MINI Scooter E Concept London Unveil Video

We know MINI can throw a heck of a party, and the Scooter E Concept unveil in London looks like no exception. With BMW Head of Design Adrian Van Hooydonk doing the introductions, the reaction of the crowd seems understandably enthusiastic. Here’s hoping these scooters aren’t relegated only to London’s clubs, but find their way onto London’s streets.

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    “Where is Mini’s UK design studio? Julian Rendell

    Personally, I think the idea of a two-wheel Mini is okay. Britain has a rich heritage of ‘bikes and BMW, Honda and Suzuki successfully combine two- and four-wheel designs. Why not Mini?

    But the general feeling on the night was that the designs presented were disappointing because they looked just like carbon copies of Vespas and Lambrettas. Van Hooydonk even admitted that “we don’t expect Vespa to like them”.

    In a major sense they are true to Mini’s design heritage, which stems from that era when Italian scooters were motorising post-war Italy. And much of Mini’s heritage imagery — enthusiastically exploited by BMW — overlaps with ‘60 mods, whose transport of choice was/is a tweaked Lambretta.

    But with BMW’s vast design resource, engineering and management skill, surely more innovative designs could have been penned for the 21st century?

    The Mini scooters even looked bloated around the pillion and engine bay, in the way that the new Mini is a much-enlarged version of the Issigonis original. Van Hooydonk explained that this was deliberate: “It’s a kind of British bulldog, beefy feel to the design.”

    The details are true to the Mini design palette — large circular speedo, low-set round-ish headlight and chrome finish on the front fairing. “These are our design language,” said van Hooydonk.

    And he pointed out that feedback from various designers at last night’s event was “very positive”. You can’t ignore BMW’s brilliant commercial record in making new Mini a global sales success — so maybe these scooters are destined to be a sure-fire sales hit.

    Interestingly, he also alluded to British design houses — refusing to name names — who are helping Mini.

    But I still think that Mini needs more British design input — specifically an advanced design studio in London and more British designers in Munich — to keep Mini on the design straight and narrow.

    Bentley and Rolls-Royce, for example, have international design staffs, but based in the UK and interpreting global design needs very successfully.

    To me too many of Mini’s brand and design themes are inspired by a German view of Britishness, which is threatening to undermine Mini’s fundamental brand foundations.”

    I dropped out some of the text. I found most of it rubbish.

    Full story here:

  • WEll Nathan, keep up the god work and I guess congrats are in order.

  • I love this quote about the model “She is quintisentially British…. She lives in New York now.” All the mod spin is not my style at all, but I get the marketing…. I wish them luck with the launch. But I’ll never own one.


  • Aurel

    I am always jealous that the Euro parties always look like a blast compared to the Yankee ones. 😉

  • Borinot

    Who said that MINI had no money to implement the JCW Valvetronic?

  • MINIme

    This character looks like a gay, drunken street person. Can you say shave and a haircut? Not the guy I would want to represent the brand… Thumbs down.

    As far as the scooters, they look pretty cool.

  • Minipuma

    In regards to the quotes from, even though I am a fan of Vespa’s current designs, I think these MINI scooters look considerably better than any of the Vespas currently manufactured. Anyway, if Autocar’s idea of a great design is Bentley and Rolls-Royce (chortle), please, keep up the good work with the “German view of Britishness” that we see here.

  • These are showcars… Uh showscooters. Who knows what degree of blandness will be invoked in the decent into production.

    But a lot of the criticism is well plased. Don’t the designs scream “Vespa”?

    We’ll see where this leads….


  • Nick

    Looks good to me. He’s got the right style to promote this product.