Introducing MF Editor Nathaniel Salzman

Some of you may have noticed a familiar name showing up a lot more often at the bottom of posts here on MotoringFile in the past few weeks. Part of our recent call for contributors was to find someone to coordinate posts and fellow contributors for the site. We’re pleased to announce that Nathaniel has volunteered to take on that role. He’ll be posting stories day-to-day and bringing his flavor of editorial opinion to MotoringFile on a more regular basis.

A MF commenter and contributor since 2005, Nathaniel became a MINI owner in 2006, snagging one of the last R53s to roll out of Oxford. Sixty thousand miles and five years later, his passion for MINI is stronger than ever. We’re excited to have him onboard.

You can connect with Nathaniel on his blog, at Project Streetliner and on Twitter.

For all those who had sent in emails about contributing stories to MF, we’ve chosen a handful of you and will be reaching out soon.

  • Congrats, Nathaniel! I think you’ll be a great addition; you’ve got an eye for design and style that I think Gabe’ll appreciate. Maybe you can loan Gabe your MINI every now and then, too. 😉

  • lavardera

    A great choice!

  • hardingsan


  • MatthewW

    Welcome! Bummed you might not be reading the comments anymore! 🙂

  • JonPD

    While I have not always agreed with Nathaniel’s views he is a great choice Gabe.

  • Nathaniel, glad to see you here. As an RSS follower of your website I know you will be a great contributor.

  • Thanks folks!

  • Actually, MatthewW, now ALL the comments on MF get delivered to my inbox. So watch out people, I’ve got my eye on you! [points finger with disapproving scowl]

  • MatthewW

    @Nathaniel, great to hear! Contributors reacting to readers is a critical component to a site like this.

  • MatthewW, we don’t always have time to be right on top of comments as they happen, but both Gabe and I definitely try to keep our eye on them and respond when we’re able. As acrimonious as comments can be at times, they’re the pulse of the site and the community, so keep ’em coming.

  • that.guy

    Good to see that you drive an R53. But only 60k miles in 5 years? Dude… Have you even replaced your front control arm bushings yet?

  • beken

    I noticed the word used was “volunteered”. Thank-you, Nathaniel and actually, all those who contribute to this great resource for fuelling my MINI addiction.

  • Alexandre

    Welcome! Looking forward to see your editor’s skills in action!

  • Best Of Luck Nate,,Knock ’em Dead

  • Hoover

    Enjoyed hearing you on WRR. Thanks for contributing to my favorite site and podcast. And your MINI–nice! (dark silver, light silver top, bonnet stripes and hood scoop) Sharp, supercharged goodness.

  • charlie

    Nathaniel way to go its always a pleasure talking with you at My dealership ~ Congrats to you ..

  • Great choice! (I’m referring to the R53, of course.) Looking forward to your insights.

  • Glad to say I knew him when he was just some guy in Nebraska that bought a MINI. Congrats my friend.

  • Charlie! Yeah man, you’ll hopefully see a lot more of me as new MINI stuff comes along. Good to hear from you.

    And Jim! You let me drive your R53 with the pulley all those years ago. I still need to do that to my car. Great to hear from you.

    Big thanks to everybody for all the kind words.

  • Good stuff Nathaniel.

  • Congrats on the posting!

  • goat

    Congrats Nathaniel, always enjoy your informed comments. Like your eye for design too (tip of hat to streetliner project)!

  • Hector M.

    Congrats Nathaniel, Keep up the good work.

  • 0(=^=)0 Capn

    A very fine addition indeed. Couldn’t have imagined anyone better, Wit, insight, can put together a very on-topic and compelling comment that moves the coversation along.

    And JonPD, One of the reasons that I like NS is that he doesn’t agree with you most of the time, or most people dont for that matter, but yet you still think we want to hear what you have to say.

    Cheers MF!

  • Volkan

    Congrats Nathaniel!

  • Volkan

    Forgot to ask… When are you starting the ScooterFile ? 🙂