MF Exclusive: The WC50 is US Bound (w/Pricing)

Update: the US bound WC50 does not have the navigation included as it is everywhere else in the world. To us this makes the car slightly less of the good deal it was before and not quite as desirable.

Last year MINI introduced the ultimate JCW at MINI United at Silverstone with the WC50. Short for World Championship 50, the limited edition model includes a unique Connaught green exterior paint job with loads of one-off trim both inside and out. It’s truly the most remarkable looking new MINI we’ve ever seen at MF.

Initially we were told that a US allotment wasn’t in the cars due to production being capped at 250. However when MINI doubled production MINI USA started to ask US dealers if they’re be interested in the car. Apparently the feedback was positive enough that MINI USA has decided to import 50 cars to dealers that specifically requested the WC50. That means this will be the most limited edition MINI model ever – much more rare than even the GP. However that also means that if you’re not on a list or haven’t expressed interest in the car through a dealer, it may be hard to get one.


Since the WC50 is essentially a hand built JCW taken off the line at Oxford and finished elsewhere, the entire allotment should arrive in stages throughout April.

Initially pricing was expected to be close to the unthinkable mark of $50,000. However MINI USA pricing these (can we say aggressively?) at $39,600. Combined with the $700 shipping fee each JCW WC50 comes with the total is $40,300. While we’re sure there will be debate over the merits of the car versus the price, it doesn’t seem to matter all that much. We believe these cars will sell-out without much drama over the course of the next few months. But if you want to look at pricing critically, you’ll quickly realize that, to order a MINI with all of these options (sans the one-off components and trim) the final cost would be at least a few thousand over the $40k mark. In our minds MINI has pricing the WC50 as fair as possible given option costs.


Full Specifications

Standard Equipment

  • Anthracite Headlining
  • Automatic Air Conditioning
  • Bluetooth Telephone Audio Connection
  • Chrome Line Interior
  • Color Line, Rooster Red
  • Comfort Access
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Full Bluetooth Preparation with USB Audio
  • Harman Kardon Hi-Fi System
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Multi-function Controls for Steering Wheel
  • Navigation System
  • Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
  • Voice Control
  • White Indicators


Special Edition Content:

  • 17″ Cross-Spoke Challenge Alloy Wheels in Jet Black
  • Additional Driving Lights, Black
  • Bi-Xenon Lights with Black Interior Reflectors
  • Bonnet Stripes in Pepper White without Pin-Stripes, with John Cooper Signature on – – Driver’s Side
  • John Cooper Works 3-Spoke Sport Alcantara/Leather Steering Wheel
  • John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Bonnet Scoop
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Front Door Grips
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Interior Trim with John Cooper Signature Plaque
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Tailgate Handle
  • John Cooper Works Floor Mats, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
  • Leather Gearshift Gaiter, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
  • Leather Handbrake Gaiter, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
  • Side Scuttle Finisher Chrome Frame with Edition Number (0-250)


  • Wow, that is one pricey mini cooper.

  • Couldn’t sell enough of them elsewhere?

  • Chris Brake

    This is pretty much a cosmetic upgrade with some minor albeit unique detailing, most of which you can equip the car with yourself. Cool, but no no thanks.

  • dr

    “Overpaying” is the price of exclusivity. there are easily 50 and moreover there are easily 500 people who would not think twice about dropping the 40k to have such a great looking and exclusive car.

    I would like to see a bit more substance in terms of performance upgrades for a car named the world championship… but these will sell fast and for good reason, this is the way a MINI was meant to look! This is no MC40 redux.

  • Very, very nice. That is a lot of car for the money. I imagine if you tried to build it yourself – sans the one-off special items – you couldn’t get it for $40,000. Add that it’s a very limited edition, awesome. Although, I am guessing the dealers will not sell it for MSRP but instead for a premium over sticker.

  • It’s great this model is being offered, but does it come with the JCW engine or suspension kit? Also, can one option NAV?

  • MatthewW

    $40k is the new $30k.

