MINI Press Conference at Auto Shanghai

Couldn’t make it to Auto Shanghai this year? No worries because we’re brining it to you with a recap of the MINI press conference and a quick look around the MINI display. Included is the first public look at the MINI Goodwood – the new special edition model designed in cooperation with Rolls Royce. Yes The NYC show has been officially upstaged.

  • Frogberg

    I still think they’re misspelling the name of the Rocketman. They need to change the “R” to a “P”. The MINI Pocketman.

  • Glenn

    you’d need that butler to keep the white leather and fluffy white carpet clean.

    the Rocketman concept looks really funky

  • Michael

    What can I say? Very nice article, from start to finish.

  • T.O.

    The “hand hold” tail lights on the Rocketman invite the vandals.

  • Db

    This is db testing something.