MINI Countryman JCW Accessories Previewed

Our friends in Germany at Bigblogg had a chance to preview a few of the upcoming JCW accessories bound for dealers later this fall. We had already shown you the JCW aero-kit but until now hadn’t seen the rumored 19″ JCW wheels. The R129 wheels come in two finishes and cost either € 2499 (flat black) or 2550 € (gloss black with polished lip). As you’d expect with that pricing tires are included. Specifically 225/40/19 P Zero runflats from Pirelli. Here’s the full list of JCW accessories shown:

  • 19″ Wheels
  • JCW Aero kit
  • JCW Strips
  • Red Mirrors
  • Red Brake ducts
  • JCW Steering Wheel
  • JCW Shifter
[nggallery id=30]

We expect more JCW accessories to arrive next spring. What about the actual JCW Countryman? While we’ve heard from at MINI are hesitant about the idea, our sources are telling us that it’s going to happen and the only real question is when.

Also included in the gallery are photos of standard MINI accessories on a Cooper D Clubman and finally a new color we don’t know much about, “Light Coffee Black”.

  • Neil S

    It looks great.

  • Hector M.

    Love the flat blacks

  • Tony

    The JCW accessories and stripes on the Countryman look fantastic. Am I mistaken, or do those rims look similar to the GP wheels (5 instead of 4)?

  • lavardera

    19″ rims don’t help much when the overall wheel/tire diameter looks too small. In fact I think those low profile 19″ tires look worse than the 18s. It needs more sidewall height in 19 or 18.

  • B-

    I think the Aero kit looks great and I can’t see why anyone would order without one!

    Love the brake ducts in the red, can’t wait to see them dressed up in Carbon Fiber.

  • goat

    Love the rear bike / storage rack. Looks like a quality piece.

    19″ rims don’t help much because the car is so jacked up with far too much clearance in the wheel wells for something wearing an aero body kit. BMW’s own M model SUVs sit a lot more “hunkered” on their rims… perhaps the JCW R60 (factory build one) will have a more sport-tuned / lower suspension?

    Overall, based on power/weight and early reviews the S seems essential to be useful for a sporting drive, but to my eye the Cooper is the better looking and more cohesive design… it has a properly historic “rally look” to the front end, functional brake ducts be damned. 🙂

  • Glen

    Are these the 19″ wheels that you previously reported will be available from dealers, or is there another non-JCW 19″ being offered? Thanks.

  • txdesign

    19″ with runflats. My back hurts just thinking about the ride quality.

  • James Irmiger

    FYI, the Countryman for the San Francisco MTTS launch was that Light Coffee color. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of it, but it pretty much looked like your picture. I’d have to see it in the sunlight to get a better feel for it, but my initial impression was that it looked a bit dull and lifeless. Kind of washed out with nowhere near the depth that the current brown has.

  • Minipuma

    That bike rack looks awesome. Is that a MINI-branded piece?

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  • TurboDave

    Did anyone else see the “roofrack” accessory on the mini countryman driving around the Loop in Chicago? yep you guessed it – it had a classic mini bolted to the top. Was very eye-catching to say the least.