MINI at Geneva: A Full Gallery

For your Friday viewing pleasure we have a huge gallery of MINI at the Geneva Motor Show thanks to our friends at Kilometer Magazine. Highlights are the two MINI Yours cars complete with leather dash, new colors and high-end trim. Then there’s the S2000 version of the MINI rally car along with the MINI Cooper SD. But perhaps most important we get our first close look at the Rocketman. As you can see it’s even better in person. (Full gallery after the break) [nggallery id=61]

  • dez

    1 of each please

  • matty

    Love the leather dash trim!!

  • hfred

    Thanks for the great detail photos! Those door and hatch assemblies look very beefy ($$$$$) and very attractive.

  • NashGuy

    Nice pictures – kudos to the photographer!

  • kalou

    tre beau model de mini

  • Jon

    Curious to see what I thought was the “unique-only-to-the-GP” wheels on that dark green Countryman. Does this perhaps mean these wheels will soon be available for all Countryman owners?

  • lavardera

    Ok, I’ve not seen anybody else mention it, so I have to. Some of the details of the Rocketman concept remind me of the Ford 021c concept car that Marc Newsom designed for Ford in 1999. The slide out draw is an obvious reference as well as the way the hatch opens up into it. But also the horizontal crease line on the rear above the drawer reminds me of the rear end of the 021c as well. Thats a much more abstract reference than the drawer which is very direct and obvious.

    I still love it.

  • Evan

    Great gallery! The Rocketman has a lot of subtle details, like the MINI symbol outlines making up the honeycomb in the grill. With a few adjustments and tweaks, this MINI would be awesome!

    And the WCC Countryman is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it tearing up the trails!

  • dizylizzy

    small question on the rocketman what is that behind the drivers side of the car, it looks like some kind of bag or something can’t really make it out in the photos

  • Braden

    I like the direction of a smaller more compact city car, but please, please, please get rid of the Mickey Mouse ear rear lights and the buthole for an exhaust and this could be a really cool car. Why does it have to be so cartoonish, unless the rear lights were intended for skateboarders and bike messengers to hold onto to get a free pull through New York City.

  • Gee, I swear I just saw some of those graphics from a Chinese ID house on a project at work… or something very similar.

    So the Rocketman tail lights remind anyone else of a bobsled push bar?

  • JonPD

    Jon, the wheels our speaking of are similar to the GP wheel design but not the same. The effect of the GP wheel design is a four lobbed Maltese cross look. The ones in these pictures have five black lobes. Looks related but not GP wheels.

  • As Always,GO MINI

  • Bernie

    I like that Rocketman. Finally, a modern MINI with great outward visibility.

  • GregW

    I hate to say this but – There’s not a lot of leg-room in the back seat unless you sit sideways.

  • @Jon

    GP wheels have 4 spokes

    The wheels on the green countryman are JCW wheels exclusive to the Countryman (for now). They are available already to all Countryman owners.