MINI Paceman Official Video

Here’s the best look yet at the Paceman with a full view of the exterior details. The interior will be revealed closer to the Detroit launch.

  • This would be my next Mini. I would loose the wheel gap and rock that thing. 3dr like the r55? The video does not show the US passenger side.

  • Very cool – wish that color was available on the Countryman!

  • I was hoping for the MINI PACman that would come in yellow and eat glowing dots on the road.

  • B-

    Will this be the next “clubman”‘with 2 club doors? I hope not as I liked the r55 that is built on the hatch platform.

  • goat

    It has a strong athletic look and as such greatly improves upon the r60. And the deeply contoured hood and upright grill (also of course on the r60) bode well for the third-gen MINI hatch. For these larger models i do hope to see a performance-tuned AWD variant some time in MINI’s future (as JCW?)…

  • JonPD

    Looks like a good fit for the American market, a portly MINI to fit the typical portly American. Still like it better than the R60 though I doubt I will ever get over the initial feeling that its just a overweight MINI.

  • I really hope they don’t plan on this being the replacement for the R56… Or even the R55 as I’m not terribly keen on the next Clubman having a significant size increase, either. The “Paceman” looks nice for what it is, and if these coexist alongside “standard size” models I guess that’s fine, but am not interested in the upcoming coupe and roadster, nor a larger MINI (not for me anyway – I think a Countryman would suit the wife) or one as small as a Smart car. If they axe the current R56-size cars the 2011 Clubman I have on order to replace my 2010 hatch would likely be my last new MINI… Though I’d still like an R53 to go with it some day.

    With all these new models they’re tossing out, with only slight variations between them, I can’t help but wonder at what point they’re just cannibalizing the sales of one for another rather than actually increasing the potential market significantly.

    Ah, and this is just opinion, but I think “Paceman” is a silly name, and I hope they won’t retain that when/if this thing goes into production.

  • Timmee

    Love the frameless doors, much improved taillights and rear with meatier exhausts. The leather accents, not so much.

  • With all these new models they’re tossing out, with only slight variations between them, I can’t help but wonder at what point they’re just cannibalizing the sales of one for another rather than actually increasing the potential market significantly.

    The whole point of multiple models from common platforms is that it doesn’t cost very much from model to model to achieve that diversity. It’s almost like each variant model is an option on the base platform car. Much like wheels or body kits are now. So just as a variety of cloth and leather seats does not make any one seat option economically unviable, if they do these variants correctly, cannibalization isn’t really an issue because you’re always making money on the underlying car. Any model not selling well enough to float its own weight can either then be subsidized by more successful models or simply trimmed from the lineup.

    The upcoming FWD BWD 2-series, on the other hand, seems an odd and possibly cannibalistic choice for BMW Group in my opinion.

  • Volkan

    I actually liked the horizontal/elongated tail lights. They go well with the lowered, narrow roof line. I dont think the vertical headlights of R65 would blend well. Let’s see what the final production will look like. Definitely a nice car!

  • Herr26

    As you may well know that the Paceman debut responds to the 10th anniversary of the MINI launch in the US at the NAIAS 2001. About the same time Motoring File has been running? if so Happy anniversary too.

    As you well know yourself there has not been a MINI Concept that has in one form or another went from Concept to Production. Which would give the impression that this concept applies the notion that BMW are very much behind this idea to come to the market.

    If the BMW X5 and X6 can co-exist so can the MINI Countryman and the MINI Paceman. Except Paceman will also be offered as a five dr variant too. BMW’s initial X6 proposal was 3drs (X-Coupe Concept) until feasibility groups wanted 5drs and extra flexibility.

    When this car lands in Production though MINI will not spread the entire concept across the MINI Spectrum but focus on Cooper and Cooper S/JCW models without European “One/One D” models. Paceman could also be restricted to All4 All wheel drive only keeping considerable distance from the FWD MINI Countryman. We dont really go into these specifics with a Concept unless we really see a production future.

    The Specific color shown here is known as “Jaded Green” and it is a new mix of the first MINI’s “Silk Green” which won an internal competition to what colour from the variety of colours they wanted to re-invent and bring back.

    In regards to the next generation MINI and the BMW Compact City Car which will share the same architecture. People ask can MINI and BMW co-exist in the same segment. Actually yes.

    BMW know how this can be perceived as cannibalizing the brand with an unnecessary competitor. But BMW has insisted that the two cars remain individual from each other. BMW know what makes a MINI and what makes a BMW and even today their paths have still not crossed.

    FWD is a new challenge for BMW but it will remain a BMW and inherit the typical BMW dynamics except being driven from the Front Wheels. Engineers know that the car must be apart from the MINI especially not imitating the “Go-Kart” feel of the MINI . Engineers are heavily working on suspension arrangements that can be configured differently for the BMW.

