MINI Names New Manager of Marketing

There has been some shuffling in the halls of BMW and MINI. Beginning December 1st, Tom Salkowsky will leave his role as Manager of Corporate Communications for BMW and take on the roll of Manager of Marketing for MINI. He’ll be replacing Trudy Hardy, who is moving on to become Manager of BMW Marketing Communications. Her roll was formerly held by Patrick McKenna, who is now moving on to head MINI’s Product Strategy and Motor Experiences Department. Get all that? Good.

What will this mean for MINI’s marketing strategy? Only time will tell. With so much internal movement, chances are the big pieces of the strategy puzzle aren’t moving far. It’s worth mentioning that as of the end of the year, BMW’s relationship with current Austin ad agency GSD&M will come to an end. Though that has no direct bearing on MINI, it’s worth knowing as part of the change landscape within BMW. MINI’s relationship with BSSP is healthy and will remain.

  • Drill

    Wait… like, MINI United Trudy?!?! Dude, good for her!

  • We will miss you, Trudy!

  • StephenS.

    Now if this translates into more Dealerships it will be a win for the Mini Motoring Public and for increased Mini Sales. Now there are people traveling a great distance to find a Mini Dealership and that is just wrong when there are Honda Dealerships around just about every corner.

  • I met her at MTTS/LA she seemed very nice.

  • Trudy Hardy

    Hey everyone,

    It’s Trudy. This is bitter sweet for me. I will miss all of you terribly. You can bet I’ll still show up to a MINI event or two.

    You are in good hands with Tom. He is a great guy! And really loves the MINI brand.

    And I’ll still keep a close eye on things from the “other” side of the house and make sure that MINI stays MINI!

    I’ll miss you. Trudy

    • Hi Trudy!

      Thanks so much for writing in. Congrats on your new role and thanks for all your past and future efforts.


  • Greg W

    Typically with most companies, Managers get shuffled around quite regularly. With this comes fresh new ideas and challenges. Seems that everyone has to have a mentor or a patron in such organisation. Some may see this as shuffling the deck chairs on the Love Boat, but as with the recent US Governmental elections, Change is the catchword.

  • alpinamike

    MINI community misses you Trudy, good thing owners got to meet the gang before they left. Congrats on the new job.

  • Congrats Trudy… Teresa and I wish you the best. Thank you for the fun times over the years….. We will miss you at MU next year!! Ill keep up with ya on FB

  • Good Luck in the New Role Trudy I don’t suppose you could have Tom Give me a call sometime so we can talk about the graphics program?