Smart Unveils Competing E-Scooter Concept

It looks like MINI’s Scooter E will have some competition next week at the Paris Motor Show. Photos of a Smart E-Scooter concept have popped up across the internet. Like the MINI Scooter E, the Smart E-Scooter boasts fully electric drive, lithium-ions for juice, smart phone integration and ambitious design. Where the Smart concept departs is in its more outlandish details.

For example, there’s reportedly an onboard airbag, ABS brakes, and some manner of blind spot warning system. All this gadgetry really hints at one key differentiator to the MINI Scooter E: it’s not very likely in our opinion that the Smart E-Scooter will ever make it to production. At least not as described, Smart’s financial woes notwithstanding. Even if it did, the undoubtedly high price point likely couldn’t justify its unimpressive performance figures.

Power output is reported at around 5 hp, with a range of 62 miles. That’s not bad for an urban runabout. They’d be onto something were it not for the E-Scooter’s pitiful top speed: around 28 mph. Here’s hoping for more impressive performance numbers from MINI.

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  • Mark

    Cool looking spoiler – oh wait. Thats a seat.

  • Not as kool looking as the MINI Scooter but I do like the iPhone integration. You could use Motion X’s app nav.

  • goat

    Love the squeaky-clean styling on this thing!

  • B-

    It is beautiful. Take some of this styling and mix it wit the mini and and you would have a great scooter.

  • eto

    The MINI scooter looks much closer to a production model. There are not any turn signals on the Smart concept, which the MINI scoot had.

    I don’t like the smartphone (i.e. iPhone) integration in either. Too much of a gadget in what should be a very simple twist and go scooter design.

    I predict the MINI version will be at least $4k if it goes to production.

  • Don’t touch the MINI Scoot with any of this SMART styling, please. Can’t see the complaint with smart phone integration, really, it’s a bad thing???

  • Not a fan of this. The MINI is much cooler looking.