White Roof Radio #324

Now here is a show for you lovers of the long shows! Todd and I are joined by Gabe Bridger and Chad Miller (from Detroit Tuned) to talk about MINI stuff like we like to do. And wouldn’t you know, you just missed out on some prime Black Roof Radio.!

We talk about news from MotoringFile.com, Chad answers some great questions and we interview Andrew ‘Agro’ Ross, Grand Poohbah for AMVIV about the upcoming event that is going to include White Roof Radio Live. Listen for details!

Woofcast 324:

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Don’t forget the sponsors! When you do business with MINI of Ontario, Motoringbadges.com or Detroit Tuned, be sure to say you heard about them on The World Famous White Roof Radio!

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 36.5MB |1:19:28

  • The version of WRR #324 I got from iTunes was only 35-ish minutes???

  • DB

    Thanks David for the heads up. I just got the same problem as well and should have it fixed shortly.

  • alpinamike

    Hey guys , first I think I know the problem with the rust in the 3 and 4 terminal of the coil, What happens is over time moisture get in there because the way the design is with the exhaust, when your MINI goes through snow/ salt, water or anything wet it hits the exhaust and steam is produced , the steam goes in and corrodes the terminals if the boot on the terminal is not completely sealed. Also the coil tips are made of metal that does not do well with moisture. One other thing, the water and air from the front vents deflects into the plug boots because of the direction. Hence why 3 and 4 are always worse.

    I clean mine all the time and with the amount of snow and salt, they last about 3,000 miles till they rust again.

    Dielectric grease does help a bit.

    Hope this helps and BTW is you need mechanical fix advice let me know.