    In Design the next generation MINI continues it’s evolutionary cycle but will introduce some new elements to make the car more modern. BMW is not a conventional hatch in the same way as an Audi A1 it is a more Sporting concept almost in a similar wedge like appearance but more upright of the Honda CR-Z which is closest to the Design study. It uses BMW design cues that are familiar but executes them in a very different manner. Rear lights are conventional shaped and coloured trianglular with the motif L-Shape now being formed inside the light by An LED bar. The Hofmesiter kink is now formed in the metal allowing the glass area to be pushed inwards to the rear of the car. The kink swoops downwards into the lower body just aft of the front wings. The front end takes the look of the Vision Efficient Dynamics but applies it to a small car. Parked alongside an Audi A1 in the courtyard of the design studio this is anything but conventional.

    BMW know that this change from philosophy has to grab you from the very beginning that is why the car is styled to do just that, until you get behind the wheel. BMW wont however offer a wide personalisation course for the car , although Performance Equipment is being considered. Having seen MINI has stretched personisation to the limit with immitators stretching beyond into bad taste territory.

    The compact is but one of four Front Wheel Drive models BMW have plans for that will not crossover with MINI.

    The forthcoming MIN-i to be shown at Geneva in March will show some direction of the next MINI’s appearance. But will also show how the structure of the brand would split. With the entry city model that could get additional variant in a smaller incarnation of the Mega City Vehicle.

    The MINI hatch , Cabrio and Clubman would continue the Oxford built models with the SpaceBox proposal now being merged with the MINI Clubman this time in the Clubman and Clubman X – a slightly extended wheelbase Clubman with a higher roof.

    Countryman and Paceman would use the Sport Activity Segment. With the imminent new MINI Coupe and the forthcoming Roadster making way for a more indiviudually styled small sports Coupe / Roadster , seperate from the MINI hatch.

  • Brian Fee

    Tried a Countryman yesterday. Main issue is I’m 6’4″ and had to do a lot of contortions just to get in it, roof is just too low. I have no problem with my MCS. Wouldn’t consider a Countryman because of this and hope the Coupe’ (not the Paceman)is more like the MCS.

  • B-

    @Brian Fee

    That is good to know. I am 6’3″ I was afraid of this.

  • Tried a Countryman yesterday. Main issue is I’m 6′4″ and had to do a lot of contortions just to get in it, roof is just too low. I have no problem with my MCS. Wouldn’t consider a Countryman because of this and hope the Coupe’ (not the Paceman)is more like the MCS.

    I’m 6’2″ and no where close to the ceiling in a Countryman. I think the difference is more the length of the doors vs the hatch (or the Paceman)

  • Nathaniel Salzman

    I’m just over 6′ 3″ myself and had no trouble fitting in the Countryman front or back. Did you adjust the seat height?

  • JonPD

    Remember a funny thing about the R60 roof height. On MTTS a very tall fellow drug out a tape measure and was detailing the interior space to compare it to his Clubman. He was speaking to Vinnie and some friends and actually found that his Clubman has more headroom than the R60.

  • Brian Fee

    Yes put the seat to lowest setting, part of the problem could be that it had a sunroof, but the door opening was just too low.

  • Aurel

    hmm, I am 6’7″ and have sat in a Countryman w/ a sunroof and it was ok. Didn’t notice anything drastic space wise from my Clubman.

    Now the Paceman and the Coupe’s roof i am worried about.

  • Aurel

    and Herr26, thanks for all the fantastic insight as usual!

  • Brian Fee

    Once inside I could sit in it. Getting inside was the hard part.

  • Once inside I could sit in it. Getting inside was the hard part.

    I feel that way about almost every other car I get into that isn’t my MINI. The windshield is so upright that ducking in and out is really easy. Although I don’t remember it being tough to get into or out of the Countryman, the hatch will spoil you for sure.

  • lavardera

    Very nice wheel design on the concept – I’m oft complaining about the Mini wheels compared to BMW always having such a great selection. Here they seem to be finding their own space without copying BMW, but moving away from the designs that to me, at least, appeared silly.

  • lavardera

    just noting that “Pace” is a nomenclature that Mini has used before in naming wheels, and some other things too I believe.

  • CV

    I like the color, although I’m not sold on the name “Jaded green” – the word “jaded” has an unpleasant connotation to me. This concept sure looks like it could be a pre-production model, and I hope it is – I like it!

  • Herr26

    They had an internal voting competition to re-mix a classic MINI Color – Silk Green won. Jaded Green is more associated with the ornamental stone rather than the appearance. I personally went for Indie Blue and am still shocked at the early demise of Lightning Blue. Horizon Blue is too dull and Laser Blue is too bright. The Countryman’s choice of two blues are fine even though mine is Yellow.

  • hardingsan

    three blues…?

  • 0(=^=)0 Capn

    Herr26, you have good taste. I was sad to see indie blue go. It was by far my favorite blue. Never got a chance to order it before it was gone. It wasn’t here long enough.

    I like this car. Still wish All4 was more All-ways instead of what it is. Hopefully the rallye car will make a case and demand for something more along the line of what subie and mitsu offer.

  • 0(=^=)0 Capn

    Oh, love the car, until you get to the back. That rear looks like a VW. 🙁 plus the chrome bezel is too wide.