We just got confirmation from sources within Oxford that an R56 Cooper S was produced on Friday with a unique exterior color called Eclipse Grey Metallic. Our sources are implying that it’s part of the 2011 model year refresh. If correct you’d have to assume it’ll be replacing one of the current colors. Dark Silver could be a candidate considering it’s been around since launch.

We’ve also been given the heads-up that tomorrow will be the day MINI releases the first photos of the refreshed 2011 models. We had expected the full release with photos in early February so we’re not entirely sure what if anything will show up tomorrow. However needless to say, if something happens tomorrow, you’ll see it and read all about it here first.

Update: For those that didn’t notice, there are no new photos today. As we suspected we won’t get those until February. Instead MINI gave us the first teaser video for the new R60 crossover.