Official MINI JCW Refresh Leaked

Last week we dropped the bomb that there would be little change to the JCW in the way of exterior visual distinction other than an optional red roof. Today we get confirmation (photos courtesy of our friends at Bigblogg) of that with the first leaked photos of the new JCW range with one small exception; it would seem that the 2011 JCW will be picking up the black version of its current 17″ wheel as seen on the limited edition WC50. Otherwise the JCW will remain unchanged and as (almost) subtle as ever. Inside however things are a little more interesting with grey faced gauged and unique black leather lounge seating with red piping as an option.

Reported last week on MF, there will be no upgrade in terms of performance for the 2011 JCW. Yes that means no Valvetronic for the fastest MINI. Euro5 emissions compliance apparently made it difficult to justify the change. So the gap between the Cooper S (at 182 hp) and the JCW (at 208) has gotten slightly smaller.

With this refresh comes new colors (inside and out) and updated packages.

The 2011 MINI will quite a few other small revisions such as xenon headlights that swivel with the steering and auto-dip passenger side mirror for parallel parking. We’ll be detailing more of the smaller changes soon however if you can’t wait you can find dozens of articles on many of the updates within the 2011 LCI section.

We will have quite a bit more on the 2011 JCW when final specifications are released. But until then, here it is in all of it’s glory.

  • Hi gloss red roof and piping and all that on a SATIN finish…that would be quite nice…I dig the red piped stripes too…

  • Versus

    Not half bad MINI, not bad at all. I don’t think most people will complain about the quality of the JCW changes, just the number…but then again, I’m only the 2nd comment.

  • Bill in Iowa

    Gabe, I hate to start with the negative, but beings as we AREN’T getting the new Valvetronic, does that mean that we will still have to deal with the Cold Rattle, sometimes called the Death Rattle? We aren’t getting much of the new stuff, so I figured that we will still have to deal with that, too.

    I like the Red on Black shown here, really nice. The tail lights and changes to the head lights might make me include the HID’s on my upcoming order in August. I’m still not all that thrilled with the chrome around the brake ducts and rear fog lights, but it looks better on black than it did on the new Eclilpse Gray. The black with red piping sounds interesting, too. Any other interior options that will be available for the JCW?

    My main gripe is still the “no engine upgrades” for JCW, but also the lack of attention to the suspension. The JCW suspension package would go a long ways toward curing the steering torque steer. And if MIni/BMW doesn’t want to to that, why can’t they include an improvement to the suspension that WOULD eliminate the torque steer? VW does it with their GTI, so does VW have better suspension engineers than BMW? Right, I know that hurt, but it’s the truth.

    Also, Gabe, are there any color options that will be made available for the JCW? I am assuming that Spice Orange is out too.

  • Bill in Iowa

    I keep trying to not be negative, but I am one of those that will be in the market for the JCW this year. One more question, possitive this time: Are those tail lights shaped a little differently? They look, at least to me, like they are a bit larger than previously. Maybe it’s an optical illusion.

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  • Captain

    When I think of the BMW M, etc., I think of performance where the engine output/handling ( or for that matter suspension/brakes/tires, etc.) absolutely has to be an order of a magnitude better to wear the badge.

    Perhaps the JCW will never make that quantum leap over the S and certainly the price differential is not as wide, so maybe it is a case of you get what you pay for.

    Regardless, the JCW seems dead in the water as MINI is stuck with a legacy powerplant that is going to be a generation behind in performance/technology/efficiency.

    In the absence of improved performance we are marketed asethetics as the improvements in 2011 for the JCW… (yawn x 1000)

    Speaking for myself, I do like the cosmetic ideas for the JCW, but without legitimate changes on MINIs part to improve the performance, there seems to be a race between the Clubman (due to the Countryman) and the JCW (any variant – cooper/club/convert) to be obsolete.

