MTTS 2010: The Full Gallery

A huge thank you to MINI USA (and specifically Ray and Gina) for putting on such a fantastic show across the entire country. We’d also like to thank all the MINI owners who came from all corners to come together and celebrate these little cars on such a big stage.

We’ll have much more in the come days (2011 MCS review, MINI Connected update etc) but until then you can see the entire gallery of 367 photos above.

  • A great and fabulous event, full of great and fabulous cars and people!

    And Margaret and I have half the country still to go 🙂

  • Good seeing you again Ian and I’m glad to have finally met Robert as well. Safe travels to you guys and everyone at MTTS.

  • JonPD

    I have a huge amount of respect for everything everybody at MINI USA pulled together for this event. A total blast to meet a lot of the MINI people.

    Thank you Ray and Gina, I collected a great number of great memories.

    Great to have finally met Ian and the rest of the GP crew that attended. Same goes for Gabe and DB.

    My advice to everyone, do whatever you have to to attend the next one if you missed this one. (crossing my fingers 2012 works out).

  • Bob Hayhurst

    …It was great seeing and meeting so many other MINI people from other parts of the country. Though it was a long drive, I particularly enjoyed driving across half of Kansas and most of Colorado with Gabe, KP and the motoring assistance guy. It was high speed motoring at it’s best.

    Thanks to EVERYONE at MINI for your hard work. The party Friday night was a blast and we had a great time. Thank you Gena, KP and especially Jim McDowell for making this such a memorable trip for us. We look forward to MTTS 2012 and maybe, just maybe, MINI United next summer. Thanks Gabe, Todd and Db for making this site such a success.

    My advice is the same as JonPD’s; don’t miss the next one…

  • +1 on not missing the next one!!! It was more than a pleasure to meet new friends and re-connect with those we haven’t seen since the last big MINI Meet (MINI United)

    Thank you thank you thank you to all the tireless hard work done by the MINI USA crew!

    This Canadian was very impressed/excited/stoked to have the opportunity to participate.

    If anyone in Kansas finds my hoodscoop let me know…I’d love to have it back 🙂