R50/R53 JCW Accessories Becoming Scarce

BMW has a history of producing enormous amounts of parts and sitting them on shelves for many years. However when it comes to accessories long-term availability is something less than a certain thing. And when it comes to a new brand and a new sub-brand within it, you can imagine BMW was relatively safe with their production numbers. This all means that those R50/R53 JCW parts that you’ve been lusting after since 2005 have quickly dwindling inventories and could be gone within the year. Perhaps the most telling example is the full leather JCW steering wheel. According to our sources there are only two new examples left in the US parts system (dealers or warehouse). We’re told that invetories aren’t much (if any) better in Europe either. The leather/alcantara version (see our review here) is also in short supply but we’re told is in slightly better shape.

Other than the steering wheel we’ve also been warned that the R50 JCW aero kit (and to a lesser degree the R53’s) has dwindling numbers and could be gone soon as well.

Perhaps the most sad personally is the leather dash that we lavishly heaped praise on a few years ago. Most of those unique stitching color examples are gone and the black with contrasting red leather we reviewed is very low in numbers as well.

The worst part? MINI has no plans to produce any of these accessories for the R50/R53 again. They will simply become sought after collectors items on the best examples of first generation New MINIs.


+ MF Review: JCW Alcantara Steering Wheel (R53) / MotoringFile

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  • A sad reality… it already started over a year ago with the 1st Gen JCW seats. I should know, I tried hard to get them via a European source. They busted their butt for over 6 months to try as many avenues as they could… simply not available!

  • ughhh, I hope I don’t destroy any more aero bumpers on the freeway! D= on number 3 now

  • That sucks. I appreciate that it adds to the collectibility of the authentic range but it seems asinine for them they are trying to pass the market share of accessory sales to the after market brands. Some parts should come in limited availability because of the lack of demand…but assuming that the last of the R50/52/53’s are coming off warranty, lots of the new owners are inclined to continue personalizing their Minis, myself included. Standard list part like an aero bumper are on the top of my wish list, so that would suck to have to look at the other options to dress up the front end.

  • dr

    any news on the JCW engine kit?

  • Aaron

    There are no JCW parts left in the USA as Haemish has purchased them all to mount on Mr. OEM!

    BTW… they had 3 JCW full-leather R50/53 wheels until last week when I snagged one of ’em. When I called around to check, I found that they were scarce and that they weren’t scheduled to re-enter production. It was that or the JCW wing, and there appear to be more of them in existance, so that will have to wait for a bit for more mod funds!

  • Wow sucks to hear this. :/

  • As much as this sucks…it also makes one lust after those OEM parts even more… It wont be long for the aftermarket to get the OEM molds for the aero kits and such.

  • I believe the R56 JCW Steering WHeel fits the R50/R52/R53. I’m pretty sure it is the same.

  • It does not. I’ve tried.

  • MatthewW

    Timely. My B2B warranty expires/ed today, the 22nd, and I’ve got that out of warranty itch. Having recently popped for the JCW Sound Kit (and a ton before that; R98s, tires, chrome, etc), I’m feeling more than hesitant to try and sneak anything more into the house. But that JCW steering wheel has been tempting me for a long, long time.

  • goat

    As Gabe said in his review way back when, the JCW steering wheel is one of the best things to fit to a MINI. I have the alcantara/leather in my JCW. It is so rewarding to work that wheel compared to the narrower rimmed stock wheel. Ditto for BMW’s… an M-sport wheel brings so much joy!

  • @Aaron – dammit, you busted me. 🙂

    I love my JCW steering wheel… and my aero kit… and my JCW leather dash (blue stitching… had to order from the UK for that, thanks to MINIUSA’s “black or red only” shortsightedness), and my…


  • Thank FSM, I love my JCW Leather Wheel, Dash, Downtubes, Wing, Leather Cupholder and gearstick trim rings and shift indicator. Oh, and engine kit 🙂

    Its a pity they’re not planning to manufacture more, I remember when I ordered up the leather downtubes, there was a 5 week wait time while they were made. It seemed so cool to have bespoke parts made for my MINI.

  • goat

    The JCW carbon fibre steering wheel inserts are also ace and I highly recommend them… if you don’t have MF wheel and can thus fit all three spokes with the CF items, it is a great improvement over the stock Tyco-grade silver plastic spokes. Looks particularly good with anthracite trim line (of course looks good with CF dash or leather dash too). And matches the other JCW goodies as mentioned above – JCW handbrake, JCW shift knob, alcantara gaiters, etc. Agreed the best part of a JCW is the drivetrain, suspension, and front brakes, but the visual distinction of the interior and exterior bits (even though the R53 Aero Kit was not a JCW item) really help set apart the cars.

    On a practical note, if the alcantara on the JCW steering wheel wears poorly over time (doesn’t seem to be an issue at least in my experience but it likely won’t wear as well as the full-leather version) I suppose the best option would be to see a local upholsterer and have it re-covered…

  • Just checked with my parts department and there are NONE available…The all leather Steering Wheel is NLA (No Longer Available) and the Alcantara for us would come from Germany…

  • Aaron

    To you new owners of the JCW wheel, I posted an install how-to over on Motoring Alliance: http://www.motoringalliance.com/library/1st-generation-mini-cooper-how-to-3/jcw-steering-wheel-install—r53-73/

  • DavidT

    Thanks for the heads up Gabe! I have been putting off buying the JCW wheel for far to long and almost missed the boat.

    My full leather wheel arrived this morning from my favorite, Morristown Mini!

    Thanks Dave, Aaron and Gabe for all the DYI instructions. I look forward to the install this weekend.

  • DavidT

    I meant DIY or course..

  • Damn, now I have to find 2 Aero kits for an MCS and an MCSc! ;(

  • DavidT

    Loving the new wheel!

  • Sebastien

    As for me, I experienced this kind of short supply, I mailed my dealers (BMW Paris) few days ago, and wanted to order the JCW carbon fibre downtubes, he told me by mail that they are still available, but when I went in to order them (2 days after) he was sorry but the part left in Germany has been sold somewhere… And also for the DPSM kit, it’s also the same, I wanted to order the front speakers because mine was stolen… order them, waited for 2 month and finally they told me that the main branch is not making anymore of them…