Worldwide MINI Sales Up 16% for February

MINI Sales continue to look good for 2010. Worldwide sales are up 16% and BMW expects big things with the launch of the Countryman later this year in Europe (and early next in the US).

Official Release: Sales of the MINI brand also continued to perform well. Last month, 13,443 MINI cars, 16.0% more than in February 2009 (11,584), were delivered to customers worldwide. 25,645 MINI vehicles were sold in the year to the end of February. That represents an increase of 18.2% (prev. yr. 21,704). Ian Robertson: “Over the next few years the MINI product family will grow from three to six members. The MINI family’s fourth model, the new MINI Countryman, will arrive in showrooms in September and will play an important part in the premium brand’s long-term growth.”

  • is that spare tire? I thought they didn’t come with spares?

  • AJM

    Off topic but speaking of world wide sales: What is the current story on the Speedster and Coupester? Relaese date? production at all?

  • Coopers come with spares. Always have.

  • gotcha…thanks.

  • DavidB

    Not in the UK – it’s a £40 extra…

  • I am excited to hear this good news! Go MINI! This will be a great summer!

  • alpinamike

    This is a pic right before the “marriage” where the chassis meets the engine to the body. I still have a video of my exact MINI.

    It rides on a Jig to one of the final processes before wheels and interior.

  • O(=^=)OCapn

    “Coopers came with spares. Always have.”

    you mean R56 R53’s had runflats

  • O(=^=)OCapn

    Alpina mike, you should upload that to youtube and post a link.

  • rhawth99

    OCapn: Coopers refers to the R50 and the R56 Cooper (non-S) models. Hence, Coopers have spare tires.

  • I can proudly say I helped out in this, having bought my MINI last month!

  • MINI’s don’t have spares in Canada… Cooper and CooperS come with Runflats, Classic Package comes with Non-Runflats, but have a tire inflation kit in the boot.

    Dunno about the states.

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  • C4

    what they leave out from these sanitized press releases is that in order to move the stagnant metal out of dealer lots, MINI dealers had to offer special finance/lease incentives and discounts.