MINI of Germany Goes Live w/Countryman Configurator

Want to build your own Countryman online? Head over to MINI of Germany’s site where the configurator has officially launched. Look for the highly anticipated MINI USA version to launch early this fall (with the other 2011 models coming online earlier in August).

  • justaR50

    If they can hit the US with pricing on the S ALL4 Countryman at 2% over S Cabrio pricing like it is in Germany, I’ll be signing up.

    I realize we’re talking base models in different years in different countries (which can mean different base options and safety requirements), and in a different currency, but the fact that there isn’t a consistent relationship between equivalent models was a bit surprising (ie. Cooper Clubman higher in USD but Cooper S Clubman lower in USD)

    2011 German base price without options or destination charges vs. 2010 US base price without options or destination charges:

    19,300 EUR 19,500 USD Cooper 20,900 EUR 21,150 USD Cooper Clubman 22,500 EUR xx,xxx USD Cooper Countryman 23,300 EUR 23,000 USD Cooper S 23,300 EUR 24,950 USD Cooper Cabrio 25,100 EUR 21,150 USD Cooper S Clubman 26,300 EUR xx,xxx USD Cooper S Countryman 27,400 EUR 27,850 USD Cooper S Cabrio 27,900 EUR xx,xxx USD Cooper S ALL4 Countryman

  • Jas

    Early August? I think dealers have alottment but no prices, do you know when they will know prices? For 2011 models. Lease ends in sept so going to order asap. Countryman looks good too.

  • I know I don’t read German, but I was unable to find the countryman on there. I found all the other models.

  • Jas

    Just click the link (Configurator) and select the Countryman there, I did it and it looks great.

  • it’s there now. It was not there yesterday when I checked.

  • Lego

    jas the prices are in and yes they have limited amounts to the end of the year (per dealer) my dealer had 10 have already sold 4 (inc me)