Official Debut: MINI Yours

Last Friday we gave you an exclusive look at MINI’s new high-end exclusive options program that includes options, limited edition models and accessories. Today MINI we bring you the official release hot off the presses. But before we get into the release let’s look at a few highlights within the options list:

  • Highclass Grey metallic
  • Laguna Green metallic
  • 17-inch light-alloy wheels in Twin Blade Spoke design
  • Soda Mirrors with hologram effect
  • Lounge Leather seats in Satellite Grey with Highclass Grey and crown pattern
  • Full Walknappa leather trim for instrument panel (upper section of the panel is black and – depending on the seat upholstery – the centre section is Polar Beige or Satellite Grey)
  • Leather gearshift lever gaiter with contrasting stitching in Polar Beige or Satellite Grey and a two-tone leather steering wheel with matching colour scheme for the hub.

Look for even more options this summer and a new special edition that’s even more ‘bespoke’.

Official Release: As a pioneer and one-off in the premium small car segment, MINI offers an options range unmatched in its variety to allow customers to configure their car exactly how they desire. Buyers can choose from a large selection of exterior paint finishes, light-alloy wheels, upholstery variants, interior trim and Colour Lines, MINI-specific options such as mirror caps and graphics, and numerous other optional extras and accessories, to make every MINI a one-off creation designed in detail to reflect their own individual style. From spring 2011 MINI will open up another new avenue for the ultra-stylish customisation of the brand’s cars. The MINI Yours range of products will feature exclusive design options delivered from the factory for the exterior and interior of the current range of MINI models. Among the features of the MINI Yours range are unusual paint finishes, upholstery variants and interior colours, stylishly configured equipment packages and limited editions based on the now four model series in the MINI family.


Individuality with style: colours, materials and trim elements enable detailed personalisation. The MINI Yours range will initially include the two exterior paint finishes Highclass Grey metallic and Laguna Green metallic. Customers can then add some neat flourishes with MINI Yours Tattoo Funky and MINI Yours Tattoo Glorious graphics and colour schemes made up of white, grey and black. The 17-inch light-alloy wheels in Twin Blade Spoke design can also be given an individual stylistic touch with a white trim ring on the wheel rim. Elsewhere, an innovative film application lends the mirror caps in Soda Mirror design a fascinating hologram effect. For the interior, the MINI Yours range contains items such as Lounge Leather seats in the colour variant Satellite Grey with Highclass Grey and a stylish crown pattern matching the trim strip on the instrument panel. Full Walknappa leather trim is also available for the instrument panel. The upper section of the panel is black and – depending on the seat upholstery – the centre section is Polar Beige or Satellite Grey. This colour variant is also available for the Colour Line. To match these options, there is a leather gearshift lever gaiter with contrasting stitching in Polar Beige or Satellite Grey and a two-tone leather steering wheel with matching colour scheme for the hub.

Exclusive paint finishes, unique interior design: MINI Clubman Hampton. An exclusive variant of the MINI Clubman takes centre stage for the premiere of MINI Yours. The MINI Clubman Hampton special-edition model embodies the character of MINI Yours – underpinned by uncompromising premium quality and brand-specific design cues – in a highly concentrated form. Its design features reference both the brand’s British heritage and the special edition’s unique designation, inspired by the southwest London suburb. At the same time, the first limited-edition variant of the MINI Clubman continues a tradition established by successful editions of earlier models. For example, the Park Lane, Seven, Checkmate and Sidewalk editions of the MINI offered customers particularly neat ways to satisfy their desire for exclusive configurations.


The MINI Clubman Hampton is painted in the Reef Blue metallic shade developed specially for this model. The roof and surrounds for the special edition’s rear doors are silver, as are the wheels and Colour Line. The exterior colours Pepper White, Midnight Black and Eclipse Grey can be specified as an option, while Black and Reef Blue are available as contrast colours for the roof and C-pillars. The light-alloy wheels in Twin Blade Spoke design can be ordered in silver or black with a dark red trim ring. The headlights come with black reflectors if the optional xenon units are specified. A logo on the B-pillar and “Hampton” lettering on the side indicator surrounds and radiator grille provide subtle references to the car’s exclusive status. The “MINI 50 Hampton” lettering on the door entry strips recalls the introduction five decades ago of an additional body variant of the classic Mini, which today ranks as the historic predecessor of the MINI Clubman. Unmistakable and in a limited run.

