MINI Scooter E Video Walk Through (Extended)

To round out today’s coverage of the Scooter E we’re happy to present you a thorough look at the concept with an extended interview with Adrian Van Hooydonk and a close look at the little design details and features that make these scooters so interesting. If you’ve missed some of our previous coverage of the concept, check out all the details on the Scooter E section of MF.

  • It’s nice to see that they use an on-board charger, no bulky garage-mounted unit like the MINI-E. Though it’ll be fun trying to find a euro-spec 220V plug here in the states 😉

  • B-

    I think this a great step in the direction that MINI should take, bravo MINI. That being said I hope that this is not killed by price. Having never been the scooter market I hope that MINI can keep the price of this reasonable, (I know it will be more than gas scooters,) so people will still want to buy if it is released here in the states.

    I would love this for my daily 8 mile commute on non major roads in the country but can not see riding into town on a one lane road were the speed limit is 55 MPH, good thing there are backroads into town too but it is 45 MPH most of the time.

  • alpinamike

    Gabe is still available?

    • is unavailable as of earlier this week. It’s being kept safe in a mayonnaise jar on my back porch.

  • Minipuma

    Shouldn’t that be

  • CV

    I guess that’s one way to keep folks from phoning/texting while driving: Make their phone an integral part of the instrument panel!

  • Alpinamike

    I think scooterfile has a better flow. And it can have a place between my old clipper moped and sach 50 cc. The clipper could do 45 downhill!