MotoringFile Heads to AMVIV

We’re going to be bringing the site and the podcast to you live from fabulous Las Vegas over the next few days as we head to into town for MINI Vacation in Vegas (AMVIV). For all those also going, look for us judging the famous AMVIV car show and MC-ing the finale Saturday night.

  • lavardera

    hmmmm. You guys need to sober up and post more photos.

    Like anything from security crashing DBs room party?

  • alpinamike

    they got sooo drunk they passes out and no

  • This oughta be good… 🙂 Whats the story guys??? Come on…we wanna know 😉

  • Sorry for the lack of updates. Camera and connection difficulties mean that there are just a few photos to show except for this backstage shot just before the show started.


  • alpinamike

    lol, this looks like a mob crew in vegas.

    Who did you knock off that night?

  • alpinamike

    Ocean’s 4…

  • MM

    Gabe if your crew and if any other motorers want to hit a great Mini event check out the PUB in Cleveland 6/5. A “grass roots” show that attracted over 200 Minis last year.

  • lavardera

    Did DB take down the Arriving in Vegas video? You have to post that.