MINI E Batteries Defy the Cold

Nay-sayers against electric vehicles are convinced that cold weather will sap the batteries of all their usefulness. New Jersey resident Tom Moloughney and his MINI E have something to say about that. Tom has logged almost 50,000 miles in his MINI E, commuting around 2500 miles a month. That includes plenty of cold slogs to the office. Tom’s motoring log shows only about a 5% loss in battery power due to frigid weather, not the 50% The Washington Posts‘ Charles Lane recently speculated for EVs. That, in a prototype vehicle without any supplementary battery warming tech. The future for EVs looks bright, even in the great white north.

[Source: Engadget]
  • Vix

    I am looking to get a car within the next year or so and I definitely want it to be a MINI Countryman S. But it would make it even more awesome if the MINI I got was an EV. Does anyone know when MINI foresees this technology being rolled out as an option to rest of the MINI line up?

  • Vic

    The little secret is…’s not really that cold in NJ.

    We just say it’s cold so that people from NY won’t move here!

  • Mills

    This can’t be right. I watch Fox News, and they assure me that electric cars are part of the Islamic, fascist facade.

  • Rocketboy

    Aren’t the batteries essentialist inside of the passenger compartment?

  • It’s an air-cooled battery pack. Other electrics use an active liquid cooling system that can keep the batteries warm when plugged in for charging, maintaining a higher temp and full capacity.

    The loss of capacity for batteries when really cold is known and quantified. This article is short on details.


  • Blackballed

    Wow that guy is really getting his $900 (plus tax) per month worth on that really great looking high performance Mini!!

    And he’s saving the Earth!!!

  • cheswick

    Nice to see but NJ isn’t that cold. I’m curious how batteries hold up over here in Central Canada. We usually get down to the -30C’s for at least a week or two every winter.

  • I think BMW learne their lesson. The battery pack in the 1 series electric is liquid cooled.


  • Dr61

    The way I understand it, liquid cooling of a battery pack is for HOT climates. When charging a battery in cold climates, the heat generated from the process keeps the battery warm. It is only after sitting out a long period in the cold without charging that there may be a problem.