MINI Countryman Coupe Picks up Steam

A couple of months ago we told you about MINI potentially building a three door Countryman variant. Then some of the major press picked up the details of the project. This week even more picked up the story and ran with a few new details from the always quotable Scott26.

Specifically Autocar is running a story this week that goes into many of the details we’ve previously told you about. However they talk about the new three door Countryman variant as being similar to the X6 in principle but having either two suicide doors or no extra doors at all. The two door hatch layout would be ideal for an updated WRC car due to the rigidity it would add. However given that the next generation Clubman will have two suicide doors (yes two) the engineering needed for the crossover coupe would be already done.

We’ll have much more on the Countryman Coupé, MINI’s new city car and the next generation Clubman soon.

  • Dale

    You know what I would like to see pick up steam, the online configurator at

  • Check back next week.

  • Jas

    Is the interview and questions answered by Vinnie coming? Maybe he has insight to this car also. And yes the online configurator is over due lol

  • pyroMINIac

    I’ll tell you what’s overdue… A Haynes/Bentley manual for the R56!

  • James Irmiger

    Yay!! Now this could convince the wife 😉

  • gkp

    +1 to pyroMINIac

  • Dutchie


    Check MINI.DE for the new configurator.

  • that.guy

    The “SUV performance coupe” (or in this case “Small cross-over performance coupe”?) has never made sense to me, especially when the same badge offers excellent non-SUV performance coupes (and xDrive if you must have it). Could someone explain? Has BMW sold any X6s?

  • I saw an X6 on the road last week. So at least one.

  • jbkONE

    @that.guy: Is the X6 a 2door? I thought they were 4. A Google image search reveals that they indeed have 4 doors. The X6 is not a good analogy. I agree with you though, a 2 door performance SUV doesn’t make any sense to me either. If you wanted a 2door sport coupe, why would you get an SUV? Especially if it can’t hold any more than the regular coupe model (as in that pic).

  • BMW has done quite well with the X6…at least up here in the GWN…This will be awesome if MINI can pull it off

  • Versus

    I actually like that render a bit more than the current countryman. If a WRC/JCW edition comes out with some chops (aggressive stance & appearance with a nasty demeanor), consider me interested.

  • Dear MINI,

    Please build this. Coupe styling with easy access to a backseat for my kids and All4 is a win to me.

  • lavardera

    I like the treatment of the nose of that render too. I like the way they have moved the fogs up above the bumper line, and took the dark lower trim all around the front.

  • Herr26

    The BMW X6. the worlds first Sport Activity Coupe has sold better than expected… It has sold double it’s projected target.

    Originally conceived from the X-Coupe Concept, The X6 was originally going to be a two door coupe model between the X3 and X5. However whilst researching the concept we found that customers wanted five doors and more flexibility.

    The X6 has been successful for BMW that plans are in the final stage to launch an X4 as there is demand for a smaller Sport Activity Coupe with the style and profile of the X6.

    The MINI variant of the Sport Activity Coupe is something that is really moving forward. MINI is the perfect brand to show off alternative compact crossovers, The Countryman has proved to be the right vehicle at the right time first production units allocated are at 75% with orders arriving daily.

    Introducing the Sport Activity Coupe MINI will form part of the Graz series and be manufactured alongside the Countryman as the costs will be shared by sharing components , interiors , platforms , engines and drivetrains with the Countryman. This will enable the car to be cost-effective to produce.

    What is unique regarding this car is that both 3dr and 5dr models have been designed , aimed right at the Land Rover Evoque but will cost considerably less and not have an interior designed by an anorexic fashionista.

    They are looking at conventional and rear hinged doors on both sides in order to make the MINI Sport Activity Coupe more original and more dynamic and very lifestyle orientated.

    To gauge serious response MINI will show two concepts regarding it’s new market intentions.

    The first model will be the small MINi the shortened two door MINI City Vehicle which will make it’s debut in Geneva next March. In the following September @ Frankfurt we will see the design concept for the Sport Activity Coupe MINI which might be shown in two door and four door format. The Two dr is thought of for a future WRC car.

    Both cars have serious interest within BMW to make production. It is also something BMW are looking at closely when their front wheel drive city hatch goes on sale it loses the roundness of the MINI for an edgier three-dimensional appearance which will utilise some expanded design cues such as an enclosed normal glasshouse with a line that curves around the rear window forming the typical BMW kink impression in metal instead of glass that follows through the doors to the front wing.The A-Pillars follow down into the front wing leaving a wheel at each corner look , triangular shaped lights sit upon each corner, as does the rear with slimmer l-shaped lights running across the bottom of the rear windscreen.

    If BMW’s city car also generates success then a Cabrio , Coupe , small SAV/SAC and a small sedan are very much being considered.

  • theTonus

    The online configurator is going live Friday, Sept. 10th, if not before.

  • alpinamike

    When I was at the X division plant/ the 6 was selling mostly overseas, in fact every x6 was spoken for, but that was 2009.

  • Aurel

    looks great to me. it reminds me of the Volvo c30 a lot though … which is not really a bad thing.

  • B-


    Great to hear that the Clubman is getting two Club doors! This will be wonderful for many people both here and in right hand drive markets. I like the idea of the club door better than a 4 door as I am taller and the smaller doors make for less graceful ingress and egress when the time comes.

  • mellowmcs

    When is the new clubman with 2 club doors being released? 2013/2014?

  • CV

    For Dale and Jas –

    I was at Mini of Ontario this morning and a MA showed me a memo that told them the 2011 website will be up “on or before September 10”

    Can’t wait!

  • Eliot

    I’d actually consider buying that car if it looked like that rendering. I think it looks superb.

  • Hunter99

    Hey MINI make the Countryman look more like that. I wouldn’t care if it was 2 or 4 doors. I love the agressive but still very MINI look. The front looks serious and the cut line in the sides really makes it lean and muscular not doughy looking.

  • MrLEADfoot

    Simply stunning! Now that’s what I’m talking about. I haven’t owned a MINI but if they make that I just might. I really like the Countryman with 4 doors and this is just more my style. This should be made tomorrow.

  • walk

    Love it. This is a crossover that I would consider buying.

    The more aggressive front-end plus the modified roof-line and rear side windows look great.

  • jbfromoz

    i’ve finally sold my MY05 JCW MCS, and have been very interested in an AWD MINI to get the power down better. the countryman 4 door doesn’t quite work for me, but this one is it! love it!! I’ll have a JCW in thanks

  • Brian

    That render is top notch.

  • Jim D.

    A Countryman Coupe… Now that’s something I would definitely be interested in!!!

  • Herr26

    That render is a very good indication of what direction the designers are working to. They want to keep the typical MINI roofline but lower it to become more sportier but not go as as far as the BMW X6 and Forthcoming BMW X4 with their bullet-like shapes.

    As they say great minds think alike…

  • Cory

    Immediately reminds me of the Range Rover Evoque drawings.

  • Greg W

    The WRC car has to be 4 metres in length. Whats the point of reducing a 4 dr to a 2dr then?

  • Is this what this event is all about?