been to. Is anyone else going?

    I hope they bring back the circus tent top!

  • Wasn’t tracker rebranded sidekick?

  • Martin Bell

    Moke bodies and parts are also available from:-

  • MINIme

    Correction: The Chevy Tracker was not a re-branded Samurai!! It was the Suzuki Sidekick which was a completely different animal.

    The 60 minutes or 20/20 piece on the Samurai was later proven to be a false report. They had to run that vehicle through a slalom course at high speed (not how you drive an SUV) 68 times before it rolled over. That report killed the Samurai and brought about the next generation Suzuki SUV (Sidekick/Tracker). The Samurai continued production until 1995, but the stellar sales numbers diminished after the report.

  • The small-and-capable offroad segment is essentially non-existant now and ready for someone to fill the void. But this does not seems to be MINI/BMW’ forte.

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  • Paul Strieby


    You don’t really say that the Moke Concept will be at the Detroit show. You said “As we get closer to the Detroit Auto Show, plans continue to come into focus on MINI’s latest concept car.” I guess some of us (me included) jumped to the conclusion that this new concept would be on display at the NAIAS in Detroit this coming January. Is that what you were implying?

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