Official MINI Cooper Refresh Leaked

Here it is, the 2011 MINI Cooper (Cooper S and JCW photos are coming later today). Thanks to our good friends at Bigblogg we have a sneak peak at the coming 2011 MINI refresh. Last week we saw a clear look at the Cooper S, this week it’s not just a clear look but final official photos of the 2011 MINI Cooper (in this case finished in the new color Spice Orange). The revised head lights and tail lights (LED) will naturally be shared between all models of the MINI but the front valance seen here is 100% unique to the Cooper. The R56 Cooper, R55 Clubman and R57 Cooper Convertible will all share the front design while the rear lights will be unique (as will the Clubman’s rear valance). (Rear photo after the break)

With this refresh comes new engines, new wheels, more steering feel, new colors (inside and out) and new packages. So far it’s a pretty compelling package in our eyes and definitely worth waiting for if you want a new MINI.

The Cooper’s revised 1.6L naturally aspirated engine will move up two horsepower to 122 hp. Yes it’s just a slight increase but there are a lot of changes under the surface. The naturally aspirated 1.6L gets a new map regulated oil pump that adjusts pressure and volume based on needs of engine (and not just engine speed as before). It results in a 3% fuel savings and allows for the whole system to heat quicker in cold weather (due to it not engaging in cold starts when it’s not needed).

The MPG ratings haven’t been released yet but we expect final figures to be around 2 mpg higher on the highway.

You can see the entire list of engine specifications for all models of the 2011 Cooper S below. However keep in mind that these are European figures. US data has yet to be released.

The 2011 MINI will quite a few other small revisions such as xenon headlights that swivel with the steering and auto-dip passenger side mirror for parallel parking. We’ll be detailing more of the smaller changes soon however if you can’t wait you can find dozens of articles on many of the updates within the 2011 LCI section.

We’ll also have a larger article up soon with more details and more photos next week. In the meantime look for photos of the Cooper S and JCW models later today.

  • toni

    I wonder if the new LED tail lights are straight replacement “retrofit” for 2010 R56.

  • I’m liking the new orange colour! Gabe, will the up coming recap article have the ‘secret’ R59 info in it as well? taps nose

  • I’m liking the new orange colour! Gabe, will the up coming recap article have the ’secret’ R59 info in it as well? taps nose

    No – that will be coming in a separate piece 🙂

  • springer222

    Hi Gabe

    Any news on new colours? i am not liking any of the colours at the moment, i currently have lighting blue. I have placed an order for a new facelifted Cooper S, although it is mainly guess work at the moment!


  • jon

    Hi, so what’s the big diference in the head lights? Do they have LED DRL or an angel eye effect?

  • Minipuma

    That Cooper Convertible looks very nice. The front end of the new Cooper might turn out to look better than the Cooper S, whose vacuum-cleaner-nozzle brake ducts I am not growing any fonder of as time passes. Looking forward to seeing some real-life photographs of these cars.

  • Hi, so what’s the big diference in the head lights? Do they have LED DRL or an angel eye effect?

    There’s a subtle difference in the design of the spray housing on the xenons. But visually nothing much has changed. However the big functional change is that they now swivel with the direction of the steering wheel. Look for more info next week.

  • eager2own

    I thought I was going to be very jealous of the new LED taillights… but, luckily for me, I can’t say I am. They look a little aftermarket-cheap. If I’d seen those on a car on the road, I would’ve thought someone had been shopping on eBay. i guess I’ll have to see them in person.

  • bruno787

    pics of the JCW puleeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • DrDicky

    I think I’ve just spotted a pre-production 2011 JCW CLubman outside of the Mini Factory in Oxford. It had a red roof, with thin red splitter running around the edge of the car instead of the usual JCW side skirts/black wheel arch trim. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture, and, in fact, he took off pretty quickly after spotting me fumbling with my phone.

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  • alpinamike

    spice orange a tad darker then Hot orange. good to see the old color come back. And Finally some rear leds.

  • Fred

    I hope the cabrio is not the only model to get Spice Orange. How about offering it across the MINI spectrum? With Mellow Yellow gone, the palette is even more bland, conservative, almost somber.

  • KPH

    Hallelujah! Let the leaks begin. Being a chrome fan the additional bit on lower opening is welcome, the old exterior chrome package gave one little for an exorbitant price. And these wheels are more than acceptable, hopefully a no charge choice and not part of the over-charge selection. September approaches! (rubs hands together, a disturbing image of Mr. Burns appears).

  • Dfar

    @jsyoon I don’t know hay they’ll be a straight up retrofit to older models because in previous pictures posted it looked like the reverse lights were moved to the lower portion of the bumper where the rear fog lights are located.

  • mocmylov

    @toni I don’t think they will be a straight retrofit onto older r56’s because it looks like the reverse lights moved from the taillight unit to the lower bumper portion where the rear foglights are located.

  • B-

    I love the look of the R57 Cooper, the front end is wonderful. Much better than the MCS bumper with the horrible brake ducts.

  • lavardera

    To my eye it looks like the Cooper is also moving to the CooperD hood. Note the center bulge on the hood is now wide enough to put the washer jets on the bulge. The Cooper previously had a narrower hood bulge that ran between the jets. The wider hood bulge without a hood scoop was previously only on the CooperD, so it appears the old narrow bulge hood is history.

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  • Shawn

    Mini has got to do better on the MPG if they want to compete. The electric model was a bad idea since a lot of people who drive Mini’s are in apartments and can not plug them in and a 2mpg bump and new lights isn’t enough to make replace my existing Mini. Ford Fiesta has 40mpg. Do they really want to be out done by Ford?!