MINI of New Zealand Creates “The Carmonica”

The clever kiwis at MINI of NZ and DraftFCB Advertising have stuck 330 harmonicas to the exterior of a MINI Clubman, dubbing it “The Carmonica.” All in the key of G, the combined sound is sort of an angelic hum strangely unhindered by the doppler effect of the car coming and going. Sounding mostly like a disembodied hip hop sample, it’s only fitting that MINI NZ has created a music video mixer feature on their website at where you can mix and match clips and beats to make your own MINI mix. Catch a news report video after the break.

  • B-

    Brilliant, I will take one! That is the only thing that would sound better than my supercharger/exhaust combo!

  • This is incredible! What a creative use of… everything. I’m speechless, BRAVO!!

  • THIS IS SO COOL!! What a great idea!

    It’s very “MINI”!!! 😀

  • “It’s a bit like having an angel in the car… an angel that gets quite annoying after a few minutes.”

    LMAO 😀

  • Don Hopings

    Sort of a portable “Johnny One Note” version of the Honda Musical Road…