AC Schnitzer Tunes MINI E For The German Fuzz

Unveiled at the Essen Motor Show, this MINI E in police guise is the creation of german tuning shop AC Schnitzer. Why make MINI E into a faux police car? It’s part of a safe tuning campaign put on by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and the german tuning community. Basically, the home of the autobahn wants people to trick out their rides, but still keep them safe and legal. The MINI E in the video features customized bodywork and interior details. Will the german smokies order up a fleet of electric MINIs? Probably not, but at least now the tuners at AC Schnitzer can impersonate police officers with a minimum carbon footprint.

[Source: WorldCarFans.com]

Written By: Nathaniel Salzman

  • Pipe

    Big deal – Haledon, NJ had a MINI E as part of the pilot program. They used it strictly for Police use.

  • jman

    Holy Light Bar Batman!

  • http://www.lilcoopr.com lilcoopr

    That is one sexy Polizei mobile! I love the kit!

  • Bob DeLoatch

    Does this mean that the car is a MINI Copper?

  • Greg W

    I can’t see the point in putting bigger/better brakes if the car is only going to be used for handing out parking tickets or laser gun speed infringements. Its not as if it is a pursuit vehicle. And what if a crime happened while on charge? Now, back in the 70’s the Australian Police used Mini Cooper S cars as pursuit cars for exactly that purpose.

  • Matt “Dr Obnxs” Richter

    It’s a marketing campaign! They did the same type of conversion to a BMW 128d. Anyway, we’ll all be seeing more green tuning as time passes. Get used to it now, it’s not going away.

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