MotoringFile’s New Commenting System

After seven plus years of essentially the same commenting system on MF, we’re completely starting over. Starting immediately we’re moving all new and existing comments to the Disqus commenting system. So what does this mean to you the reader of MotoringFile? Quite a bit really. Read on for the details.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Disqus login (anonymous is still available)
  • Community profiles
  • Comment editing (assuming you login via the three options above)
  • Threaded comments (yes you can finally reply to a comment directly
  • Twitter integration (known as ‘reactions’)
  • Commenting promotion/liking
  • Community flagging
  • Notification and reply system
  • Realtime commenting
  • Inline media embedding
  • Complete social integration

Now for the downsides. There aren’t really that affect the majority. However for those who like to be 100% anonymous, you’re not going to enjoy a few of these new features. The other issue is that we’ve lost comments on a few recent posts with today’s transition. So if you see that your comment is gone, know that it was simply an import error and that we’re working on getting it back on the site.

As always any comments, thoughts, concerns or suggestions are welcome in the (brand new) comment section below…

  • Bentyyc

    Reading and commenting on my iPhone. Looks like some positive changes on the mobile front. Will have to check again from my desktop when I get home.

  • Anonymous

    Testing 1, 2, 3. Is this mic on?

  • Have now signed-up for DISQUS and linked with Twitter. Not sure how to login to DISQUS on mobile device though. Let’s see how this goes…

  • Think I’ve figured it out. This is from my phone (hopefully) using the DISQUS profile. Will it auto-tweet as well?

  • Dm

    I redesign that adds functionality and actually works? Gawker are you listening?

  • Oh no, not Disqus… Why have different unlinked accounts on muliple websites when someone can trace what you say just about anywhere… 🙁

    Kudos for keeping the anon…

    too bad the Disquis pop-up doesn’t work for Anon when you are using Opera.

  • Joe


  • awesome. this is going to be one of the better things MotoringFile has done in awhile. stoked.

  • A. Nonni Moose

    I think I’m still anonymous

  • The only thing that is constant is change…

  • The only thing that is constant is change…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t much like discus … What happened to Facebook login.

    • FB has as a long history of changing their APIs frequently and without much warning. In addition it was killing our servers resources. This basically takes care of every issue we’ve had at many levels. Is it perfect? No. But it’s got a feature set that’s pretty impressive.

      • Anonymous

        I guess it does work … 😉

  • Anonymous

    Change sucks…a little. I’ll get over it. Greater good, yadda yadda.

  • that.guy

    Definitely takes up a lot more vertical real estate.

  • Jack G.

    Testing to see if I can still add comments without DISQUIS login…

  • Anonymous

    Just as CrunchGear is getting rid of Disqus because it’s rather Disqusting you guys pick it up lol

    Honestly, Disqus isn’t that bad, and I think it will make this site better because a lot of what makes this site great is the community and responses.

    • Luckily we don’t have the same problems techcrunch has with commenting. And we wanted to an option that allowed various ways to login or even the option to remain anonymous.

  • I like disqus commenting system. It is something like we can reply to each comment. I love discus. Also, most of the comments will be approved at once.

  • minipuma

    The “Reactions” section seems like a waste of oxygen, but otherwise probably an improvement. Let’s see if I am able to post this now.

  • Looking good! Must try on my Blackberry later

  • Nick


  • Beken

    Yike, I have to register yet another profile and remember another password?

    • Not really – you can simply login via any one of the platforms available (Facebook, google, openid or twitter).

  • Cory

    As someone who has avoided Facebook and Twitter since they arrived, I’m sick of every site I visit telling me I need one of them to post. I’m glad I can still say stuff here.

    • Anonymous

      resistance is futile. you will be assimilated.

    • Minicoupe3

      Cory, I agree. I don’t tweet, Facebook, Myspace or any of the other social networking things. While the X-Gens or Millennium-ers think it’s the greats thing since iphone (or whatever) doesn’t mean that ever website or blog or business/origination has to think that I want too or am required to.

      • And that’s exactly why we made sure our new system could still accommodate anonymous comments. Even though it means a lot more work for us with regards to spam control.

        • Cooper4Life

          hahaha more work for us? the anonymous system is just like the regular wordpress commenting system. No more or less work. Glad to see you guys finally become Web 2.0 or maybe 2.5.

        • Its more work for is as compared to not having anonymous… due to spam. Spam is growing exponentially on sites like this but you’d never know due to the work behind the scenes.

        • R.O

          Gabe, thanks. I wouldn’t mind not being anonymous but Facebook, Myspace and similar sites, all track a person and IMO invade or sell one’s privacy. It’s difficult enough to make sure that companies and websites where a person has to register don’t send tons of junk e-mail and give one’s e-mail to 3rd parties. Coming to a site like Motoringfile to read articles and occasionally (and I do mean occasionally) post a comment without have to register or sign up for something else is important. Thanks again for the clarification. I did like the old system better. Yes it required me to provide an e-mail my “handle” wasn’t my e-mail name. I could pick initials or something else. Can’t do that with this system, but I do like that I don’t have to do that odd language to make quotes.

        • Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback!

        • Harry Dill


          I am not entirely familiar with the new system. Please tell me how to insert an image in the “humanoid” box. Thank you. — Harry Dill

  • James

    change sucks, but is necessary…

  • Anonymous

    discus works.

  • Anonymous

    quick check…looks good

  • Improvement, yes!

  • Anonymous

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