2011 MINI USA Press Launch: The Ultimate Gallery

We’ve got 222 photos of all the festivities over the past 24 hours to give you a taste of what it was like. As you can imagine the event itself was superb and many thanks have to go out to the MINI USA team for pulling off such a well planned trip. Obviously we couldn’t bring along everyone who reads MF so we’re doing the next best thing and hosting over 200 of the best images of the event. It’s a look at all the different 2011 MINIs from every angle.

We’ll have reviews of the Countryman range as well as a first look at MINI Connected in the coming days.

[nggallery id=47]
  • Great pics! I’m loving the JCW Aero Kit on the white Countryman! Great job and I’m so envious you got to attend the launch. Cheers!

  • Having a problem with the pictures. It gets so far then the remaining don’t work.

  • That’s the PicLens by the way that doesn’t contain all of the photos.

  • Jas

    love the pics, not a huge fan of the yellow color that the countryman has.

  • Paul

    That JCW kit and the exhaust on the white Countryman are the hawtness. Can’t wait for that…

    Great pics!

  • MatthewW

    Someone fill me in on the details regarding the “half rail” and “full (front to back) rail”. For whatever reason, I just noticed there are two styles.

  • I have a 2011 Mini with visual boost and noticed the your pic countryman cooper S 35 on page 9 shows a good view of the screen and it appears to look like mine. What im wondering is on the fuel gauge there is an arrow to the left of the pump that points to the fuel door this appears to be a light but it is not light is it supposed to light up?

  • Brian Fee

    Except for the orange the colors are dingy.

  • spaner

    I am hoping the yellow is not as green as it looks in this photo

    I saw another shot a while back and it looked almost identical to the Liquid Yellow of the R53 (which I owned and loved!!!) Dealer swatches also look closers to MY

    Gabe can you comment – and thanks for the numerous photos they are feeding the obsession!!!!!

    Looking forward to tales of sliding the rear end out with the ALL4 on the loose stuff

  • spaner

    @MathewW Re: Rails

    Pretty straightforward – you have two choices. Standard is full length from front to back, no COST option splits it in two so you have some feet/stuff room at the center tunnel

    I used this tunnel space center area for cargo on my first MINI so I am in a bit of quandary as to what to pick – But will probably go with full length as I am sure it will be more useful/unique

  • Jas

    The half rail is just between the 2 front seats, the full rail will extend all the way to the end of the car, to go between the 2 back seats. If you get half rail, then you will opening between the seats for easy pass though between front and back seats. The bench seat will have the half rail also.

  • MatthewW

    @spaner, that’s what I was looking for, thanks.

    It’s clear that there are two styles, and the benefit/drawbacks of each. I for one would go bench, as crawling over the rail if there’s no access to both doors could grow tiresome.

    I should have hit the UK configurator before asking :-), but thanks again!

  • I may be bonkers but the wee tailpipes on the Cooper S models seem larger and more proportional on the JCW kitted cars. I wish the cars were still available with a proper beige interior color. I am absolutely in love though.

  • Jerry

    Nice pictures. Do I see a hint of Porsche Cayenne styling in the Countryman?