The interior of the MINI Clubman Hampton also boasts a very distinctive style. An “H” on the seat tags, red edging and orange contrast stitching are the identifying features of the black Lounge Leather seats. The anthracite- coloured roof liner, the likewise anthracite dials of the rev counter and the speedometer on the Centre Speedo also contribute to the model’s special ambience. The Centre Speedo is bordered by a trim ring in matt dark red, like that on the wheels. The Chili Pack is also included in the MINI Clubman Hampton, adding items such as a sports leather steering wheel, foglamps, automatic climate control, an on-board computer, a light package, a storage package and special velour floor mats in the style of the special-edition model.

This exclusive special edition will be available in MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper S Clubman, MINI Cooper D Clubman and MINI Cooper SD Clubman guise. Production of the MINI Clubman Hampton will be limited to one year.

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  • Rimtnbiker

    When will this go live? Will it just be another tab on the configurator?

  • JackMac

    Will this program be available in the US market? Vinnie?

  • Steve

    My WC50 was supposed to come with those floormats as per the window sticker. Will I be able to get those now?

  • JonPD

    Looking forward to seeing more info on this, I have to say a little underwhelmed at the first two exclusive exterior colors as both are metallic, but looking forward to more info. I am keeping my fingers crossed this is fully deployed for the R58 we are going to pick up.

  • Blainestang

    Interested in what Laguna Green looks like, but agree with Jon that what we need are more interesting NON-metallics.

  • bmotorsports

    Looking forward to seeing how this works out.

    I hope that this caters to both the classic and athletic sides of MINI, much like the Mayfair and Camden did respectively in 2010.

  • JackMac

    Laguna Green is/was a BMW color. You can google for pics.

  • Versus

    Found some photos of an e36 in Laguna Green, looks good in the photos I saw.

    Sidenote: Can anyone explain to me the issues some are having with the paint offerings being metallic? It seems like a common complaint/issue but I’m not understanding why.

  • JonPD

    For me its just the look, metallic paint just is rather boring and normal for a huge number of cars. I find that they end up distracting me from the color of the car rather than highlighting it.

  • Blainestang

    Same here… I find I much prefer non-metallics to metallics for the same reason. The metallic often takes away from the color and I don’t think they look as clean (the opposite of overdone, not the opposite of dirty). The worst are the paint jobs with multiple different color flakes like my inlaws’ QX56. It’s a car, not a bass boat.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are metallics I like, but I prefer the simplicity of solid colors.

  • Pipe

    I don’t get it – to me, reading that Official Release and all I get out of it is that MINI will be offering new colors, interior options, and packages/special editions but under a new name.

    How is that any different from what they do now? and why does it need a new name (MINI Yours) to separate it from any other configurations choices?

  • jp

    “Mini Yours” is a marketing phrase or marketing speak.

  • KPH

    For me a non-metallic color has a lusciousness and depth without a bottom that metallic cannot approach. Consider red vs metallic red as an example. Or black. In the end just a preference. As far as “MINI Yours” goes, the more ways to option the better, but I’m in the camp (heretic I guess) that believes the less one spends on this car the better a deal it is.

  • Evan

    I have to laugh about Laguna Green- our 1993 E36 325i was Laguna Green. It’s a wonderful color, assuming it’s similar. More of a medium green compared to BRGII or Oxford Green. I really like the color a lot.

    Will this be available on the R60? I actually think a Laguna Green with black roof Countryman would be great. Otherwise it’ll be Oxford with white. What will the price premium be for this? We already order our MINIs with our specified options, so is it just more of a special order like BMW Individual? I remember being at the BMW Munich plant a few years back and in the tour they said that your BMW could be pained ANY color you wanted due to the process they use in manufacturing. I found this intriguing, but have never been in a position to truly explore it.

  • SFRedMCc

    I think the medium and lighter colors (metallic or not) look best on most MINI’s since they provide a better contrast with all the black rubber and plastic trim.