Future MINI Products Decoded

We get asked all to often what MINI has planned for model X and/or when will we see an update to model Y. Frankly, we don’t know all the answers, but we do know enough to be dangerous. So with that said we wanted to publish a rundown of what we do know and what our best guesses are. Keep in mind, even if some of the following information has come directly from MINI sources, it may yet change as the dates get closer.


MINI will start the year with typical March production changes. Most notable are the new JCW accessories and options. With the JCW aerokit finally being produced at the factory MINI now has a JCW Package that gives you the full intended sporty look originally conceived for the model. Of course the only problem is it still doesn’t come standard on the car.

The biggest unveiling this year (not counting concepts) will be the the production MINI Coupé. The Coupé will be shown on the web first with production starting in August. Expect them at dealers a month or two later. We’ll have a full rundown on what to expect on the Coupé but early indications we’re getting are very promising. In other words, it’ll be well worth the wait.

We’ve also heard rumors that the JCW powerplant may see some tweaks similar to the MCS engine that debut along with the 2012 model year and the coupe. Here’s hoping for similar boosts in power and efficiency.

Finally, we expect MINI to reveal a special edition JCW Countryman sometime in 2011 – likely at the Frankfurt Autoshow. We’ve heard everything from a wide bodied super high performance model to the standard JCW treatment (211 hp, etc.) with special wheels and trim. Either way it’ll be a welcome addition to the line-up.


February 2012 brings us the production version of the MINI Roadster. Expect to see it make its way to dealers around March. MINI will likely offer Cooper, Cooper S and JCW models throughout the life of the car. There are rumors that markets outside the US could see a diesel version as well.

Around the middle of 2012 MINI will debut (via the web) the 3rd generation hatch based on an entirely new platform. It will debut a completely new interior design (with improved interface design) and an evolution of the MINI exterior design language. Perhaps most importantly, there will be the new technology and powerplants. Expect three cylinders with as much power as the current crop of four cylinders and improved MPG. Look for the new hatchback to make its way to dealerships in the fall of 2012 as 2013 models.


2013 is a huge year for MINI in that it will bring us a production version (if approved by the board) of the MINI Rocketman. Likely built on a shortened version of the hatch’s chassis, the MINI City will be powered by 3 cylinder engines and priced lower than the current R56. And sadly, (gulp) it’ll be left out of the US market due to currency and resultant pricing issues.

2013 will also give us the production version of the MINI Paceman complete with two extra suicide doors not seen on the concept. The Paceman will bring the crossover coupe philosophy of the BMW X6 to the MINI range and bring yet another niche within a niche to BMW as a whole. The final Paceman will be within millimeters of the Countryman in terms of length and will have similar interior dimensions. So why the new model? It’s a more expressive aesthetic over the Countryman with a little less utility given the lack of four real doors.


After the 3rd generation MINI is released MINI will then turn its attention to the Convertible and Clubman. While the convertible will continue to be based on the hatch, the Clubman will move to the R60 Countryman platform. This will give the “other MINI” more interior volume and slightly more width. It could also give us the non crossover all wheel drive MINI some have been asking for for years.

Things start to get hazy after the 2015 model year. Obviously there will be a R60 refresh and then a replacement coming towards the end of the decade and probably new versions of the Coupé and Roadster. But with so much product coming in the next six to 24 months it’s hard to even be bothered to think that far ahead.

In our mind 2012 and 2013 will be the most important years for MINI since its launch. With the Coupe and Roadster new to the market MINI will be going from strength to strength with the new hatch, Paceman and even potentially the city car. It should be a fun ride.

  • There are rumors that parts outside the US could see diesel version as well.

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE let this mean Canada is included!!!!!!

  • I wouldn’t hold my breath lilcoopr.

  • Rakey

    Nice summary as always, wonder though when we’ll hear of alternative fuels and the effect of the electric trial, as MINI surely are looking at this with the recent activity on the BMW brand

  • Mike

    What about the MINI e-scooters?

  • Hector M.

    I was looking at the 2nd picture from the top and It looks like the Coupe a targa roof. Can anybody confirm that.

  • mnicpt

    I really don’t like the horizontal lines on the new aero bumper.

  • Jeff

    We gotta wait more than a year to hear about the 3rd generation hatch? Surely something will be shown before then. I hope they will reconsider start-stop by then. Do you think the styling will take cues from the Rocketman concept?

  • B-

    @ Hector, That is the Roadster with the manual top!

  • Rixter

    And Lilcoopr, if we do get them here in Canuck land, they’re going to be 35% price premium over the same in the States. It will take a LONG time for the diesel to payoff. 🙁

  • ZugsMcD

    I think it’s a shame that the coupe and roadster will not be based on the 3rd gen right from the start.

  • Jeff

    @B- Don’t think so; it has the baseball cap look.

  • CJ

    Pleeeese change the name of the Paceman! Ug. Very much dislike the ____man naming scheme.

  • Pleeeese change the name of the Paceman!

    As reported on MF, they will be.

  • walk0080

    Not sure what I should do… I was looking at buying a new 2011/2012 R56 MINI Cooper S when my lease expires in January.

    But now the 2013 3rd Gen Cooper will be released later next year. Anybody else stuck on this position? I don’t like the idea of buying a new car to keep long-term when I know the next gen is out in 1 year. Makes me think I should find alternate transportation for 2011 and wait…

  • Rick Kim

    Will the Clubman also get the JCW aerokit/appearance package from the factory option like the Cooper starting 4/2011?

  • Jojo

    Please excuse me if I have missed something, but what is this nonsense with keeping the Rocketman out of the US!? They must find a way to make a case! That car is going to carry a missive amount of iconicism when it comes round – even more than the Coopers.

  • JonPD

    Will be eagerly waiting for the jcw upgrade. Still hoping against all hope that they will bring it up to make it a larger difference than what it is currently between the normal upgraded S and the jcw.

  • John

    I knew there was something I liked about the concept coupe over even that production JCW version. The R53 style grille is much nicer than the black mesh.

  • Minimalist

    Any news of a JCW diesel for those of us this side of the pond

  • Nick

    That Coupé in the second picture looks great with the JCW treatment. And it looks like it could have a retractable hardtop with that division line between the window frame and the rest of the top.

  • RJ

    The Roadster’s proportions remind me of the MGF / MG-TF.

  • When I bought my Mini in 2003 I vowed it would be the last fossil fuel burning car I bought. I’d like to see more info, inklings, or hints about upcoming e-Minis (the standard models, not the ugly spinoffs they’re producing now). That’s what I’m waiting for.

  • Espada

    @Walk0080: I am kind of in the same boat. While I do not have a lease, I was planning on purchasing a 2011 JCW. Looking at what Gabe put out I would be an idiot not to wait another half year or so for the updated JCW motor. I might also just wait longer for the 2013 at that point. It’s kind of cool, but it kind of sucks because I wanted to purchase a new Mini soon. As it stands, the timing is going to put me at a minimum of picking up a car right before winter :-/

  • Maybe by the time the Rocketman is ready for production, US fuel prices will be high enough that MINI will reconsider.

  • Aaron

    Clubman moving to R60 platform to be bigger and wider??? No!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Good… I’ve got until 2013 to convince the wife that I need to put a cage on the R53 and buy a Paceman! (plus build a garage :D)

  • ol

    so when can we expect the updates to the jcw? plus why did mini not include these updates along with the rest of the upgrades to other models?