2010 Paris Motor Show: The Ultimate MINI Gallery

With a few of us covering BMW racing for a title in ALM this weekend at the Petit LeMans, we couldn’t quite make it to Paris this week to cover MINi at the Mondial de l’Automobile. However we’ve still got you covered. We’ve partnered with Kilometer Magazine to bring you exclusive photos of of everything MINI at the show. Enjoy.

[nggallery id=43]

And for a look at the show in it’s entirety head over to Kilometer.

  • lavardera

    Looks better with 15″ wheels and gravel tires, and lots of wheel gap. The shape does not lend itself to low suspension and low profile. The suv/cross shape is just to tlll and bulky for that road stance.

  • Seth L

    I hate how much I love that orange clubman.

    The rail still looks like it will be mean to passeners’ shins and or knees.

  • hardingsan

    personally, i think it looks way, way better tucked down on it’s wheels like in the pr photos. if the countryman was the height of the rest of the mini line, i’d have a seriously hard time not putting a reserve down…

  • krash

    love the red of the Countryman WRC and dislike the red of the standard Countryman…

  • Blackballed

    Never thought I’d say this but I’m digging that red Countryman. Kinda bada$$.

    How cool would it be if that light bar was availble for ALL Minis?

  • Holy Bat Wing, Batman! I love the Michelin Logoed tires with white wheels. I also really like the roof scoop. BTW the guy that is just randomly looking at the photographer is a tool bag.

  • GregW

    The Countryman is gonna look real nice with bodykit and lowered suspension. How long before replica gear is available?

  • leeroy

    What’s up with the 5 lug wheels? Is that a WRC regulation for safety? The WRC Countryman makes the regular one look a little whimpy from the side but still like it.