MINI Kills Oxygen Blue

The idea of a Gulf Livery MINI is dead. As of March production MINI will be ceasing Oxygen Blue production and replacing it on the Cooper hatchback with Interchange Yellow. In other color news MINI will be eliminating Pure Silver on the JCW hatchback to make way for a new (JCW exclusive color) for release with the refreshed JCW model later this year.

Finally MINI will be eliminating the option of getting a Pure Silver roof with the Sparkling Silver exterior paint on the Clubman.

  • Jim W.

    Farewell to a great color! I was blown away by this color when I saw it in person. It was going to be my next color, decked out with an array of checkerboard stuff.

    One thing I guess I CANNOT fathom is MINI’s selection of colors. Defying all logic, they are unable to come up with a better British Racing Green, or stick with a color that goes with the fun spirit of the car (silk green, mustard yellow, orange, etc.?)

    Or is it just me? I’m preparing to see another shade of silver….

  • yes, it is a great color…i have it on my car..decked out in checkerboard stuff… it was always a rare color to see around my neck of the woods….that is one reason i bought it…distinguish myself from the crowd…if the MINI didn’t already do that!

  • Jason

    So, are we going to get a white roof, or PW roof, option on the Clubman?

  • Wolfgang

    MINI gets rid of a great colour and replaces it with Bile Green…nice. They have absolutely zero fun/stand-out colours now. How about they get rid of Pepper White, bring back Alpine White (since it still comes on Bimmers) and mayhap transfer that fantastic orange colour from the new special edition M3 to the MINI lineup. And while they’re at it, bring back a real, non-metallic BRG like what comes on the WC50.

  • glangford

    Yes, I liked Oxy blue. When I ordered my R56 MC that had just become available and I almost switched to it. Decided to keep my BRG. I concur with the comments on the nonmetallic BRG.

  • Dusty S

    How about Bimmers Deep Sea Blue to replace it? That’s a beautiful blue. I also like MINI’s Hyper Blue, though I LOVE my Laser Blue MINI.

  • Deb

    Darn, if were to get a new Cooper Oxygen Blue would have been my pick. Such a unique and fun color that looked so good on the MINI. Such a shame.

  • MatthewW

    I’m with the sorry to see it go crowd. Here are some Gulf-a-like MINIs (and even an original) for inspiration:

  • mindmojo

    I agree with Jim W. MINI is getting rid of all the fun colors. We now have 4 shades of grey going on 5 and Interchange Yellow is not attractive…

  • bee1000

    Oxygen Blue was a terrible color (and certainly nothing like the blue on those Gulf cars), but then again so is Interchange Yellow.

    As for no “fun” colors for Minis, the only explanation I can come up with is that people think they make Minis look cheap. (“People” being the focus groups that I’m sure Mini has had look at all sorts of colors.)

  • goat

    Also not a fan of interchange yellow. What MINI needs to do is bring more non-metallic bright colours along. Look at the Porsche Cayman S or GT3 911 in that wonderful orange, or in non-metallic “frog green”. For JCW cars especially that is the “track-focused” look they should be going for and colours should suit. It is odd because BMW seems to know this for their CSL and other sport edition M cars but they seem unable to connect the dots for the MINI brand. And MINIs are one of the few cars that can wear non-metallic bright paint very well!

  • I wait patiently for the replacement for PS.

  • jbkONE

    Could it be the MINI designers are still in England, and they’re notoriously staid?

  • My guess for the new JCW colour is Connaught Green – the flat BRG used on the JCW WC50.

  • KPH

    Condolences on the loss of OB. Yes, more non-metallic’s would be great. Start with real Black and BRG and go on from there.

  • LeeL

    I can;t wait for its beige-silver replacement!

  • Sideways Eh!

    I’d LOVE to see a satin coloured finish as a paint scheme…How about starting with a Satin Black? Something in line with what the Rep. of FH Clubman???

  • Mighty Mowse

    Powder blue? A fluffy girly color. Good riddence.

  • lavardera

    I really liked OB, was sorry you couldn’t get on the MCS when I ordered.

  • When it doubt — more kinds of silver.

    I really wish they’d put more solid colors in the lineup. And on the MCS. Oxygen Blue had my attention way back when, but I wanted an MCS. So did Nightfire Red. A REAL BRG might get me to trade up sooner.

    I don’t think it’s staid designers in England. If that were the case we’d have some decent colors. Look at BMW’s paint lineup. Whoop-de-doo.

  • i myself have the oxygen blue and am sad to see it go but just imagine…

    “transfer that fantastic orange colour from the new special edition M3 to the MINI lineup.” get a JCW body kit it.Black out all the chrome, including the handles. Throw on four matte black rims, a jcw stripe. and a black tint gradient on the front windshield and you would have perfection!

  • C4

    MINI is notorious for killing some of the best colors schemes to ever grace their cars….

    Indy Blue Hyper Blue Liquid Yellow Velvet Red Solid Gold Cosmos Black Solid Black Dark Silver Orange Metallic The light green metallic that was offered from 2002-2003

    And the list goes on and on…

  • goat

    C4 – agreed. I’m surprised they have kept ChiliRed all these years and not replaced it with a metallic equivalent! 🙂 I miss IndiBlue and missed my chance to get one back in the day… they haven’t had a deep blue I have liked since. Yes, SilkGreen was also a fantastic colour and still looks good today when you see the rare R50 in that shade.

  • Mighty Mowse

    How about bringing back electric blue?

  • Vhyper

    Why so many dull colours.. here’s some colours MINI should use:

    -Bright Orange (as someone said earlier as seen on the new M3 GTS)

    -Lime Green (Either Porsche GT3RS green or a Metallic green as seen on the Lamborghini range)

    -Laguna Seca Blue (as seen on the old E46 M3 kinda similar to Oxy blue but better..)

    -Imperial Blue (as seen on the old Ford Escort Cosworth kinda like a dark metallic blue that looks kinda purple in some lights)

  • Jay

    Are they keeping Laser Blue?

  • John W

    Did MINI decide to do the Henry Ford thing and say, you can have any color you want as long as it is silver? Except for Chili Red there is not a single “fun” color in the lineup anymore. I am glad I bought mine when there were still bright, visible colors available. With the lineup now you might as well buy a Toyota or a Buick 🙁 Even BMW as boring as they are has more exciting colors than MINI. With all the snow this year in the Midwest I have been noticing that the brighter colors seems to hide the salt better than the Silvers/Grays do. The silvers right now just seem to be the same color as the road while the Reds, Blues and Greens still stand out.

  • brian

    you guys dont think hot chocolate counts as a fun color ?

  • Jim W.

    I used to drive one of those chocolate brown Mini wagons (Morris?)… the ONLY brown car I’ll ever love.

  • C4

    I have a ’08 Clubman S in hot chocolate. It is an all right color. Picked it because that’s what wifey wanted for her car. Looks beautiful freshly washed and waxed, but nothing to get overly excited about.

    To me MINIs were meant to wear red, blue or yellow…

  • dan talyer