    Critics, keep in mind that this is a hand-built MINI. As Gabe said, this is a sell-out for sure.

    What a terrific Special Edition, IMO.

  • I see it has NAV. Sorry about that.

  • Mark Hunter

    I just built as close as possible(surely I missed something) on the MINI USA configurator and ended up at $42,829. That was, of course, without some of the special stuff that doesn’t exist on the configurator. There will easily be 50 people in the US that want this car, if not for the color alone. I don’t think the price will be an issue.

  • SandClub

    I tried to build one similar on, and the one I built was almost hitting $45,000. I say it’s a pretty good deal in some way.

    Also, it may keep it’s value if there are only 50.

    Better run to the dealership…

  • Augie05

    Where’s the beef? This car looks cool but it would compare favorably with the GP until it also includes the JCW suspension. Otherwise, it is just a show car.

  • JonPD

    Good move MINIUSA, will be glad to see some of these state side. Its the best looking R56 I’ve seen though I do agree with Augie05 that with the standard suspension still makes me wonder. I keep hoping apparently against reason that some day JCW will be something truly interesting, instead of a demi-performance car. Far fewer JCW50’s than the GP, but still think the bar with the GP was set far beyond this pretty car.

  • I was more excited about this version until I read the recent review in EVO. They gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars. And labeled it as a bit of a ‘missed opportunity’.

  • Jim

    I am glad I got my deposit in about 1 year ago. My car was confirmed about 2 weeks ago as coming from the dealer.

    MF needs to check their email more quickly. I let them know that it was coming then.

    I am happy with he price. It is about 15k$ less than I was expecting.

    This car will look great next to the ’67 S that is in the garage that is also BRG/W.

  • MF needs to check their email more quickly. I let them know that it was coming then.

    Thanks Jim. Sometime we make a deal with the devil to get our information and sometimes that slows down the news by a few days.

  • Erik

    Nice, but I’m keeping my GP.

  • Greg W

    Only 50 for USA? NZ (4.5 million) only got 2 cars, and Australia (21 million) got only 10? Economies of scale? Rememeber that old classic Mini Cooper was made in limited numbers and look how rare they are getting now – they are a license to print money.

  • …hope to see the above MINI,in person,while taking part in the MTTS 2010…

    …man…that car in NICE!

  • jason

    I dont know what these things are:

    Car Jack Exterior Mirror Pack Front Passenger Airbag Deactivation Switch Interior Lights Pack Passenger Seat Height Adjustment Storage Compartment Pack Universal Remote Control Visibility Pack Voice Control

    John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Front Door Grips

    But mine came to $43,514

    Regardless, i think its a gorgeous package. Does it have JCW or Sport or normal suspension?

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  • ftttupwmcs

    I first didn’t know its significance when I first saw it and later commented to someone that it was my favorite out of all of the thousands of Minis/MINIs at MU@Silverstone. I finally made it back later and found the press swarming it where I found out what it was. To me, this is the finest MINI yet devised due to its JCW performance, color and added bits.

    MINI WC50

  • cze33r

    I got to see and sit in a WC50 at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, the studio photos do not do Connaught Green justice. It literally stopped me in my tracks and IMHO that more than justifies the price. I think it’s a nice way for MINI to celebrate 50 years since John Cooper won the F1 World Championship.

  • I see it has NAV. Sorry about that.

    Are you kidding? I wouldn’t even consider a new car without Nav.

  • Brian


    Did anybody mention the insane ride height of the car when you were there?

    That pic of the WC50 looks like its RAISED above stock height, especially the back. The camber even looks positive.

  • Great news guys! That pricing will be a lot sharper than I expect it to be in Australia, given our current favourable exchange rate against the US$.

  • ftttupwmcs

    Brian, there were numerous comments but the only thing I can remember right now about suspension was that it didn’t come with the JCW suspension as standard. (Also, sorry the above image was posted-my intent was just for the link if anyone wanted to view it.) Cze33r, yes, this is the finest color(IMHO) combination but my images just couldn’t capture them. It seems like all of the images of my 2 BRG MINIs showed they were black. Also, the white top in person is a cream or pepper white color fyi.

