WC50 Already Sold Out in the US

Yes the WC50 is coming to the US. No you can’t have one. According to sources within MINI USA the all 50 copies of the WC50 coming to the US have been spoken for by individual customers. That means if you want the rarest MINI ever you’ll have to hope that someone backs out of an order over the next few weeks. As we reported previously production should be arriving at dealers between now and the end of April.

What’s a WC50 you ask? Nothing less than the most equipped JCW money can buy. It is taken off the Oxford line and then assembled and painted by hand. MSRP will be $40,300 with shipping (a pretty good deal as it turns out). You can see the entire list of specifications after jump.


Full Specifications

Standard Equipment

  • Anthracite Headlining
  • Automatic Air Conditioning
  • Bluetooth Telephone Audio Connection
  • Chrome Line Interior
  • Color Line, Rooster Red
  • Comfort Access
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Full Bluetooth Preparation with USB Audio
  • Harman Kardon Hi-Fi System
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Multi-function Controls for Steering Wheel
  • Navigation System
  • Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
  • Voice Control
  • White Indicators

Special Edition Content:

  • Exterior color hand finished in Cannaught Green
  • Interior exclusively trimmed with red piping
  • 17″ Cross-Spoke Challenge Alloy Wheels in Jet Black
  • Additional Driving Lights, Black
  • Bi-Xenon Lights with Black Interior Reflectors
  • Bonnet Stripes in Pepper White without Pin-Stripes, with John Cooper Signature on – – Driver’s Side
  • John Cooper Works 3-Spoke Sport Alcantara/Leather Steering Wheel
  • John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Bonnet Scoop
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Front Door Grips
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Interior Trim with John Cooper Signature Plaque
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
  • John Cooper Works Carbon Fibre Tailgate Handle
  • John Cooper Works Floor Mats, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
  • Leather Gearshift Gaiter, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
  • Leather Handbrake Gaiter, Carbon Black with Red Stitching
  • Side Scuttle Finisher Chrome Frame with Edition Number (0-250)


  • K

    Missed the colour: Connaught Green, and the upholstery: Carbon Black Lounge Leather with Rooster Red Piping

  • shucks! I really believe that is one sweeeet MINI that will appreciate in value over the years. If only I had 40k sitting around, too late now though….

  • Charlie

    Good luck finding a dealer that will only charge $40k for the car !

  • JonPD

    Not surprised in the least that the cars where picked up so fast. In many ways think its much closer to what a JCW MINI should be and despite the lack of any performance upgrades over the standard JCW I think this is a step in the right direction for the sub-brand. Lets hope the very quick picking up of the cars convinces MINI the value of making the JCW brand unique in some manner.

    Still would adore a JCW developed with the same level of development that /M does with their cars for the JCW brand.

    Look forward to seeing these out on the road, still a great color.

  • Charlie, My dealer is charging me MSRP. Of course the contract was done almost 1 year ago to get that.

    Yes I would like if there was more performance in this model. However the spec is very close to what I would pick myself. However the aftermarket can pick up that area. Also the cost to federalize a hotter engine would be too much for just 50 cars.

  • cct1

    Jon, I respectfully disagree–this is exactly what the JCW SHOULDN’t be. BMW got it right once with the GP; all they’ve done here is take a JCW and make it more luxurious, and added a bunch of bling. That’s fine, but call it something else–there is a place for a loaded MINI, but JCW isn’t the right platform.

    Take the JCW back to it’s heritage, and emphasize performance over bling. Reduce weight, wring out more HP from the engine, improve the suspension (they have the brakes right).

    The Coupe is the last great R56 hope…

  • I don’t mind the so-called luxury spec so much, but a few extra ponies would be nice.

  • Wow…that didn’t take long at all! I wonder if the MINI dealers were told that these would only be available if they were presold units. Therefore none would be left on dealers lots and discounted, and in turn helping to make them even more of a collectors piece.

  • I fully agree with cct1 — “Take the JCW back to its heritage … and emphasize performance over bling.” In the $40 – $50k toy box there are many more serious and impressive vehicles to first consider. For example, a well-maintained, low mileage, fully warrantied, used M3 immediately comes to mind. BMW/MINI has far more engineering and design resourcefulness than the dubious distinction represented by the WC50 example. Perhaps PT50 would have bee a more fitting model designation to celebrate and lend credence to Barnum’s apothegm.

  • goat

    I think the WC50 generally looks great with that lovely green paint and overall spec (minus the horrid ride height and silver plastic centre console… could they not “pull ahead” the facelifted 2011 console for this most special of MINIs, seriously?!). BUT… as cct1 and HarryDill write above, I believe this is NOT what JCW as a subbrand should be about. Hear me out: The glaring issue with the R56 is the soft suspension tuning and torque steer / wheel hop, it is exacerbated by adding more power with the JCW factory tune, MINI has always had the solution in the form of the JCW suspension, and they choose NOT to install it on this rarest of factory JCW builds?

    That decision speaks volumes to me about the current MINI brand managers not “getting” that what made the BMW MINI such a a success is not just retro appeal + great styling + premium features + small size, but its very very credible sports car-like driving dynamics! The R53 GP was the right way to do this sort of car – it had hardware and styling changes that made it clear performance was the MAIN POINT FULL STOP. Without JCW suspension this is a false or at least highly flawed “Factory JCW” in my mind. Yes, an owner can have the dealer fit the JCW suspension upon delivery, but on a limited edition “Factory JCW” that is supposed to celebrate 50 years of MINI brand and an F1 heritage no less – on a car whose key attribute is supposed to be handling – this omission ranks as cardinal sin. Prospective owners taking delivery and finding loads of torque steer and body roll in their $50K “go kart” should not have to qualify their car’s performance with “yes, but…”

    OK I’m done. 🙂 To those who ordered, get the JCW suspension installed before you take delivery and enjoy the WC50 that MINI should have built.

