WC50 Delivered & Detailed

WC50 are being delivered around the world as we speak. And while most deliveries go on without a hitch, some are marred by dealers mishandling the initially detailing of the car. The following six (!) videos details the art of fixing that nightmare. Oh and it’s also an excuse to look at the most glorious paint ever seen on a new MINI; Connaught Green.

Day 1 Part 1

Day 1 Part 2

Day 2 Part 1

Day 2 Part 2

Day 2 Part 3

Day 3 Final Shot

  • Brian

    Why is he wetting the engine compartment?

  • because i have detailed the engine compartment as well 🙂

  • Nice job Alex 🙂

  • Nice car Alex 😉

  • Paul Strieby

    Marvelous job — I concur on this being the best color for a MINI — when I have to repaint — this will be the color I chose.

  • Yupp, nice car…Axel 😉

  • Thanks Florian 😉

  • I want one of these so bad. I think the color is perfect. It will be sad to have to drive this car after getting it this well detailed.

  • James Irmiger

    I’d love to repaint my DS in that Connaught Green too! I’m very jealous. Nice car Alex!!!

  • I like how the guy drops his clay bar and keeps on using it.

  • here are some pics of the 3 days detailing event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigblogg/sets/72157622984198831/

  • Beautiful Results!

  • JonPD

    Looks like my bi-monthly/weekly time spent with my GP. Very nice job Alex and gratz on the great car.

  • @josh there’s nothin wrong in using that claybar when its cleaned,warmed and turned “insideout” (which is not shown in the video) :-). But seriously and besides that: the paintshop of this wc50 was one of the worst i have seen on car in years which is even more shocking if you consider that this car had only some 30miles on the clock!

  • Doug

    Incredible. Thanks for sharing, MF.

  • @josh there is nothin wrong in using that claybar again as long as it is cleaned, warmed and turned “insideout” (which is not shown in the video) :-). but besides that and seriously: that wc50 had the worst paintjob i have seen in years on a car especially if i/you consider that the car had just a few k’s on the clock and was brand new!

  • Steve

    So, I’ve got a dumb question. When people do details like this, how do they keep the rotors from getting that nice layer of rust/oxidation during the washing? This is my big problem with white wheels. I usually end up letting the car sit for a few days to let the rotating parts dry completely before I can drive it so that the rust comes off in manageable dust as opposed to slimy rust water that splatters everywhere.

  • steve, that is no dumb question 🙂 ! rust and oxidation you sometimes find on the rotors also occure when the car stands outside for one or two days and in fact its quite a normal reaction especially in combination with humidity or rain. acutally there is nothin you can do to avoid that unless you park your car in a well temperated garage where every part of your car can properly dry right away. what i would suggest is that you protect and seal your wheels properly with 2-3 layers of a sealant or wax like poorboys wheel sealant, jetseal 109 or swissvax “autobahn” for instance. after that procedure you’ll be able to clean your great white wheels with just a normal hose and slight rinse 🙂

  • Carnell

    The production of the vids and end result of the detailing was superb. Two questions: 1) any direction for a novice detailer like myself (the “seal your wheels” tip above was great and 2) what camera did you use? I saw it was a handheld but I thought it would be a bit larger than what it was. Thanks again for sharing!

  • lavardera

    I could see them introducing this color to production, but perhaps limititing to JCW cars, or perhaps limiting to the twins. I think that would be appropriate and prevent it from “diluting” the special edition.

  • they assured me that Connaught Green won’t go into production with this color. but they also assured me that the WC50 will be limited to 250 pieces 😉

  • jimskater

    I saw the prototype at Mini United. Gabe’s right–it is a glorious color. The color is darker & richer than it looks. Dead bang match for a 1960’s Formula Cooper that was on the stand next to it.

  • Black Wow on the arches…wooohooo! DAY2 PART 3

  • Violet

    Really cool! What’s the music playing in the 1st vid? I LIKE it! =)

  • Violet

    OK; for those of us w/out buffers, how do we get out those ‘defects’???

  • lavardera

    Well in the interview with the Dr. at the Detroit auto show he did not flat deny this color coming into production. The question is where?

  • @violet which “first video” do you mean 🙂 ? the first listed on MF or the first out of 6 detailing videos? further…it will be very difficult to remove these defects without a proper machine i believe. by hand its actually impossible 🙁 ! or simply drop me a mail and i’ll be happy to come to your place in order to do a similar job on your mini :-)))

  • keith


    Ive got number 32 and its already been back to the factory for issues with paint. have you had any problems??

  • Mighty Mowse

    Best Mini color ever!

  • Chris Lamb

    Nice bathroom Alex.

  • David

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw him drop the clay bar and then keep using it. I stopped watching the video at that point…

    That litterally made me shudder, not to mention it was on a brand new car.

  • @david as i said earlier…the bar was cleaned, warmed and turned inside out and fine before i continued claying the last few parts of the car so really nothin to worry about. especially when you consider that 99,9% of the swirl and buffer marks in the paint were caused @ the factory as the wc50 is hand sprayed (the green color only on top of a jet black) and the buffer trails and severe scratches we observed were caused by lousy polishing techniques and probably wrong products after the car has been sprayed with connaught green. after the paintwork correction stage the paint was 100% defect free and flawless!