  • alpinamike

    Cant wait to see it. We are a large market, I knew this would take.

    Better then a GP, maybe.

  • Hoover

    Must win lottery this week and secure one of these…if it is not already too late. I am not a big fan of the aero kit, and yet I really like it on this car.

  • Gerard>

    Gee, I’m sorry, but no big deal at that price. Cosmetic doo-dads do not a hot car make.

    Now if they included carbon fiber BODY PANELS and a jacked engine ( you know they can do it, because RMW does…), then they’d have something noteworthy.

  • Are you kidding? I wouldn’t even consider a new car without Nav.

    Gabe – you took his post out of context – he was responding to his own (earlier) post. He wants the Nav! He just didn’t realize at first that the WC50 does indeed come with it. Check his first post. 🙂

    As for my thoughts on this car. Very pretty, very nice… BUT it’s completely and utterly STUPID that it comes with the base suspension. They’re billing this thing as the hottest MINI yet, but they can’t even put the JCW suspension in it as standard?

    Utterly pathetic. Pretty… but a GP it ain’t.

  • Jon

    Gabe, I’m continually perplexed by your love of factory Nav systems. They wreck the look of the dash, and add thousands of dollars to the sticker, when a Garmin Nuvi costs just a couple hundred at most, for the rare times when you actually NEED a nav system.

    Factory Nav systems should NEVER be standard equipment; should always be optional…

  • Hoover,

    All 50 are already spoken for by the dealers. You would have to find a dealership that is getting one yet does not already have someone that is wanting to purchase it.

    If you really want one I see two options. 1) email every single dealer (~100) and see if it unspoken for 2) pick one up from Ebay, etc. when someone flips it

    Shawn Dillon, If mine shows up by then (it should before August) then the leg that goes near MO should see mine or at the final meet in Denver.


    This is a nice move by MINI USA to get this beautiful car stateside. It has a balanced and stylish look. I look forward to seeing one up close, preferably on a road as I zip by in my GP…..booyah

  • that.guy

    $40k will get you:

    135i TT 370Z NISMO Loaded Evo Loaded STI

    It’s a nice shade of green, but seriously people…

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  • Micah

    Really not feelin’ this one as a way for Cooper to celebrate it’s F1 racing heritage. Other than the color, there is not a single change that cannot otherwise be specified on a normal MINI. Beyond that, the specs like leather seats and nav add luxury and weight, the antithesis of performance. Why not spec JCW suspension and 4-piston brakes instead, especially on a vehicle marketed as the WC50? It’s almost a joke IMO.

    Sorry, but this seems like nothing more than a stop-gap marketing exercise to me. The color looks great and should be an option on future MINIs, but beyond that I don’t understand.

  • rkw
    Why not spec JCW suspension and 4-piston brakes instead

    It’s a factory JCW and comes with the 4-piston brakes (you can see them in the pictures). No JCW suspension though.

  • Man, when I see people complaining about the $40+k price tag for this car I just shake my head. You guys (in the US specifically) don’t realize how great a price that is! I just took delivery of my 2010 JCW Clubman and after taxes, delivery and options the car came in at just under $60k CAD!!! Grant it has all carbon, jcw aero kit (nice one), NAV, JCW suspension and anything else you can tick accessories. But that WC50 is almost exactly that minus the suspension. I think that price is insanely fair! So what, spend another $2k on the suspension and you’re still walking out of there with a fabulous car for less than $50k. Impossible on the north side of the border. I wish we had pricing like the US, sadly our market is too small to justify accepting even 1 of these babies!

  • Jon… IMO the factory nav completes (and somewhat rectifies) the look of the interior not wrecks it. This is my opinion. You are welcome to yours.

  • goat

    My opinion… on R53, NAV looks a bit wonky (but the twin steering column guages make up for this as they look great!).

