Evo Reviews the Cooper SD

We don’t get the brilliant MINI diesel engines here in the colonies, but what do the europeans think of them? One of our favorite automotive magazines, Evo, did a quick rundown on the SD engine in each of the MINI models.

A comparison of the range is interesting: the hatchback shows the biggest improvement in mid-range thump, the Clubman feels the most resolved and balanced on rough and twisty roads, the Countryman feels least eager to swing through the SD’s powerband and also requires stirring of its gears through stunted motorway traffic.

The full review is mostly summary, rather than in-depth editorial, but overall they seem to like the motor. Being the SD, they focus mostly on the performance side of things, which we’re all for. With mileage as high as 65 mpg (imperial), that performance is even part of the conversation suits us just fine, even if we can’t have them here in the USA.

Check out the full article over at Evo.co.uk.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at that pic, I realize how busy Mini design has become. It’s dripping with chrome accents: Beltline, hatch handle, taillight and lower light surrounds. The 3rd gen can’t come soon enough, back to simplicity please.

    • Harry Dill

      Yes, I agree txdesign. The solution is quite simple. Bring back an R53-type design with the elements that gave MINI its laudable singular distinction i.e., the curvilinear glass c-pillar, contoured hood and fenders, functional air intake, and appropriately scaled and proportioned interior and exterior details. The “Rocketman” concept belongs in a Japanese industrial design school, not in Art Center School of Design … or in the annals of MINI design evolution. How about a second generation GP with Alcantara upholstered Recaro seats and steering wheel, engine-turned dash veneer, and perhaps optional centerlock hubs with AP or Brembo calipers. If MINI is confident about marketing a $50K+ R-R version, why not a GP Supersport with oodles of high performance hardware for the same price point!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the R56/57 taillights are a particular thorn in my eye. They appear to be too large for the car with the heavy handed chrome trim making it even worse.

  • Harry Dill

    “Colonists” unite and petition BMW/MINI to give us the SD or give us $2.00/gallon gas! I think the diesel would satiate the hunger pangs of many Americans, including many members of the MINI motoring community. The AUDI TDI R10 race cars dominate the sport. Even Bentley has been considering a diesel variant. It makes little sense that Volkswagen and BMW can successfully import diesels and MINI cannot. A MINI Cooper SD JCW would be superb, particularly at this time with the escalating and outrageous fuel prices in the “colonies.”

    • Try paying the equivalent of $7.50 per gallon like we do here in the UK!! Thats outrageous, $4/5 would be a bargain here.

      • b-

        I feel for you, I do. Here in the states they raise it up and talk about huge numbers so when it only goes up 60% of what they said people are happy it only went up the 60%. I do wish that we had start/stop tech here and a diesel would be brilliant but I know that it has been talked about MANY times as to why the US has no diesel MINI.

    • R Burns

      Its not so easy… diesel wins Le Mans because of the restrictions that occur to benzin motors

  • Axel

    As usual we get screwed overhere Im glad Im purchasing either the VW TDI or 335d, but inclining more towrads the 335d 425lb/tq from factory and its 36 hwy mpg. But the cost over $50k fully loaded with its goodies is holding me off.