    Perhaps my expecatations are too high for the JCW, I just wish MINI’s expectations were more in line with those who would consider buying one for reasons other than red side mirrors, roof and seat piping. The first two could be accomplished with a relatively inexpensive vinyl job (vs. the JCW Premium).

  • ClubMan

    You got it right Captain!

  • that.guy

    Lipstick on the proverbial pig. For less money you could do [2011 MCS + JCW Aero Kit + Aftermarket suspension + Tune] and have a better looking, better handling, faster and more economical car.

  • I like it!

  • that.guy

    Congratulations, Josh! You alone make up the total market for this car. That’s got to feel pretty special.

  • that.guy

    Gabe, any way to unleak this and leak something better? Just asking.

  • kd

    This is sad. Just 26 ponies between the S and the JCW.

    The JCW sales will die. For the money better cars are available.

  • bruno787

    any pics of the 2011 jcw kit???????????????????

  • that.dousch

    I’ll stick with my R53 Thank You!!! The only unique, all-original MINI ever built!!!

  • joel

    At least my GP remains king…although I hate seeing those red mirrors sneaking in.

  • Mark

    you guys need some french cries… bunch of whiners! Go buy an Elise.

  • I’ll admit that I like the pics of the black/red combo more than I thought I would when I read about it. And the black leather with red piping is nice. But it’s still not enough to make me want to buy this car… a bit more power and a JCW suspension with matching red springs would sweeten things up a bit though! (is anyone at MINI listening?) They (BMW) will still get my money, but it will likely be in the form of a 135i (or the upcoming M variant).

  • MM

    Gotta admit the black/red pics look sharp.

    Geez Mini, if you would have thrown us a fricken bone and tweeked that darn thing by even half the ponies the 2011 S is getting people would be happy.

    An equal 10 ponie bump would have us foaming at the mouth. This “the euromissions” excuse is crap and we aren’t buying it. Other Euro made cars get more powerful every year, including BMW.

    Can’t figure you guys out. You keep doing things half way and shooting yourself in the foot.

    I’m half frightened of how Mini will drop the ball on the Coopster twins.

  • Ok, so the JCW isn’t getting valvetronic, but:

    Is it going to get the new “steering feel”??

  • AndrewZ

    With a 10hp gain and better mileage on the new S, wouldn’t this make the S+JCW kit a much more attractive option than the JCW car? Assuming the same hp gain, it’s only 9hp difference and $4800 difference in price.

  • JonPD

    7k for something that is visually 90% the exact same as every S on the road and still a laughing stock compared to real performance cars from a huge number of manufactures. I can’t wait to point and laugh seeing somebody buying one that is quasi-tuned.

    Bigger Motor Works and MINI JCW should be embarrassed beyond belief to call this a performance car.

    JCW kit is still the way to go.

  • MM

    What’s a well optioned JCW cost,$40k?

    426 HP Camaro SS $37k,412 HP Mustang GT $38k,300 HP BMW 135I $39k, Lotus Elise Purist $43k.

    Earth to Mini. WAKE UP!

  • JonPD

    Other thing you can do is buy s Cooper S and visit any number of aftermarket tuners and spend the multi thousands of dollars that a kit or factory JCW costs. The a bit of spray paint for your wheels, chili red mirror caps, and a piece of vinyl for the roof and you have a better performance car than what MINI has ever made.

    Pretty much for me I am demoting JCW from this point forward as a cash cow to faux performance until MINI wakes up. JCW=jcw

    From a 2006 Mini GP jcw owner

  • hemisedan

    Let’s do the math now: Mini S, put on the Brembo Brakes, JCW suspension, and the JCW tune kit. Maybe even add the JCW Aero package and you’re still $2k less than the full JCW, plus take a trip to one of the ECU tuners out there and you beat the JCW in power, too. Maybe even just add a Bora exhaust and DoS intake and you might just be very close in power. Like many here are saying: MINI/BMW wake up.

  • that.guy
    wouldn’t this make the S+JCW kit a much more attractive option than the JCW car?