  • Wait – there’s one left! I was at MINI of Fairfield County yesterday, and was told their allocation of one was still up for grabs! Still not trading my GP.

  • JonPD

    I am not saying that this was a perfect offering cctl, rather I am saying that it is a 1000% better than what MINI produced with the JCW R56 because it at least looks unique. Now if MINI would take some time to make the JCW a true inheritor of what the GP started. I would love it if MINI developed the JCW brand into being something special versus the partial builds we have seen to date (this car included).

  • Micah

    Very much agree with cct1, HarryDill, and goat here. While I love the color, in my opinion this is very much not the right spec for a MINI that is celebrating Cooper’s racing heritage. Other than the JCW engine updgrade and brakes, where’s the “race” in this “WC”50? Most everything else only adds weight and luxury. Where are the JCW suspension, sport seats, weight-saving measures?

    Seems almost as incomprehensible to me as BMW’s ///M division dedicating resources to producing two 5000+ pound SUVs. While this car is exclusive, will look great, and has been a clear marketing / profit success, it seems more like a Rolls Royce MINI than a JCW MINI to me. Absolutely no way I would trade my GP for one.

  • MatthewW

    Given that it’s basically the same price as a similarly-configured JCW, this is a very good value, in my opinion.

    The fact that it’s a run of 50 units (in the States), and as Gabe has mentioned it’s not likely that the limited color will be used again, this is going to be amongst the most rare of MINI SEs.

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Greg W

    Let’s go back to Classic Mini Cooper S and compare how different they were to stock Minis. Basic Minis were “stock” – similar to todays MINI One (not taken in USA). Classic Mini was only available in 850cc, 998cc. and some later 1098cc. Coopers had exclusive colours and contrasting roof (white or black). Engines were modified 997, 970, 998, 1071, 1275. These engines were not available in basic models. S models onlt took 970, 1071, 1275 engines. As well Cooper cars had exclusive trim and front disc brakes (available on later basic Mini models). Coopers were made in limited numbers but remain exclusive.

    Compare today – the MINI One is low volume compared to Cooper cars. So the Cooper is the new basic.

    What is needed is for JCW to make a car similar to the BMW M series – a high perfomance car that looks different and performs a lot better. But wait – the BMW “under-statement” marketing means even the M series is hard to spot from a distance.

    MINI JCW – be bold. Introduce a hot looking car with all the kit, spoilers, and performance with an exclusive bigger engine (say 2.3 liter). Designers – take a DeLorean trip back to the 1960’s and see how desired the old Cooper S car was in those days.

  • Edge

    Anyone who buys one of these and DOESN’T put on the JCW Suspension as well… is little more than a poseur.

    Of course, I pretty much say the same thing about the R56 factory JCW. 🙂

  • leroy

    Has anyone noticed the strange looking section on the upper part of the bumper cover between the fog light and headlight? Is that a photoshop error? It looks like the bumper cover is melted. Any comments?

  • Stop bashing, This car is way hot. I don’t find it hard to spot an E92 M3 at all from say a 325. Totally different. The last thing this car needs is a bigger engine, the stock JCW power is plenty to get you round vettes on a high speed track, and any car for that matter in the wet and dry. How many of the WC50’s are going into storage like the GP’s did? I wonder if anyone has picked up more than one of these.

  • lavardera

    Not sure what is sadder. That people still role out the GP as some kind of ultimate Mini. Or that this special edition JCW which we can all agree is about cosmetics and not performance is decisively faster than said GP.

    Which makes me wonder what they are friggen holding back if they ever decided to really make a performance oriented special edition R56 JCW akin to the GP. I suspect that Mini will role out a GP like version of the R56 as a send off at the end of the model run, same way they did with the R53.

    Here is the thing. They really have it backwards. The JCWs they make during the production run should be the GPs. Save the sentimental option rich souvenir special editions for the send off and deliver the GP every day.

  • I knew they weren’t sold out!! What’s with all the hype. Thanks Mark for clearing this up for us.

  • Let’s be honest. There is nobody here that doesn’t want this car. Lot’s of us are angry because there are only 50 coming here and because it costs more than we are willing to pay. But this is a bitching mini. Anyone that is willing to pay the price, call the dealers. They are NOT all sold, I found one yesterday.

  • Augie05

    I like this car but agree it should have the jcw suspension as standard. I would trade some of the carbon fiber for the suspension which is basically what I have for my MINI.

  • I have one and only one WC50 available. It will be here in May. It’s currently in the UK waiting for the next ship to cross the pond to MINI of Morristown. Contact Tony Malgapo at MINI of Morristown for purchase info. tony.malgapo@openroad.com

  • MacLeod

    I’d just like to say that Mini of Annapolis (Maryland) still has one of the MC50s in the showroom that is not spoken for… Send me an email if you’re interested. Melissa MacLeod Mini Motoring Advisor Mmacleod@myminiannapolis.com

  • Hemisedan

    I went back, just for curiosity to read what the replies were on the new, for then 2006 JCW-GP car. You know, the car that all are compared to today. Would you believe, that there lots, many complaints about: Not enough power, they wanted 230 hp, color off, sits too high, sits too low, hate the wheels, dash too plain. Get the picture? The JCW and WC50 of today is not much different from the people of 2006 when they thought that Mini/BMW wasn’t doing enough MINI for them, then. Hey, they are a car company, they are going to do some very nice things, and then they aren’t going to be able to please everyone, even me.

  • Ian

    I’ve win the chance to drive one for 6weeks. Will report back! 🙂

  • WxSquid

    Hopefully not for long Melissa. 🙂 I’ll be seeing one of y’all (either you or Sean) tomorrow morning.