2011 MINI Refresh: The Packages (US)

For our US readers there have been a few interesting changes to MINI USA’s ordering packages. The premium, convienance, sport and cold weather packages are largely left unchanged but there are number of additions worth mentioning. The recently released “Value” package will continue for 2011 with the following options:

We don’t have pricing but we expect it to remain $1500. The package will be available only on the Cooper since the factory aero kit isn’t compatible with the brake ducts on the JCW or MCS. Of course the problem for most discerning MINI enthusiasts is of course the hugely unpopular factory aero kit. Sources are telling us that it’s included in this package simply because MINI has an enormous stockpile of them they need to get rid of before likely eliminating the factory aerokit for the 2012 model year. It’s also worth noting that the factory aero kit will not work on the 2011 MCS or JCW due to MINI not wanting to redesign it to accommodate for the new brake ducts.

Regardless if you can stomach the look the package will surely offer good value for the money.

Next up is the White Silver package available on the entire Clubman range (the photo above shows a very similar MINI Clubman Soho edition made for the German market last year). The package includes:

  • White Silver exterior paint
  • White Silver c-pillar and top rear bumper (this is typically contrasting on the R55)
  • White Silver or black roof and mirrors
  • Xenons
  • 17″ Black Bullet Wheels
  • Black headlight housings

Again we won’t have pricing until later this week but we’d expect thus to be relatively value priced considering the options involved.

Speaking of the Clubman, beyond the new roll-away cargo cover and Clubdoor seat belt guide, there two new items of note. For 2011 MINI is introducing two optional “tattoo” patterns for the rear c-pillar: MINI Yours Tattoo Funky and Glorious. We hope to have photos soon.

  • rhawth99

    Never understood why the cargo cover on the Clubman wasn’t roll away – pretty standard fair on other vehicles. Our cargo cover, with it’s flimsy design, is stored out of the car.

    That white silver Clubman looks sharp!

  • The only MINI that looks good to me with the factory aero kit is the convertible. While I would never buy the kit, the plus package offers a large bang for the buck. I could see dealerships equipping a number of their cars with the Value package.

  • hardingsan

    my cargo cover has dog stains on it from the first few weeks of ownership. if it’s retractable and retrofit-able, this will be a welcome addition to my current clubman…

  • Chris

    If the aero kit wont work for 2011 mcs, will the value package be available for the mcs with a different option other than the aero kit in the package?

  • I am loving the White Silver Clubbie with those wheels – sexyyyy! I also can’t wait to see those MINI tattoo C-pillars. Maybe they can inspire some mods on my own Clubman.

  • Mark

    Please ditch the “factory” MINI Aero Kit! Maybe that’s why this package is called “Value package.”

  • Ryan

    I have an ’09 JCW with the factory aero kit and I like it a lot…of course mine has the painted fender flares…the kits with black plastic unpainted fender flares look awful.

  • GaryD

    “•White Silver c-pillar and top rear bumper (this is typically contrasting on the R55)”

    This should be an option for all colors! I’m not a fan of the contrasting color scheme.

  • SFRedMCc

    I always keep the rear seats in my Clubman folded down since the headrests almost completely block the rear windows, but I still keep the cargo cover in place for “visual security” to the “boot”.

    To create even more security, I glued velcro strips along the bottom edge of the cargo cover and to a black felt “curtain” that now hangs down behind the seats. And to keep things from sliding forward, I installed the “cargo net” provided my MINI behind the curtain.

  • SFRedMCc

    I chose the contrasting “black C-pillar” because I always liked the complete “wrap-around” design for all the glass, which is really “broken up” by the silver color; but I never really cared for the black also on the body corners or bumper. And I wish the chrome strip was continuous around the corners.

  • Paul

    I think that the clubman’s contrasting rear pillars are brilliant. No other cars have that. I really don’t understand why many people “wish” the pillars matched the body panels/colors… why want to look like every other wagons outthere? Mini’s are not like other cars. and that’s the whole point. So I thank Mini for daring conventionalism.

  • cze33r

    That White Silver package is going to be popular – it’s hot !! I like the aero kit, but only on Midnight Black or Hot Chocolate.

  • I really like the Factory Aero Kit on the Cooper…Looks MUCH better on the Cooper than the Cooper S or JCW…

    Hopefully we can get that up in CANADA and it comes with the painted arches…