    On R56, anything to change the silver plastic empty and huge speedo+radio is a good thing, and the NAV does just that. It’s silly to spec factory NAV for aesthetic reasons but it truly does improve the centre console on the R56.

    @ Mark – I hear you on CDN pricing being an ongoing scam on both MINIs, bimmers, and most cars in fact. An S can be had (bare bones, admittedly) for just over $20K in the US but in Canada is nearly $10K more (even a Classic Package Cooper is $23K!). Adjusting for the greater equipment level our cars come with, our MINIs and Bimmers still run about $8000 too expensive. That is a lot of delta for a dollar at par. No wonder more Canucks are hiring an importer, paying their typically $2K fee, and pocketing a year’s worth of car payments by importing a US car!

  • Canadian Dealers had the opportunity when the 2010’s came into play…however, due to the price I am pretty sure all the dealers turned them down. I could be wrong, but this MINI is what Collectors are going to be looking for in 20 years…this is an investment…a wickedly fun investment!!!

  • @ Goat…

    You are 100% correct in the cost of importing a MINI from the states…and the excuse of economies of scale are begining to wear on me as well…

    Regardless of the difference in Dollar (inflation and intrest rates will bring the currency back into balance) it is a good time to buy from the states if you are a Canuck…

  • lavardera

    Love the green. Like the jcw body kit and grill, and the side indicator trims. Pref body color hood scoop unless the whole hood was cf. Don’t really care for the driving lights on the bumper. Don’t care about the black headlight surrounds – wtf is so great about that? Would never want the factory nav – speedo without a needle just don’t work for me. Don’t care for the red trim inside. But I’d still get it if I had the money to burn!

  • Love the color but I am a little concerned about why MINI didn’t wait to release this little gem until AFTER the interior refresh. I think that would have been the cherry on top. JCW suspension is nice but there are plenty of aftermarket coilover suspensions that offer more versatility and at a lower price. Nice MINI but pricey IMO.

  • dr
    @ Mark – I hear you on CDN pricing being an ongoing scam on both MINIs, bimmers, and most cars in fact. An S can be had (bare bones, admittedly) for just over $20K in the US but in Canada is nearly $10K more (even a Classic Package Cooper is $23K!). Adjusting for the greater equipment level our cars come with, our MINIs and Bimmers still run about $8000 too expensive. That is a lot of delta for a dollar at par. No wonder more Canucks are hiring an importer, paying their typically $2K fee, and pocketing a year’s worth of car payments by importing a US car!

    I think if one was to really delve into it I think you will find that taxes and fees the govt. imposes drives alot of the cost delta…..But hey that’s the cost of “free” _________.

  • @ dr

    “free” Beer “free” lottery ticket “free” coffee from Tim Horton’s “free” kick in the junk???

    dunno what “free” you are refering to…

  • goat

    @ dr – No offense intended but you are quite wrong in presuming that “big government” is to blame for the CDN-US vehicle pricing differential. The issue of disproportionally higher CDN vehicle pricing has been investigated quite thoroughly by several analysts a couple of years ago when dollar parity was first achieved. If you wish to review one such report:

    Next, factor in that Canadian median salaries are lower and income taxes are higher (you are absolutely right about that!) and you begin to understand why smaller cars (i.e., less expensive) are so popular in Canada. Granted, we tend to have a more euro sensibility in our car selections, especially in Quebec and in British Columbia (greater percentage of stick shifts, diesels, hatchbacks sold in our market) but the biggest factor is just how expensive our new car market is relative to the US. Hence, creation of the import market – which BMW and other OEM’s strongly tried to discourage a couple of years ago by lobbying for increased regulatory complexities at the border as well as by threatening to not honor warranties. NAFTA seems to work reasonably well at the big business level, but it has yet to be implemented at the consumer level…

  • dr


    I always appreciate facts and data so no offense taken. That article did an excellent job of documenting the disparity but came up well short on explaining why it exists. But, The piece acknowledged that currency factor doesn’t explain the whole price difference and there was no comparative information on how the regulatory and importation costs differ between the us and canada.