    That assumes a Stage 1 JCW kit will be offered for the 2011 MCS. I bet it won’t… You’ll have to go into the aftermarket and out of warranty.

  • hemisedan

    That.guy…… Right, and you’d get a lot more for your money. I was just calculating last night that you go with the muffler delet, DoS CAI and a good exhaust system…Bora, Alta ect. That wold set you back about $1200, then a tune for $500. and I would bet that you’d be in the 215+ hp range. That’s less than the JCW tune kit, without installation. I’ve heard quotes everywhere from $2500 – $3000 for the kit plus installation. But, you wouldn’t have the JCW emblems, but they are selling for $40. on eBay, so there you go. Get Wilwood 12.20″ brakes for $950 and you got the brakes, too. Of course there is the warrantee issue, but then run that guy up to the red line about three times and I’ll bet your warrantee won’t be much good anyway. Just some thoughts. To think, Mini/BMW is going to be the best thing for tha aftermarket companies this nex year, I’ll bet they are just licking their lips over the JCW’s bllunders this year. Just a Valvtronic bump in horsepower/torque to 215 would have been all that mattered.

  • hemisedan

    Oh yes, I forgot, go to your friendly quality body shop for about $500. and paint the tope red along with the mirrors. Maybe just carbon fibre those.

  • Bill in Iowa

    MM…..You forgot to mention the loaded 2011 Mustang V6 that has a 0 – 60 time in the low 5’s,and costs less than $29K. The GT base unit that runs in the 12’s in the quarter, and 0 – 60 in the 4’sand you can get into one of these with the Brembo Brake Package for under $32K. But, they are big and heavy. Not as heavy as the Camaro and Challenger, but still 3400 lbs for the V6 and 3600 lbs for the GT. With the deals that BMW are throwing around on the 135i, you can get into one of those for $37K now, with .09% interest. That’s why I’m staying with the Mini.

  • MM

    Bill you lost me with the non sequiter at the end of your post.

    You mentioned (as I did) several better performance values than the JCW, then say that’s why you’re staying with Mini.

    You feel a $40k JCW is a better bet than a $37k 135i?

    Don’t get it.

  • Bill in Iowa

    MM…The JCW will list for $32K that I will figure out. No JCW Aero, but Cold, Convenience, HK sound,HID’s, rear fogs, and that’s about it. I don’t need a sun roof, leather is not that important to me, especiallly for $2k and definately no need for NAV, I can read a map. As for the 135i, I don’t need to deal with their dealers. I haven’t met a BMW dealer yet that impresses me in their customer service. Money, Money money. Our new Mini dealership is NOT a BMW dealer, and they are probably the most respected dealer in our area. That’s the reason for staying with Mini. Now, if Audi would get off their as*** and bring the Audi S-1 here, now that is a different situation.

  • I am disappointed that the WC50 special seats and wheels are going to become a standard item. It will remove some of the exclusivity.

    I do like the red roof. However I think officer friendly will also.

    I imagine the next JCW engine package will be a stunner at 250+. However it may be another couple of years.

  • Hemisedan

    James Russel, Rest easy, those black with red piping will be a $2k premium. As for the wheels, I wish that they give us a $2k credit and give us black Connical 17″ wheels that are new for the Sport this year.

  • Bill in Iowa

    With all the complaints that I see and hear about the Mini JCW, I test drove a BMW 128i this afternoon. To think, some of you guys think that this is a competitor to the Mini S, let alone the JCW? This dog couldn’t keep up with my 07 Miata auto. Let’s start with the shifting: Terrible at best. Jerky, clunking sound. To me it felt like it needed u-joints. And this little coupe was an 09 with just over 9k on the clock. Of course the salesman, when I aid that this 128 was a dog, said the 135i would have more performance. Well, it should for $6k more. Kind of like the difference between the Mini S and the JCW. In my opinion, the Mini S, that I have test driven, would run away and hide from this 128i coupe. Bad Motor Works is now off my list;.