For the 2010 model year two special models (or packages in the US) were released to help celebrate the occasion of MINI’s 50th Anniversary. Both feature attractive trim and color choices combined with unique wheels and badging. Beyond that there really aren’t that many differences between standard models. With one exception of course. The Camden model (named after a trendy London neighborhood with more places to buy shows than you thought was imaginable) comes standard with something called Mission Control. The feature responds to your normal driving inputs by congratulating you, urging you on more than anything trying really hard to be your digital friend. Provided you don’t order Nav (which deletes the option) it’s a standard feature with the Camden that (at this point) is entirely exclusive.

And after spending some time with the car, we hope to God it stays that way. The video above likely gives tells you all you need to know about our reaction to the system.

Perhaps the only redeeming quality (we can find) is that you can hack the system by taking the MINI SD card out and using a SD reader to replace files with a computer. Basically they’re all just sound files so as long as the file structure and file names stay the same, you could presumably just replace what ever is there with your own sounds.

Still with that said we were happy to hear that once the system is turned off, it remains off until it’s turned back on. In fact that’s the best feature we found with Mission Control.