    Now that we are completely off topic of WC50 discussion, I’ll excuse myself and sit down and be quiet….so we can get back to the WC50

  • goat

    @dr – we have veered off topic for sure but always good to chat with a fellow MINI fan… Have a good weekend! 🙂

  • BilboBaggins

    If they really wanted to celebrate their F1 history the WC50 should be a gutted out, lightweight, high horsepower, fully kitted suspension, light wheeled, no frills street legal race car. So, if it only would appeal to a few people, at $40 large it still only appeals to a very few.

    As for the factory GPS. It is not something I would ever want permanently installed in a car, any car. Especially one that I plan to keep for more than a year or two. Technology changes much too fast and the installed pieces would be tragically outdated long before I would be getting rid of the car. So I’ll stick with portable aftermarket GPS.

  • greg

    Lose the nav. Put in a “sporty” looking speedo that has MPH/KPH. AddJCW suspension and tweek the engine for 5-10 extra ponies. That’s a limited edition performance car. BTW, a Lotus Elise Enthusiest can be had for near this price.

  • It’s not entirely a matter of choice. Electing to pay the premium for a measure of ostensible aesthetic exclusivity bears serious consideration. After all, what price hath glory without significant performance gains and marginal cosmetic embellishment? If this is represents MINI’s best then we, as consumers, should consider turning to tuners to achieve appearance and performance distinction.

    MINI doesn’t give us, i.e., true enthusiasts, much choice. The growing number of new “lifestyle” models from station wagons to SUVs and sport cars certainly don’t meet the expectations of many of us. Presumably corporate decisions will prove to be profitable, but will the dilution of tradition prove to be its nemesis in the long run?

    The GP established a laudable benchmark and, in my opinion, the WC50 fails to raise the bar, or for that matter, even reach the mark set by its predecessor. MINI needs to create a genuine performance machine with true one-off/bespoke design details (not just a plethora stick-on carbon gimmickry) and significant mechanical tweeks that will elevate it into a very provocative and desirable niche in the hearts and minds of true enthusiasts versus the wanna-be cafe racers.

  • Well said, Harry! I would not sell my GP to get a WC50.

  • Grh1950

    I just gave my deposit to my dealer. All debate aside, this is one cool Mini

  • JuanKilo

    Come on now…this is a Special Edition produced in tribute to the Cooper Car Company for winning the F1 constructors championship fifty years ago.

    The options on it are great, the paint is one of a kind, and the signature on the hood…priceless in my opinion. If price is an issue to you…this car is not for you in my opinion.

    It’s a collector’s car. Limited Edition. It’s so sexy…it looks like it should get a ticket for going too fast while sitting still.

    I too am puzzled why MINI distributes special editions in very uneven numbers. I think that’s a mistake on their part. I also agree there should be some mechanical difference that makes it stand out and be one of a kind.

    I would buy it!

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  • In Canada you can pay $40,000 for an “S” this looks like a good deal to me.


  • Hello All,

    I work for a MINI dealer just outside of Cleveland, Ohio named Classic MINI. For the most part it looks like everyone is excited to have the WC50 in the states, and our dealer is fortunate enough to be getting one! We are so excited to see this car in person. I am pleased to announce that our WC50 is currently NOT spoken for! We have people calling from all over the U.S. showing interest, so I know this truly is a special car. Although I do not know the selling price yet, I know that it will sell for over MSRP. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

    Tim Horvath Motoring Advisor Classic MINI Willoughby Hills, OH 440-585-9910

  • PlayPlay

    There is some confusion as to whether or not it comes with a navigation system. I spoke to one dealer and he read off the list of features and it did not mention the Nav….can another dealer or someone in the know give a definitive answer?

  • PlayPlay

    Apparently, the US version of the WC50 does NOT come with the nav.

  • Our WC50(#413) has finally arrived! I can assure you it does NOT have NAV. It sure is an amazing car in person!

  • lex76

    What’s the wc 50 for Canada include?