MINI USA to Launch the MINI Coupe as Cooper & Cooper S Models Initially

While we don’t know much about the MINI Coupe (and won’t until very early June) we can confirm that dealers in the US have officially ordered their launch cars. MINI USA gave dealers some choices including Cooper or Cooper S and auto or manual. At launch each dealer will get two MCS and one MC to have for test drives and showroom cars.

Other confirguration specifics will be determined by MINI USA closer to the launch. Look for much (much) more on the highly anticipated MINI Coupe late this spring.

And what about the rumors or a JCW Coupe at launch. While that still may be the case MINI may also decide to push it back to spring to focus on the Cooper and Cooper S models.

  • That’s the color I want!

  • Anonymous

    there go the rumors about it only being available in S and JCW

  • Anonymous

    great news have been praying for a coupe in Cooper form

  • Oooo I like that color! Kinda sad that the Cooper S and JCW only option isnt going through. However I understand the need to sell cars. Keep it coming MotoringFile!

  • Drill

    Hmm, something tells me there’s a reason for the JCW delay. When’s the JCW scheduled for a “Refresh”? Anyone know?

  • It still looks like it’s wearing a toupe.

    • Havnap

      Maybe they will have ‘The Donald’ special edition.

      • Ballandchain410

        would that be a coupe with a huge wing?

        • bee1000

          Except the wing would be in the front.

  • Cooper Coupe as the price/volume leader? So much for only being available in the more powerful incarnations…

  • Can’t wait for it to come to where I am.

  • Mrjw34

    That so needs the beltline blacked out.

  • Hfred

    The little bump of the baseball cap and the big bump on the boot really detract from the very nice side contour.

    • It’s funny you mention that – those are both functional spoilers. The one on the roof you can’t see from this angle and the one on the boot was finalized when this photo was taken.

      • Jfharding

        i like the integrated roof spoiler.

        • Aurel

          I noticed the other day when I saw a Countryman in person the similarities of the rear roof treatment with the Coupe … or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me?!?!

        • They weren’t.

      • Hfred

        For those of us who often drive 120 mph, the profile may be worth sacrificing. When do the spoilers activate?

  • Harry Dill

    The quirky roofline detracts immensely from the design. While distinctive design cues can be well-conceived and amplify visual impact, there is not excuse for the juxtaposition of awkward, ill-conceived disharmony that will require concerted effort to appreciate. Can you imagine a Ferrari Italia wearing similar headgear! MINI needs to perform radical, emergency redesign surgery to render the coupe aesthetically pleasing.

  • Aurel

    Is there an outline as to what cars will be shown at the NY Auto Show this week?

  • goat

    Really like the roof in black… accentuates the “chopped” look of the coupster versus its more conventional hatch cousins.

  • KPH

    Re roof line: I’m betting on the first live walk around and definitely after a drive the roof design controversy will fade to it’s rightful significance. Is that Spice or Red? Rorange? Hope it’s a new non-metallic color and ditto on the Cooper version!

  • Harry Dill

    addendum: the roof line issue could be dramatically improved by chopping off a few vertical inches that would start at the top (to excise the hard hat) and transform the design into a sleek-looking speedster MINI coupe.

  • b-

    I love that they are offering a Cooper version of this car! The Cooper engine matched with a lighter weight car will be SUPER fun to drive! Cooper or a Cooper S with all the weight stripped out of it will make a hack of a track car!

  • Volkan

    Interesting decision of having a “just a Cooper” version of the Coupe as well. The only reason the above photo looks good is because of the “extras” on it that come with more expensive range. I highly doubt that a Cooper with small stock wheels/tires and standard bumpers, etc would look as pleasing as the Cooper S or the JCW versions. Didn’t we see some spy pictures that looked too plain for the Coupe design? Is it same to assume that the Cooper Coupe will be just that: plain?

    • bee1000

      I welcome a plain Cooper version. MINI designs are prone to getting too busy for my taste. A Cooper Coopay in a dark color with a black roof would look pretty good to me, and the lighter weight would make for a cool, peppy performer.

    • b-

      Keep in mind that if they offer the JCW appearance package it will look as good as the above photo! That package is a GREAT price and a natural add on for the Cooper version!

      • Volkan

        That’s my point actually. If they dont offer the JCW package, a Cooper Coupe will look nowhere close to the one in the picture.

  • JonPD

    Sure hope they bring out the jcw this year. On the broader side I wonder if this means a cycle designed or at least fixing the MINI communities general feeling about the jcw brand. Anything you can share on this Gabe?

  • Anonymous

    “And what about the rumors or a JCW Coupe at launch. While that still may be the case MINI may also decide to push it back to spring to focus on the Cooper and Cooper S models..”

    Which actually blows. Originally they weren’t even going to offer a cooper version. This was supposed to be the culmination of mini performance so far. How much energy does it take to “focus” on the cooper and S models? Is it really that much harder to make the JCW available at launch? A heckuva lotta people who will want this are going to want the JCW version.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the JCW body kit and 18″ wheels are a must.

  • Zinful

    Can’t wait to get one with the BMW engine.

  • goat

    Prediction: “factory JCW” version (spiritual successor to the 2006 GP) will be released right before replacement of the R56-based chassis and contain an appropriately tuned version of the 2.0T. Wishful thinking?

  • Michael

    Reminds me of a guy with baseball hat turned backward, white tee shirt, and very low hanging blue jean shorts that come to his mid-calf. MINI, change the roof.

  • Glangford

    I like having the Cooper version as well. I could see myself driving one.

  • Mark

    Wow! Look at that ass end. It looks like, well, ass! This car is gorgeous, until you see it from behind.

  • Sideways

    PLEASE…let it come with the factory aero kit as standard!!!

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