MF Interviews At NAIAS, We Want Your Questions

Next week we’ll be at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and have access to a number of key people within MINI. We’ll be talking Paceman and certainly trying to get as much teaser info as we can about the upcoming city car, but what do you want to know? Leave your questions in the comments. Also, we’ll have our cameras at the ready, so let us know what you want to see.

  • Will there be a MINI with rear-wheel drive someday? Or at least a MINI hatch with 4WD – like the Getrag one?

  • CJ

    Euro Delivery. When will they offer it? It has been long enough and the excuses are not enough. Looks at as another opportunity to build customer loyalty and enthusiasm! Where better to drive the MINI than on the small back roads of Europe. Now that the Countryman is built in Austria, it is perfect to start off the Program! Come on…get it done already!

  • MINImofo

    CITY CAR INFO!!!!!!

  • Current JCW Clubman owner…

    1) When will the power difference between the S and the JCW return to what it was previously?

    2) What is the point of basing the next Clubman on the Countryman platform, particularly with the probable Paceman coming into view? (Personal Note: The current Clubman fits my needs perfectly – small car with a bit more space than the Hardtop; enough space for me, the wife, the wife’s wheelchair and some luggage. The Paceman is nice, but would be overkill for my needs. Can’t really see tracking one either.)

    3) Is there anything going forward with a national MINI club, similar to the BMW CCA?

  • Calou

    When Will they sell they sell the fantastics Coupe and roadster ?

  • Moe
    1. Any information on the Clubman version of the R6x platform would be appreciated.

    2. Please tell whoever that we want our hidden storage compartment back.

    3. Gives us Anthracite option and softer plastic for the Micky Mouse face and A/C trim on the S models

    4. Availability in USA for 5 passenger configuration.

    5. Diesel engine please.

    Thanks guys – You do a great job.

  • Will there be a version of the Countryman in WRC/Dakar trim, and if so when?

  • Is there any hope of a diesel powerplant coming to the Countryman? And in the good old US of A to boot?

  • hardingsan

    i think it would be interesting to hear a discussion about how future MINIs and small fwd BMWs will co-exist from someone within the MINI brand. I still don’t understand how they plan to use handling characteristics to differentiate the two brands without “handcuffing” one of them…

  • hardingsan

    also how much of a reality is the color of the paceman? and if a reality will it be limited to a specific model or part of the MINI family?

  • txdesign

    Would love to hear something/anything on the 3rd gen Mini’s development and the “mini” Mini to be shown, hopefully, at Geneva.

  • When can we expect Android support for MINI Connected?

  • When will we have measurements on the production version of the Coupe? February ??, as intimated by Herr26? Eager to see numbers for the production driver’s door opening.

  • Evan

    Will the three seat rear bench be part of the 2012 model year for the R60 here? Does that mean July production or September?

    Will the next gen MINI be shedding some weight? And will there be a twin-turbo 3 cylinder or just a single turbo for it?

  • Tom

    Can we expert a much More powerful engine on thé Countryman than the current 184 hp? Why can’t we have Ice blue colour on mini countryman? thank you

  • Jason

    I agree, city car info and approx. pricing please. I am thinking about a 500 and would like more info sooner than later. Thanks.

  • KPH

    Expansion of MINI servicing to any BMW dealership. I will be moving an hour and half away from my MINI dealership and, for me, that’s a deal breaker for a new car. On the other hand a BMW dealer is only 30 min up the road. And ditto for all the other questions.

  • that.guy

    Will MINI offer a 4-seat, high-performance AWD car to compete with the Evo/STI/Golf R?

  • Borinot

    When will I must choose between the Valvetronic JCW and Mini D with BMW engine over 200hp (DS,JCWD,or…)?

    Can you give some details of this cars?

  • BK

    I want production info on the Mini Coupe! My ’07 R56 S is about to hit 50k miles and I’m getting the wandering eye. I was hoping to get another mini that’s even faster and lighter weight. The coupe seems like what I need.

    Also another question: Any plans for a dual clutch gearbox any time soon? Ideally I’d like something that keeps the car sporty (i.e. doesn’t shift for me at redline) but I can still commute in comfortably. For me now I’m still driving stick.

    Can’t wait for the production coupe announcement!

  • Alex

    Yes, I have a question. Does Mini consider the Fiat 500 to be a threat?

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