Exclusive: MINI USA to Launch Laurel Sport Edition

With the success of MINI USA’s recent (ultra) limited edition Rally Clubman, MINI’s US division is releasing another run of limited edition models. The Lauren Sport edition is set to launch in March of 2010 with each dealer getting one hardtop (R56), one Clubman (R55) and one convertible (R57). Only 100 vehicles per model will be built in total for the US market.

With the Laurel Sport Edition MINI has combined sporty components with exclusive accessories meant to evoke a classic British style. The John Cooper Works Aero Kit, the MINI driving lights, the black 17” Alloy Wheels and the black Mirror Caps give you the sport. The Laurel Sport Edition Door Sills, Side Scuttles and Stripes on the Bonnet, Tailgate, Roof and Side Panel emphasize the British heritage of the breed. The unique Laurel Sport Edition components and the contrasting Black Mirror Covers also add 100% exclusivity and reiterate that this limited Edition will be different from all other existing MINI’s in the US.

Here’s a breakdown of all the options that come on the cars from the factory:

  • Pepper White (850)
  • Roof in Body Color (R55/R56)
  • Black Leatherette
  • Sport Package (Black 17” Wheels)
  • Xenon Headlights
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • White turn-signals
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Harman Kardon Premium Sound
  • Bluetooth and USB/iPod Adapter

Once in the US, the following accessories are added at the port rounding out the look of the car:

  • John Cooper Works Aero Kit painted in Pepper White (R55, R57)
  • John Cooper Works Aero Kit painted in Pepper White with Wheel Arches in body color (R56)
  • MINI Driving Lamps in Black
  • Jet Black Mirror Caps
  • Laurel Sport Edition Side Scuttles
  • Laurel Sport Edition Door Sills
  • Laurel Sport Edition Bonnet, Roof and Tailgate Stripes
  • Laurel Sport Edition Side Panel Stripes

A) summer configuration: 17” Black Web Spoke with Performance Tires (2RW) or B) winter configuration: 17” Black Crown Spoke (2RP, 2RV) with All-Season Tires (927) and Cold Weather Package (ZCW – 313 Power Folding Mirrors, 314 Heated Mirrors and Washer Jets, 494 Heated Seats)

Note configuration A) or B) depend on the Dealer/Region.

As you would expect this will be a relatively high MSRP vehicle. But a closer look at the specifics reveals that MINI has created a pretty good buy with combining relatively popular options and accessories and then discounting the total by rolling it into the final price of the car. So with that said here are the MSRPs of each vehicle:

  • $29,695 (MINI Cooper S Hardtop, R56)
  • $31,445 (MINI Cooper S Clubman, R55)
  • $34,545 (MINI Cooper S Convertible, R57)

(Including $700 for destination & handling)

Of course some dealers may option or different option locally so this price may vary slightly. For instance surely there will be a few dealers that want sunroofs in their cars and others that want to see the JCW suspension.

Look for the cars to be delivered to dealers in March and April of this year.

  • Gary (the other one)

    It will be nice to see a pic of the fully configured vehicle. If the side scuttles are any indication, the body color will be an awesome backdrop for the sport edition accessories. PW rules, but of course I’m completely biased…

  • C4

    Those body scuttles will be thief magnets here in Miami. I have a co-worker that got his yanked out of his newly purchased R56 S right in front of his house….

  • hank chinaski

    $30k & leatherette?

    it better have Pepper White piping, to set it off.

  • loving all the limited models 😉

  • Old news, retrofit instructions here :-


  • I’m happy for them, but this kind of badge engineering just doesn’t do it for me. The car is really no different, it’s just a marketing excersize.

  • that.guy
    The car is really no different, it’s just a marketing excersize(sp!).

    And even judged as a marketing exercise it is seriously lame.

  • Doug

    Some nice features here, but special edition cars tend to date very quickly, to my eye–unless it’s a seminal year anniversary Porsche.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the only badge I want to differentiate my MINI from other cars is the logo.

  • GaryD

    I’d have to agree… it’s just a combination of existing stuff… nothing truely special…. not even the color as you can pretty much build one to match these specs. Now if the combination is what you’re looking for and a savings then it might be worth it but solely as a cost savings.

  • dc11

    Hey Mini… stop screwing around and just give us a proper JCW. Instead of wasting resources and time making these “limited” editions that no one cares about, just build a JCW that would honor the brand name.

    I’m starting to see Mini follow the trend of Ford Mustangs. If youre not a mustang guy, then you wouldnt be aware of the hundreds of stupid editions they have out there.

    I love minis, but even im not hardcore enough to know about the stupid monte carlo edition or something of yesteryear.. among the sidewalk or something, the checker.. i dunno. just stupid because none of them were really special enough to know about.

  • Gary (the other one)

    My guess is that MINI has almost no engineering time and resources invested in putting this limited edition package together. It’s just a repackaging of largely existing components to try and attract a small cadre of customer (obviously NOT represented by the self-appointed MINI saviors posting here) who might be looking for something just a bit out of the ordinary.

    If it allows them to move a few additional units out the door, more power to them.

  • vee wee kid

    I like the limited editions that MINI brings out. I think it’s fun , would like to see them when they arrive at the dealerships if they aren’t already pre-sold !

  • Jon


    I disagree with you about producing special editions. I think they add to the whole “you-ify” thing that is now synonymous with MINI. Many of us MINI owners strive to make our MINIs completely unique, and these special editions offer that much more variety.

    BUT, at the same time, I somewhat agree with you about having MINI create a true, gutted enthusiast’s JCW MINI. Something with gobs of power, (like 250 or more HP), lighter weight, standard JCW suspension, Aero kit, big brake kit, JCW leather Steering wheel and shift knob, radio delete option, manual AC controls, rear seat delete option, cloth Recaro-esque sport seats, and more…

  • Can’t wait to see this in person.

  • Seth L

    As long as BMW keeps the runs low, I don’t mind the limited-badge exercises at all.

    BTW, I can’t find a single real picture of the Clubman Rally. Now that’s limited.

  • Seth,

    I took a few pics of the Rally when it was at the Michigan MINI dealer.



  • James Irmiger

    Not a huge fan of the painted wheel arches, but it’s nice to see a little of the brand heritage coming back in the form of new special editions. A quick pop over to Wikipedia reveals 54 special editions of the original Mini, let alone the official brand variants. It’s also great to see a good selection of style options being included in a fair package price. Good job.

  • I think you guys are missing the big reason they do these special edition models– to sell accessories! They put $2000-4000 worth of accessories on them and then give 1 or 2 to ever dealer and it ultimately boosts their accessory sales. With the current pricing climate, I would imagine that people are a bit more price-conscious and they are not spending as much money on accessories as they might have in the past– this will help keep the accessories moving. They also hope that some other customers will see the cars on the lot and like the way it looks with some of the accessories and buy some for their existing car or order one that looks like it.

  • GaryD

    Want a Rally? As of Dec 30th, 2 dealers in the Chicago area both still had their unit sitting there. Both said there has been interest but no one was willing to either pay that much or get it without an automatic.

    Granted it’s been a month and a half since I saw them there, but at that point they had already been sitting on them for a few months.

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  • Bill Jacobs MINI has one of the only remaining Rally Clubman in the US. For further information please contact one of the sales people on:

    (877) 360-4407

  • Kuli

    I got mine. An “S”. I love it!!! Let’s go motorin’!

  • glasspony

    Hey we have 2 coopers. I drive a BRG 2009 Clubman S. Luv it for the leather and extra room. My wife drives the new Laurel Cabrio. It is an awesome car. Hers by far gets more attention than mine.