First Look: Countryman’s Optional Aerokit

Here’s the first look at the optional Countryman aero-kit courtesy of our friends at Bigblogg. We don’t know that much about the kit yet (is it going to be marketed as JCW, will it be a factory option?) but we do know that it’s much less of a departure than the R56 JCW aero-kit was from the standard look. In fact the front bumper is identical to the stock piece with the exception of a more aggressive splitter. The sides mirror the current JCW kit (which is why we do believe this will be marketed under the JCW) and the rear is certainly quite aggressive.

Either way we’ll know more very soon.

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  • Hey Gabe, you are faster then me 😀 Unfortunately I have nor further informations about the pictures. The only thing I know is: I have them.

  • Ok, now I would drive one!

  • Ok….that’s cool.

  • goat

    Big improvement with small change… now imagine a 2″ drop (ok realistically a 1.5″ drop is very do-able) and MINI has a decidedly less awkward vehicle in the showroom to complement whatever all-out race version Prodrive has up their sleeve.

    Overall, I see a tasteful kit that builds visual continuity with the R56 cars it will be sold alongside.

  • Minipuma

    I love the view from the side — looks like some funky vehicle James Bond would use to get away from the bad guys over ice-covered roads.

    On another note, BigBlogg has a photo up of BRGII. They refer to it as “Connaught Green Metallic.” It definitely looks to have less of a blue-green cast than the outgoing color — a good thing IMO.

    I wonder why BigBlogg is getting all the scoops? Is Motoringfile chopped liver, or what?

  • that.guy

    This is pointless without a significant suspension drop. 1.5″ minimum.

  • I really like the more aggressive look of this kit, especially at the rear. Since the Countryman will probably be my next MINI in a few years, what with two growing boys, it would be great to go with a JCW version as a step-up from my Clubman S. Nice work, MINI!

  • James Irmiger

    It still needs much bigger wheels to look right. Something’s just not right about their proportion to the rest of the car. Maybe silver will stand out more and visually “fill” the space better. I don’t know.

  • lavardera

    drop drop drop – wake up, its never going to come that way from the factory. Unless Mini reverses itself and offers a JCW suspension standard on a JCW Countryman – and since the R56 JCW refresh does not look like its coming that way you can kiss your drop wishes good bye.

  • That makes this car way more appealing to me. I really like it!

  • rhawth99

    I can’t stand the looks of this thing from the rear doors back. I don’t like the look of the roof above the C-pillar and the boot is just so plain looking (it could be any other manufacturer’s SUV except for the huge MINI emblem). I hope MINI doesn’t screw up the Clubman when they move it to this platform.

  • Tim

    I did a photoshop of what I thought the Countryman JCW should look like a few months back.

  • SFRedMCc

    I agree with “rhawth99”. It looks really bad from the rear doors back. Overall I think the worst view of the Countryman has always been a full-on side elevation. And the over-sized black trim of the wheel wells combined with the black wheels makes it even worse.

  • MINIBro

    Enviromentally P-I-M-P!

  • I like it. I was iffy on the Countryman but when I need 2 car seats and strollers I might consider an S model with this kit. Hopefully they have the output closer to 200hp to lug its extra weight by then.

  • BilboBaggins

    Hate to be the negative voice here, but that front end does nothing for me. Sorry.

    And whats with lowering the ground clearance of an SUV. Makes no sense to me.

    Just my $0.02

  • GaryD

    I have to agree with Bilbo. The more I see of the Countryman the less and less it grows on me… and, for me, the kit doesn’t help it one bit.

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